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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

My Greatest Dishes, from Endemol, is a cooking show hosted by renowned British actor, Sean Pertwee. Each episode features celebrity chefs and accomplished home cooks who share their personal favorite dishes and the stories behind them. Standing in a sleek, modern kitchen, Sean engages in lively conversation with each guest chef as they prepare their iconic dishes step by step. The camera angles are expertly positioned to showcase the cook's techniques and ingredients, providing viewers with a clear understanding of how to replicate these dishes at home.

The dishes featured range from classic comfort foods and traditional family recipes to sophisticated international cuisine, and each guest chef brings a unique perspective and flair to their approach. Sean's affable and relaxed demeanor puts his guests at ease, allowing them to share their culinary tips and tricks with the audience in an accessible and approachable manner.

As a host, Sean provides an engaging and entertaining presence, offering commentary on the dish being prepared and engaging his guests in friendly banter. His impressive background as a trained chef and food aficionado shines through in his interactions with the guests, and he expertly guides them through their preparations.

A notable aspect of the show is the focus on storytelling. Each dish has a rich history and meaning to the cook who created it, and guests are asked to delve into their personal connection to the dish. These narratives provide a unique perspective on the dishes beyond just their ingredients and preparation techniques, adding an emotional depth to the show.

My Greatest Dishes is not just another cooking show. It is a celebration of culinary culture and tradition, a journey into the heart of why we cook and what food means to us. The show offers insights into not just the dishes being prepared but the people behind them, showcasing the diverse voices and experiences that make up the world of food and cooking.

In conclusion, My Greatest Dishes is a must-watch for any food lover. With Sean Pertwee's engaging presence and the diverse array of dishes and guests featured, the show is a delightful exploration of the intersection of food, culture, and storytelling. Whether you're a seasoned home cook or just starting out, this show offers invaluable insights and inspiration for your next culinary adventure.

My Greatest Dishes is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 2019.

