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After death experiences, astounding rescues, dreams that foretell the future and encounters with angels are but a few of the extraordinary stories told by ordinary people through host Robert Culp. Utilizing on-scene witnesses and expert psychologists, doctors and scientists, Culp explores whether these stories are amazing coincidences or, in fact, actual miracles.

Could it Be a Miracle is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1997.

Could it Be a Miracle is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Could it Be a Miracle on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
1 Season, 23 Episodes
January 1, 1997
Cast: Robert Culp, Ana Cervantes
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Could it Be a Miracle Full Episode Guide

  • This week we explore the stories of a boy who receives aid from an unexpected source. Two brothers looking to play basketball are helped out of a dangerous situation by a familiar looking angel and an emergency situation takes a turn for the better with some unexpected assistance.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a pair of girls trapped in an old fashion refrigerator who in a life or death struggle when they receive help from an unknown person. A friendly nurse arrives when a little boy needs help, and two brothers are protected from a gang by a family friend... who denies being responsible.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a man getting to say goodbye to his mother one more time, a mother's dream about an accident involving her baby, may have been more than a nightmare. A group of roommates keep seeing the same ghostly woman who seems to be warning them of something. All this and more this week on Could it be a Miracle.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a woman's near-death experience that leads to her saving her son's life. A suicidal woman in an abusive relationship sees what her life could potentially be, and a near-death snake bite ends with a mysterious figure coming to the rescue.

  • This week, we explore the stories of the spirit of a woman's husband who makes good on a promise for her birthday. A couple lost on the backroads of Alabama receives help from an unusual man, and an out-of-work father receives help from his son's prayer.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a nurse who learns of the afterlife through a young child, a mugger who's stopped after seeing two large men following his target, and the story of how Joan of Arc learned to trust the voice of God.

  • This week, we explore the story of a man called on a rescue mission by his grandmothers spirit. A mysterious nurse eases the suffering of patients, and a troubled young man is given some rough counseling from an angelic source.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a Catholic Priest who avoids great danger by having an unseen friend by his side. Hearing glass breaking in the middle of the night, a mother begins to pray for her son, who is past curfew. A lost little boy is guided to safety by two little ladies who seem unusual by ordinary, standards.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a woman being healed through the power of prayer. A young woman has a feeling that she can't shake concerning why her family shouldn't go on vacation. A mysterious dog leads a couple to a missing child.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a young father who is dying that receives a special prayer from an ill woman, but at a great sacrifice to her. A struggling businessman receives a helping hand from a unusual secretary. Unbeknownst to a young woman, a murderer is hiding in her kitchen, but, fortunately for her, an odd force prevents her from entering the room.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a young piano player with a debilitating illness who prays for help. A estranged father and son share a final goodbye and reconciliation. After the death of her little sister, the appearance of a kitten signals a protective presence to a young girl.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a doctor rescuing a woman with the help of her daughter. A woman's grandmother offers a helping hand from beyond the grave. A young man, pinned by a car, is rescued by a mysterious figure in blue jeans.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a motorist who hears a voice pleading him to pullover. A pair of 19th century pioneers in need of water stumble into a 20th century convenience store. A young women saddened over the loss of her father shares one more hike with him.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a rookie cop who keeps getting help from the same two mysterious men, a group of criminals who are stopped by an unseen force when they attempt to rob a priest, and a suicidal woman who gets advice from a strange man.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a woman being attacked in a stranded car who miraculously gets out of harms way. A son gets a final goodbye from his late mother. A young women avoids disaster by listening to a voice in her head.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a injured man who receives medical advice from a strange radio program, a near blind mother who's able to overcome her disability to find her ill daughter before it is too late. Plus, a man driving on a lonely road is forced to stop his car for a mysterious reason.

  • This week, we explore the stories of two patients receiving care from an unusual nurse, a writer who is in over his head researching gangs for a book, a troubled young man who receives advice from an unusual source, and a truck driver who finds a man that has exactly what he needs.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a grandson receiving help from his long-dead grandmother, a mother hearing her daughter's call for help despite the distance, and a nurse who receives help from an unlikely source.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a mysterious nurse saving a dying child, a young man seeing his double at a train station, and a doctor picking up a hitchhiking child, which uncovers evidence of something that should be impossible.

  • This week, we explore the stories of a mother whose nightmare saves the life of her child, a young girl who sees the spirit of a dead neighbor, and two Vietnam Veterans who save a man through the power of prayer.

  • The stories, this week look into a couple in need of medical help on Christmas Eve, a doctor who even in death looks to help his patients, a phone call for help coming from an unlikely source, and a mysterious midwife coming to help a poor farmer and his wife whose in labor.