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Nought to Five is for all parents from all walks of life. It's an insiders' guide to parenting the under-fives. The ten episodes run in consecutive order from brand new baby through to almost-5-year-olds who're ready for school. Each episode features two families sharing their stories with a family counselor about everyday life – sleeping, eating, asserting independence, toilet training, non-compliance and so on. There's also one part dedicated to the all-important link between movement and learning. We talk about the specific activities which will grow children's brains so that they can attain their genetic potential.

TVF Internationa
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 20, 2006
Kids & Family, Documentary & Biography, Health & Fitness
Nought to Five

Nought to Five Full Episode Guide

  • Psychologist Ruth Jillings meets Sophie, whose parents Sally and Sam are struggling with Sophie's whinging to get what she wants and fighting with her big brother. Plus she fusses over what she wears in the morning and is reluctant to eat at the table.

  • Lots for Family Counsellor Jo Lloyd-Lewis to deal with behaviour-wise as Ella's parents grapple with her hitting and screaming and full-on tantrums, which all began when younger brother Ben was born.

  • Clinical Social Worker Lauren Porter talks to young parents Karen and Luke about their relationship with just turned two year-old Lucy. Lucy is breastfed and they'd like to wean her without tears.

  • We meet 20 month-old Azalea and her recently single young mother Paula. Paula is dealing with Azalea's hitting, bitting and scratching - behaviour exacerbated by her little brother Kaiden's arrival.

  • We meet just-turned-one Ashleigh, her stay at home dad Mathew, and mum Kylie. Family Counsellor Jo Lloyd-Lewis suggests some ways round saying "no" a lot, and how to cope with a biter.

  • Clinical Social Worker Lauren Porter tackles the issues of losing the "me" in mum for a new mother in the first few months of parenthood.

  • We meet three-month-old baby Hana and her Mauritian parents Rhenu and Iqbal, who are adapting to their new role away from family support.

  • Six weeks prior to the birth of their first child, we meet parents-to-be Wendy and Chris and accompany them through the birth of Sofia and the days following.

  • Stella is off to school in four months and her parents wonder if she is ready. She still wets the bed at night and sucks her thumb, plus her gray bunny toy is a constant companion. Twins Andre and Isaac are also off in four months.

  • Robert at four is active and intelligent and at times his parents find his behaviour difficult to manage. Elesa at four has just started to have issues with her older brother and is saying no to doing things she would otherwise happily have done.

  • Harry is three and about to be a big brother but clinging to mum. Zahra at three wont eat her vegetables and stays up late due to a long afternoon nap. Her parents want to know how to help the sibling issues with her younger sister too.

  • Two year old Callum wont sit at the table to eat and misbehaves in public – common challenges at this age. Aukulani and Gabrielle are 11 months apart and currently both two years old. They have an older sister and baby brother.

  • Toddlerhood can be a very demanding stage. We meet twins Oscar and Charlie who have two older siblings and their parents share how they manage a busy household. We demonstrate how to do time out. 18 month old Emily is learning to feed herself.

  • Toddlers can be demanding at times and Luis at 20 months and twins Samantha and Lucy are ably demonstrating that skill to their parents. Fussy eating, tantrums and sharing are all daily challenges for our families.

  • Toddlers can be demanding at times and Luis at 20 months and twins Samantha and Lucy are ably demonstrating that skill to their parents. Fussy eating, tantrums and sharing are all daily challenges for our families.

  • One-year-olds are just getting on their feet. We meet LJ and Zara who are off and walking. Zara wont go to sleep without a bottle and LJ's parents have a difference of opinion about how to discipline their son, and want some ideas.

  • Alex and Madeleine are babies on the move. When a baby starts to crawl life changes for everyone. We look at older siblings and how to ensure they get on with the new addition to the family, as well as what to do about the eating and sleeping issues.

  • First time parents Kristine and Chris share the challenges of the first two weeks with their newborn daughter Scarlett. We get them some expert lactation help from a midwife and an Active Movement advisor who tells them the importance of movement.

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