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Thomasina Miers
20. Thomasina Miers
December 18, 2019
Owner and founder of the Mexican eatery Wahacca, Thomasina Miers shares her four greatest dishes. The Paris Brest with Praline filling that reminds her of the profiteroles she loved to cook as a child, the dish that changed the course of her life and saw her crowned MasterChef winner, and Chicken and Hazelnut filled Ravioli with a Sage Butter
Tetsuya Wakuda
19. Tetsuya Wakuda
December 18, 2019
Critically acclaimed chef Tetsuya Wakuda is famous worldwide and cooks his four greatest dishes. The Japanese fried Chicken that his mother used to make and he says he could eat at any time of the day or night, his Slow Roasted Rouget with Buckwheat Dressing that reflects his time training in Australia and his love for fishing,
David Thompson
18. David Thompson
December 12, 2019
Australian born chef David Thompson has devoted his life to mastering authentic Thai cuisine and shares his four greatest dishes which include a Thai Sour Orange Curry and Yam Pak, a fruit and vegetable salad that is layered with flavours and perfectly balanced.
Michael Caines
17. Michael Caines
December 4, 2019
One of the UK's most revered chefs Michael Caines cooks his four greatest dishes. A classic Apple Tart with beautifully flaky pastry, Braised Turbot with a Chive Butter Sauce from his days training under Raymond Blanc and two of his signature dishes, Beef in a rich Red Wine Sauce and a beautifully light Pistachio Souffl
Rosemary Shrager
16. Rosemary Shrager
November 29, 2019
Chef and cookery teacher Rosemary Shrager takes us through her four greatest dishes. Paying tribute to her mentors with her delicate and crisp Tuille Biscuit with Mango Ice Cream and the Quail Breasts with Chicken Mousse. Recreating a dish from a childhood food memory, it's her mother's Cod with Banana and, to finish, it's her signature Chicken and Potato Pie
Nathan Outlaw
15. Nathan Outlaw
November 24, 2019
Two Michelin starred chef Nathan Outlaw shows us his four greatest dishes and shares the stories that make these recipes so special to him. From his childhood favourites that are still a treat today, Toad in the Hole and Sherry Trifle, to his favourite all time fish dish, Fish and Chips and finally a Lobster Risotto
Theo Randall
14. Theo Randall
November 19, 2019
Chef Theo Randall, who specialises in Italian cuisine and was head chef at the world renowned River Caf
Atul Kochhar
13. Atul Kochhar
November 12, 2019
Indian chef Atul Kochhar's four greatest dishes are all inspired by his family and the recipes that his mother and father cooked for him as a child. His mother's Daal that takes him back to the bubbling pots of lentils he grew up with, his dad's Stuffed Aubergine Steaks pay homage to the man who he credits with making him the chef he is today
Tom Kitchin
12. Tom Kitchin
November 5, 2019
Michelin starred and acclaimed Scottish chef Tom Kitchin will be cooking his four greatest dishes. His take on his mum's homely Steak and Kidney Pie with Bone Marrow. The dish that put him on the map and helped earn him a Michelin star, Rolled Pigs Head with Langoustines.
Monica Galetti
11. Monica Galetti
October 26, 2019
Samoa born chef Monica Galetti takes us through the four dishes that have shaped her life and career. On the menu is a traditional Samoan dish of Raw Fish with Coconut Milk, the Scallops Saint Jacques taught to her by mentor and friend Michel Roux Jr, her innovative Toffee Pop and Hokey Pokey dessert
Angela Hartnett
10. Angela Hartnett
October 17, 2019
Strongly influenced by her Italian family, Michelin starred Angela Hartnett shows us her four greatest dishes: the fresh Anolini she makes every year for Christmas, her mother's speciality Lemon Meringue Pie, a Crispy Sweetbread dish she learnt from mentor Gordon Ramsey
Richard Bainbridge
9. Richard Bainbridge
October 11, 2019
Chef Richard Bainbridge cooks the four dishes that have made him the chef he is today, his modern take on his mum's the classic Prawn Cocktail, his Whole Roasted Quail that reminds him of the family roast dinners of his childhood, his perfect dessert:a classic Lemon Tart.
Daniel Clifford
8. Daniel Clifford
October 4, 2019
Two star chef Daniel Clifford cooks the four dishes that mean the most. From the first recipe that made him fall in love with food, his Nan's Cheese Scones, the Mushroom Risotto he was taught by a former mentor that helped him understand his capabilities as a chef, and his Scallops with Truffle and Green Apple that has been on his restaurant menu since day one.
Bill Granger
7. Bill Granger
September 28, 2019
Australian born Bill Granger has been hailed the king of brunch. He cooks his four greatest dishes and delves into the stories behind each. Credited with inventing Avocado on Toast and famed for his extra special Scrambled Eggs, he cooks both, revealing the secrets to their success. Inspired by his travels in Thailand his Ricotta Hotcakes had to make the list.
Giorgio Locatelli
6. Giorgio Locatelli
September 23, 2019
Italian born chef Giorgio Locatelli is recognised as bringing high-end Italian cuisine to the UK and his four greatest dishes reflect his progression. He demonstrates the Blackberry and Yoghurt dessert that reminds him of picking berries in Northern Italy as a child, and Parpadelle with Broad Bean Puree inspired by his training in France.
Michel Roux Jr
5. Michel Roux Jr
September 16, 2019
Modern master of French cuisine,Michel Roux Jr takes us on a journey through food as he cooks his four greatest dishes. The childhood classic his mum used to make, Griddled Veal Tongue and Saut
Levi Roots
4. Levi Roots
September 9, 2019
The king of Caribbean cuisine in the UK, Levi Roots brings sunshine to the kitchen with his four greatest dishes. Cooking his childhood favourites from Jamaica, on the menu is national dish:Ackee and Salt Fish plus a succulent slow cooked Goat Curry.
Ollie Dabbous
3. Ollie Dabbous
September 9, 2019
Rising star on the London restaurant scene, Ollie Dabbous shares his four greatest dishes. His Flatbreads with Sesame Labne and Pickled Vegetables reminds him of the roadside flatbreads he would eat whilst growing up in Kuwait.
Prue Leith
2. Prue Leith
September 8, 2019
World renowned chef and entrepreneur Prue Leith makes four of her greatest dishes and reveals the amazing stories behind each. Starting with her mother's Passionfruit Cream, an eye catching Parsnip and Watercress Soup from her catering days.
Tom Kerridge
1. Tom Kerridge
September 8, 2019
Ground breaking British chef,Tom Kerridge, takes us through his four greatest dishes starting with his famous Smoked Haddock Omelette that's been on his menu since he first opened his restaurant, the Salt Cod Scotch Egg that helped win him a second Michelin star and more.
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