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In this reality series, an animal trainer steps in to help dogs who have shown that they don't know how to behave themselves properly. With the trainer's help, the dogs learn how to be productive members of human households. Each episode showcases a different problem dog.

Saturday 9:00 AM et/pt on CBS
1 Season, 150 Episodes
September 28, 2013
Cast: Brandon McMillan, Michael Berger
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Lucky Dog Full Episode Guide

  • After a series of tragic losses, a grieving couple hopes that a silver lab can heal their broken hearts. But before Belle can join this beach-loving family, Brandon will need to prepare the dog for a life on the sand and the sea.

  • A retired woman recovering from a severe foot injury thinks a canine companion could put a spring back in her step. But before a Maltese mix can be confirmed as the perfect partner, Brandon will need to train the dog to safely navigate a cane and walker.

  • A single mother seeks Brandons help finding a furry friend for her non-verbal daughter. But before an abandoned Cocker Spaniel, named Rio, is identified as the perfect match, the dog must shed a few pounds and become familiar with sign language.

  • A 3-month-old puppy that was left at the shelter could be the perfect match for a couple with two young daughters. But, before Brandon will sign off on the adoption, Buster must learn a few rules of basic obedience and house training.

  • A 3-month-old puppy that was left at the shelter could be the perfect match for a couple with two young daughters. But, before Brandon will sign off on the adoption, Buster must learn a few rules of basic obedience and house training.

  • Brandon rescues a 1-year old border collie that was saved from a puppy mill. But before this dog can be successfully re-homed, her natural herding instincts will be put to the test.

  • Brandon teaches basic training to a terrier mix found on the streets. He then prepares her for life with a retired couple in Florida by familiarizing her with boat rides and training her to alert her hearing-impaired adopter when the telephone is ringing.

  • Five rescue dogs are slated to move into their new forever homes, but Brandon must first make sure that the new arrangements will be safe for everyone involved.

  • A German shepherd could be the perfect companion for a woman who works in a senior living community.

  • A former Army sergeant who retired due to medical reasons and post-traumatic stress disorder needs help finding an emotional support dog to help her, but Brandon must earn a timid terrier's trust before he can train the dog for the responsibility.

  • An abandoned poodle mix could be the perfect match for a lonely woman who is starting life over again, but before Brandon can connect this downcast duo, he must bring the cautious canine out of his shell.

  • A senior dog that was abandoned by his previous family is introduced to a new recreational activity that could keep him healthy, while also helping him bond with two young victims of bullying.

  • Brandon checks in with former students and their adopters to find out how the dogs have been fulfilling a higher purpose as service animals.

  • Brandon works hard to prepare a once-abused dog for life with a ride-share driver who wants a canine co-pilot to join her on the road...

  • Brandon prepares a sweet poodle mix for a woman who has had six knee surgeries. He must make sure that the dog has a perfect heel and can jump in and out of cars by himself.

  • Scarred by a previous dog attack, a married couple closes the door on future pet adoptions. But, if Brandon can teach Henry, a 2-year-old mini-poodle mix, how to ring the bell to their hearts, they could open up their home to a new furry friend.

  • Brandon rescues a malnourished poodle mix suffering from an upper respiratory infection, in hopes that she might be the perfect companion for a woman coming to grips with her own failing eyesight.

  • Finding the perfect canine addition for a family with children and a dog.

  • A Newfoundland mix is prepared for a schoolteacher hoping to bring her new dog to school with her. Brandon will have to make sure the dog has the control to be around children and distractions.

  • Brandon helps a young foxhound overcome separation anxiety.

  • A 4-year-old spaniel mix gets a second chance at Lucky Dog Ranch after surviving what could have only been canine distemper.

  • A young, energetic golden retriever can is taught control and how to safely navigate around wheelchairs.

  • Brandon McMillian transforms out-of-control shelter dogs into perfect pets and finds them homes.

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