Mysteries of the Ancient World

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Mysteries of the Ancient World is an investigative documentary series that chronicles a number of fascinating occurrences and events from ancient times. Cutting edge technology and experts are used to weigh in on a number of topics and amazing feats of construction, knowledge, and will power. The show takes viewers back in time to a period where things were not exactly what they seemed and just about everything required a lot of back breaking work.

C3 Entertainment
1 Season, 5 Episodes
February 17, 2005
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Richard Kiley, Jean Simmons, David Wolpe, Daniel Smith-Christopher
Mysteries of the Ancient World

Mysteries of the Ancient World Full Episode Guide

  • Yellowstone National Park has been a popular tourist destination since Teddy Roosevelt declared the land a nature preserve. With the amazing geysers, hot springs, picturesque mountains, this park has everything any nature buff could want. Yellowstone is a virtual tour of this nature showcase that far exceeds any other film that has attempted to capture the splendor of this patch of heaven.

  • Journey with some of the world's preeminent paleontologists of the American Museum of Natural History as they uncover evidence that the descendants of dinosaurs still walk among us. Through the magic of scientifically accurate computer-generated animation, these newly discovered creatures, and some familiar favorites, will come alive in a big way!

  • Mysteries of China captures one of the great archaeological events of the modern age, telling the story of ancient China, the First Emperor, and the foundation of the China we know today. Through this groundbreaking discovery, we explore an ancient time when a fierce warrior brought together a warring nation and how an accidental discovery changed everything we know about China's past.

  • Journey to the royal tombs of Egypt and explore the history of ancient Egyptian society as told through the mummies of the past. Explorers and scientists are piecing together new archeological and genetic clues of Egyptian mummies, and providing a window into the fascinating and mysterious world of the pharaohs, perhaps giving us a glimpse of the future of our own civilization.

  • In 2004, a team of scientists guided by geologist Pasquale Scaturro and kayaker Gordon Brown set out on a voyage to be the first people to traverse the entirety of Africa's Nile River. The expedition takes the group past historic ruins at the heart of Ancient Egyptian Civilization, but this terrific journey also comes with countless dangers from one of the most famous rivers in history.