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  • TV-14
  • 2001
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.2  (2,496)

One on One was a television sitcom that aired on UPN from 2001 to 2006. The show focused on the life of a teenage girl named Breanna Barnes, who was played by Kyla Pratt, and her relationship with her father, Flex Washington, played by Flex Alexander. The show also featured Robert Ri'chard as Arnaz Ballard, Breanna's love interest and friend.

The show begins with Breanna moving in with her father after her mother pursues her career overseas. Flex, a former professional basketball player, is now a struggling sportscaster. The dynamic between the two is initially strained, with Breanna feeling slighted by her father's lack of attention and Flex struggling to balance work and family life.

As the show progresses, the relationship between Breanna and Flex develops, and the two become closer. The show deals with typical teenage issues, such as friendships, relationships, and school, while also exploring more serious topics such as race, class, and gender.

Breanna's best friend on the show is Spirit, played by Sicily, and her boyfriend Arnaz is a charismatic young man with a passion for music. Breanna finds herself drawn to Arnaz, but their relationship faces challenges due to their different backgrounds.

One of the unique features of the show is that it often breaks the fourth wall, with the characters speaking directly to the audience. This serves to make the show more relatable and engaging for the audience.

The show was critically acclaimed and received positive reviews for its representation of African-American culture and for addressing issues that were relevant to its target audience of teenagers. The show also featured guest appearances from notable musicians and actors.

Throughout the show's run, viewers watched Breanna grow from a teenage girl into a young woman, with the final episode seeing her graduating from high school and preparing to attend college.

One on One was praised for its positive representation of African-American culture and for its ability to address important social issues while maintaining a lighthearted tone. The show was also lauded for its strong performances, particularly from Kyla Pratt, who was praised for her portrayal of Breanna.

In conclusion, One on One was a groundbreaking television sitcom that explored the complexities of teenage life while also addressing important social issues. With a talented cast and unique storytelling techniques, the show became a beloved classic and continues to be remembered fondly by its fans.

One on One is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (109 episodes). The series first aired on September 23, 2001.

One on One
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I Love LA, Part II
22. I Love LA, Part II
May 15, 2006
Breanna loses one man, but gains another.
I Love LA, Part I
21. I Love LA, Part I
May 8, 2006
Arnaz secretly dates D-Mack's sister.
Double Trouble
20. Double Trouble
May 1, 2006
Arnaz and Breanna clash over their new romances.
California Girl
19. California Girl
April 24, 2006
Arnaz runs into Breanna at his new girlfriend's spa.
The Reel World
18. The Reel World
April 17, 2006
Cash shoots a movie on his roomies' lives and loves.
Recipe For Disaster
17. Recipe For Disaster
February 27, 2006
Breanna claims she's
Dump Me? Dump You!
16. Dump Me? Dump You!
February 27, 2006
Breanna and Arnaz break up.
Tijuana Breaks Up
15. Tijuana Breaks Up
February 20, 2006
D-Mack's sister (Special Guest Star Brandy) visits.
Espresso Your Love
14. Espresso Your Love
February 13, 2006
Breanna and Arnaz fail a compatibility test.
Fame And The Older Woman
13. Fame And The Older Woman
February 6, 2006
D-Mack falls for an older woman.
Missing The Daddy Express
12. Missing The Daddy Express
January 16, 2006
Breanna's partying takes its toll on her grades.
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Venice?
11. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Venice?
December 12, 2005
Breanna and Arnaz spend Christmas in California.
Waiting For Huffman
10. Waiting For Huffman
November 28, 2005
Breanna is hired as an assistant for a famous talk show host.
One On One Oh, Oh
9. One On One Oh, Oh
November 21, 2005
Breanna plans to take her relationship with Arnaz to the next level.
Venice Boulevard of Broken Dreams
8. Venice Boulevard of Broken Dreams
November 14, 2005
Breanna resents Arnaz for being cast in a movie.
Who's The Boss?
7. Who's The Boss?
November 7, 2005
Breanna bosses Arnaz at work and at home.
Where's My Yemmy?
6. Where's My Yemmy?
October 17, 2005
Arnaz accidentally kisses the wrong woman at a costume party
Study Buddy
5. Study Buddy
October 17, 2005
Arnaz gets jealous when D-Mack tutors Breanna.
Static Clingy
4. Static Clingy
October 10, 2005
Breanna and Arnaz have a Saturday night apart.
House Dad
3. House Dad
October 3, 2005
Flex takes charge of Breanna's house and her roommates.
Money's Tight and So Are My Abs
2. Money's Tight and So Are My Abs
September 26, 2005
Arnaz strips down to scare up quick cash.
One On One Remix
1. One On One Remix
September 19, 2005
Breanna and Arnaz rent a Venice guesthouse from a former child star.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 23, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (2,496)