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  • 2016
  • 1 Season
  • 7.9  (453)

Yancy Derringer is a western television show produced by Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) that premiered on CBS in 1958 and ended in 1959. The show stars Jack Mahoney as the titular character, Yancy Derringer, a suave, sophisticated gentleman and former Confederate spy who finds himself embroiled in various adventures and mysteries in the city of New Orleans during the Reconstruction era.

The show takes place in the late 1800s in post-Civil War New Orleans, which was still undergoing a period of unrest and lawlessness. Derringer, who is well-connected and respected in New Orleans society, spends his days as a riverboat gambler and his nights as a private detective, helping his clients solve crimes and protect their interests. Derringer is aided by his loyal and capable Native American manservant, Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah (played by X Brands), who provides Derringer with crucial information and saves him from danger on more than one occasion.

Yancy Derringer is known for its blend of action, adventure, and humor, as well as its unique and memorable characters. Derringer himself is a charming rogue, a dashing ladies' man with a quick wit and a talent for getting himself out of tight spots. Pahoo, meanwhile, is a stoic and silent character who communicates through sign language and is fiercely loyal to Derringer.

The show is notable for its attention to historical detail, with many episodes addressing the social and political issues of the time. Racial tensions and corruption are a recurring theme, and the show's depiction of New Orleans is rich with detail and atmosphere. The show's use of location shooting and authentic props and costumes also add to its verisimilitude.

Yancy Derringer is also known for its memorable theme song, composed by Richard Shores, which was later covered by Henry Mancini and His Orchestra. The theme song perfectly captures the spirit of the show, with its jaunty melody and catchy lyrics ("Yancy Derringer, the man who owned a riverboat and knew how to use it").

Overall, Yancy Derringer is a charming and entertaining western series that is still fondly remembered by fans of classic television. Its combination of action, humor, and historical detail make it a standout amongst its peers, and Jack Mahoney's charismatic performance as Yancy Derringer is a highlight of the show. Despite its relatively short run, the show has endured as a beloved cult classic and is well worth watching for fans of the western genre.

Yancy Derringer is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2016.

