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Sue and Debbie are two fairly typical teenage girls who are growing up in the 1970s. It is a time of uncertainty throughout the nation as well as in their own little lives. Against the backdrop of a very distinctive era, these girls must navigate the typical trials of life in high school. From bad teachers and frustrating physical changes to romantic entanglements and the formation of dreams for the future, they go through it all, always confident in the knowledge that no matter what happens, they'll have each other to turn to when they need someone to lean on.

2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
August 15, 2012
Cast: Brenna Harding, Ashleigh Cummings, Sean Keenan, Charlotte Best
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Puberty Blues Full Episode Guide

  • Debbie and Gary are happy and in love, until they realize that Gary's friend Bruce has overdosed on heroin. It's the final straw for Debbie, who announces that she's had enough and threatens to fulfill her long cherished dream of running away.

  • Things are tough in the Shire. Gary has finally had a gutful of his parents and moves out of home into the boatshed with Bruce. Roger experiences a father's worst nightmare when he walks in on Sue and Woody conducting one of their sexperiments.

  • Debbie and Sue are fighting. With Debbie back in boarding school and in lockdown, the gulf between them seems wider than ever. Debbie is paying dearly for running away to Gary's party and her reputation at school is in tatters.

  • Despite their best efforts, the gulf between Debbie and Sue is widening and Sue is left pining, with onlyCheryl and Vicki to hang out with. But Cheryl is struggling with the unwanted attention of her mother's boyfriendand turns to Judy for help.

  • The seventies are coming to an end and Sue, Debbie and Gary have grown wilder and free-er than ever.

  • Debbie and Sue's growing disenchantment with the gang and their rigid rules ends in defiance when they stand up to the boys and try surfing for themselves.

  • The Greenhills gang gather to farewell Darren Peters in an ocean ceremony, while Pam and Roger plan a career move that could see them leave their beloved Cronulla behind forever.

  • Sue decides to become a "˜bra burner' with unexpected consequences, and a night out with the Greenhills gang ends in disaster for one popular member.

  • Cheryl decamps to Debbie's house for a while and proves an unwelcome guest to almost everyone except David, while Ferris' mid-life crisis spirals out of control.

  • An impromptu party at Cheryl's leads to disaster for Debbie when Bruce suddenly drops her, which means she no longer has her hard won place in the gang.

  • Cheryl sets out the rigid Greenhill gang rules for Debbie and Sue, and while Debbie has difficulty losing her virginity, Sue, who now has a surfie spunk of her own, loses hers in a less than thrilling experience.

  • Debbie and Sue go to great lengths to get the attention of the Greenhills gang, including getting caught cheating at school. But when Debbie catches the eye of Bruce Board, ace surfer and super spunk, she's in.

  • Summer, 1977. Joined-at-the hip teenagers Debbie and Sue are having the time of their lives, hanging out on Cronulla Beach and fantasizing about getting into the Greenhills gang -the bronzed surfers and their chicks who rule the beach.

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