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Colonel Ninotchka is poised to command the arena after garnering the crown. The Good and Bad Ladies of Wrestling duke it out in savage scraps, tumultuous tag team battles, and frenzied free-for-alls. When a Run for the Rubies Tournament paves a path to win the crown, these women will exert every effort to conquer their adversaries, both in and out of the ring.

Original Ladies of Wrestling is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on January 15, 1988.

Original Ladies of Wrestling is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Original Ladies of Wrestling on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
1 Season, 29 Episodes
January 15, 1988
Cast: Jeanne Basone, Lorilyn Palmer
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Original Ladies of Wrestling Full Episode Guide

  • Tiffany Mellon and Hollywood can't seem to squash their beef and once again settle their differences in the ring. In a Handicap Match, Babe and Tulsa consolidate their skills in order to contest the voodoo queen Big Bad Mama. Cheerleader Cheyenne Cher has kept control of the title all season long, but can she round it out by clutching a crucial win against Daisy?

  • Justice forgoes court and forces Daisy to face the law of the Arena. Babe the Farmer's daughter bucks voodoo queen Big Bad Mama's perilous pins, and Sally the Farmer's Daughter hopes to herd Broadway Rose into a corner. In a No Rules Tag Team Match, Hollywood and MTV once again rock and roll with Tiffany and Roxy in the ring, battling for Tiffany's butler, Jeeves.

  • It's Finale Night at the Arena! Major Tanya relentlessly rushes Park Avenue knockout Tiffany Mellon, but the golden girl has a few tricks up her sleeveless leotard.

  • Sally the Farmer's Daughter saddles down with Hollywood in a staggering spat of the country girl versus the city slicker. Big Bad Mama hopes to take down her matchup, Roxy Astor.

  • Sally the Farmer's Daughter saddles up for a hoedown with the rock and roller, MTV. For a spot in the finals of the Run for the Rubies Tournament, the blonde bombshell Godiva dances with Daisy.

  • Cheyenne Cher meets Beastie in the ring for a showdown that determines which of the women will advance to the semifinals of the Run for the Rubies Tournament.

  • Tanya goes to war with Roxy Astor for an opportunity to advance to the semifinals of the Run for the Rubies Tournament, and Vicky hopes to high kick her way to Victory against Daisy.

  • When Sally's a no-show for her Run for the Rubies match against Tanya, Babe subs for her sister and competes against the Major. Also hoping to advance, Cheyenne Cher tumbles with MTV.

  • Tiffany Mellon takes on Beastie in an elimination round as the Run for the Rubies Tournament continues, and Cheyenne Cher gives a warm welcome to newcomer Widow. Mt. Fiji and Lightning tag team MTV and Big Bad Mama, and Babe the Farmer's Daughter wrastles Daisy to elude elimination. Vicky Victory and Zelda cooperate to try to lock down a win against baddies Sara and Mabel.

  • Roxy Astor and Hollywood vie for a spot in the next round of the Run for the Rubies Tournament, and MTV tries to rock and roll Zelda right out of the ring for a spot of her own. Lightning strikes the ring in a brawl against Beastie, and Daisy must dodge the swing of Dementia's axe to avoid becoming freshly chopped. Bombshell Godiva horses around with the high-flying cheerleader, Cheyenne Cher.

  • A bout bubbles between Babe the Farmer's Daughter and Evangelina. The Cheerleaders Cheyenne Cher and Vicky Victory hope to basket toss Stinky and Sneaky right out of the ring. Tiffany Mellon and Roxy Astor strive to scare party girls Hollywood and Broadway Rose sober. In a special Penalty Box Match, Mt. Fiji, Justice, Zelda, and Daisy wrestle Big Bad Mama, Godiva, Beastie, and Dementia.

  • The Run for the Rubies Tournament continues, with Roxy Astor and Mabel scrapping to retain their contention for the title. Faced with elimination, Sally the Farmer's daughter challenges Star.

  • The first matches of the Run for the Rubies tournament are held, with each winner moving one step closer to possessing the coveted title. Cheerleader Vicky Victory faces the fearsome Major Tanya.

  • To kick off theRun for the Rubies Tournament, a slew of superlative scuffles are underway. Vicky Victory and Cheyenne Cher arrest the audience's attention while Sara and Mabel evade arrest in a battle between The Cheerleaders and the Hooded Hoodlums. A $10,000 Las Vegas Lottery Match is held with randomly chosen opponents.

  • Sally the Farmer's Daughter saddles down with Hollywood in a staggering spat of the country girl versus the city slicker. Big Bad Mama hopes to take down her matchup, Roxy Astor.

  • In a massive Tag Team Battle Royale, six pairs chaotically collide, and one will conquer its way to a team victory. Godiva horses around with Roxy Astor, but only one will come out on top. A special Lumberjack Match is held, in which cheerleader Vicky Victory, rock and roller MTV, rodeo queen Tulsa, and Beastie clash in a no holds barred free-for-all.

  • Sally the Farmer's Daughter brawls with Beastie, and Daisy, Gremlins, and Dementia team up to avert Mt. Fiji's eruption. Sunny the California Girl shines in a skirmish against Corporal Kelly.

  • Vicky Victory's cheerleading training prepares her for a tumble with rock and roller MTV. Liberty and Justice attempt to deliver a guilty verdict to Bad Girls Hollywood and Broadway Rose. Mt. Fiji meets her match in a head-on clash with Big Bad Mama. Can Thunderbolt and Lightning shock Evangelina and Habana into submission?