Yancy Derringer
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Two Tickets to Promontory
33. Two Tickets to Promontory
June 4, 1959
Yancy wins two tickets to Promintory, Utah, to attend the celebratory linking of the transcontinental railroad. Once there, Yancy learns that conspirators representing freight lines and stagecoaches intend to destroy one of the trains in order to continue providing services at ... and that his name has been used to purchase the dynamite for their diabolical plan.
Gone But Not Forgotten
32. Gone But Not Forgotten
May 28, 1959
Yancy and Pahoo take a train to check on his silver mine. But when they arrive, they find a mysterious gravestone in the Virginia City cemetery with Yancy's name on it.
The Quiet Firecracker
31. The Quiet Firecracker
May 21, 1959
When Yancy's friend Mei Ling is arrested for opium smuggling, she defends her innocence, claiming she had only ordered firecrackers from San Francisco. Though Administrator Colton is convinced of her involvement in the crime, Yancy agrees to travel to California and investigate the the strange shipment Mei Ling received.
V as in Voodoo
30. V as in Voodoo
May 14, 1959
Yancy Derringer and a thoroughly skeptical Administrator Colton attempt to combat superstition when the city is terrorized by a mysterious voodoo priestess.
Outlaw at Liberty
29. Outlaw at Liberty
May 7, 1959
Yancy receives an urgent letter from a friend who once saved his life and his now on trial for a murder he didn't commit. He, Pahoo and Colorado Charlie travel to Missouri and learn that the infamous Jesse James has framed his friend for the crime. Yancy has only 24 hours to prove that his friend has been falsely convicted.
A State of Crisis
28. A State of Crisis
April 30, 1959
When John Colton is promoted and ordered back to Washington, General Wheeler takes his place with orders to break up a nation-wide counterfeiting gang that is based in New Orleans. However, Yancy objects to General Wheeler's tactics of investigation, particularly the raiding of every gambling house in the city, putting him at odds with the new administrator.
The Wayward Warrior
27. The Wayward Warrior
April 16, 1959
Pirate queen Coco LaSalle convinces Yancy to back her fighter in a boxing match against the mighty heavyweight Tennessee Slasher. While Derringer organizes the illegal fight away from the city administrator's prying eyes, he also searches for a cache of Spencer repeating rifles recently stolen from the federal armory at Port Hudson.
Duel at the Oaks
26. Duel at the Oaks
April 9, 1959
Yancy and Charlie LeBow conspire to stage a fake duel as a means of drawing out a man that appears to be after LeBow's life. Colton, who suspects a larger conspiracy is at work, attempts to take Derringer in as a material witness, terms to which Yancy does not find himself obliged.
Fire on the Frontier
25. Fire on the Frontier
April 2, 1959
When renegades start attacking peaceful Pawnee villages, Pahoo, Yancy and Colorado Charlie travel to Washington, D.C. in an attempt to enforce the protection guaranteed to the tribe in the Tablecreek Treaty. However, an administrator of the War Department, along with his gun-running crony, attempt to obstruct their attempts at diplomacy with any means necessary.
Collector's Item
24. Collector's Item
March 26, 1959
A high-stakes poker game hosted on Yancy's boat is robbed by a pair of beautiful thieves. Forced to reimburse the participants, Yancy tracks down the robbers, only to discover that they're targeting pickpockets, gamblers, and thieves in order to support a half-dozen orphans. Yancy chooses to assist the thieves, and arranges a scheme involving the aid of photography pioneer Matthew Brady.
Thunder on the River
23. Thunder on the River
March 12, 1959
The Southern Belle, a riverboat owned by the hot-headed Patricia Tappworth, is attempting to make a record run from New Orleans to St. Louis when it hits the river bank and sinks, making it the most recent victim in a suspicious string of wrecks. Yancy suspects, Dan Emerson, a Gilded Era monopolizer, is sabotaging the boats of his competition in an attempt to corner the market on river traffic.
22. Longhair
March 5, 1959
When famed General George Armstrong Custer visits New Orleans, he's greeted by a bow-and-arrow assassination attempt. Pahoo, found at the scene of the crime, is accused of attempted murder by General Custer and taken into custody. To free his friend, Yancy must track down the assailant.
The Louisiana Dude
21. The Louisiana Dude
February 26, 1959
Yancy wins a half-share of a Virginia City silver mine and must immediately utilize its assets when the boiler on his riverboat blows up. His new partner, the beautiful Julia Bulette, explains that the mine played out years ago, but a curious Yancy decides to explore the old diggings and discovers that the workers from a neighboring mine have borrowed into his and are stealing valuable ore.
Hell and High Water
20. Hell and High Water
February 19, 1959
With the Mississippi River rising towards a record flood, the only thing will New Orleans is blowing a hole in a levee up-river. However, doing so would redirect the flood, inundating the new plantation of British Lady Charity, who is not so keen as to let the government inundate her land. She welcomes the help of an escaped convict with a stolen Gatlin gun and plans to exact revenge on Yancy.
Panic in Town
19. Panic in Town
February 12, 1959
A crazed, caped criminal is running around New Orleans, beating women so he can cut and steal their hair. The Reconstruction administration seems utterly powerless against the maniac, causing a vigilante mob to threaten an overthrown of the local authorities and put an end to the recent wave of crime. Yancy, opposed to the vigilante-style of justice, must intervene.
A Game of Chance
18. A Game of Chance
February 5, 1959
The winner of a $100,000 lottery winner dies before she can collect, leading Yancy to organize a trick with Bourbon Street regulars designed to sweat the truth out of the killer.
The Night the Russian's Landed
17. The Night the Russian's Landed
January 29, 1959
When hot-heated, hard-partying heir to the Russian throne, Grand Duke Alexis, breezes into the Big Easy, he's greeted by the uncharacteristic Southern hospitality of blood-thirsty assassins. Yancy and Pahoo and charged with the protection of the czar-to-be.
Mayhem at the Market
16. Mayhem at the Market
January 22, 1959
A protection racket threatens its way into control of the French Market. The merchants, in utter fear for their lives, refuse to step forward to Administrator Colton with an official accusation, forcing him to deploy Yancy and Pahoo in an attempt to battle the thugs.
The Fair Freebooter
15. The Fair Freebooter
January 15, 1959
Yancy must deal with a female pirate, Coco LaSalle, who has stolen a shirt he ordered from Paris. He chases after her into the deadly bayou swamps. Coltan tags along to recover a stolen necklace from representatives of the Mexican government.
Nightmare on Bourbon Street
14. Nightmare on Bourbon Street
January 8, 1959
A madman steals ten cases of dynamite from the arsenal and announces his intention of reducing New Orleans to rubble. As explosions rock the city, Yancy, Colton, and Captain Fry step up their efforts to find the bomber and his ammunition.
Two of a Kind
13. Two of a Kind
January 1, 1959
Yancy's plans for a quiet evening gambling at Madame Francine's are ruined by Romilly Vale, a vengeance-crazed blonde who attempts to murder him, claiming he stole her family's fortune. After subduing Vale, Ythey learn that there are two men impersonating them, running wild around New Orleans and committing crimes for which Yancy and Pahoo are being charged.
Old Dixie
12. Old Dixie
December 25, 1958
In this Special Christmas Episode, Yancy spends the holiday season searching for the murderer of his uncle Henry Spinner and hunting down his late father's pre-War fortune with the help of his old hound dog, Dixie.
Marble Fingers
11. Marble Fingers
December 18, 1958
Derringer is falsely accused of complicity in a waterfront property theft. Though Administer Colton manages to convince businessman, Matthew Younger to drop the charges, Yancy suspects that Younger may be throwing charges around as a means of keeping a set of grave robberies buried underground.
Three Knaves from New Haven
10. Three Knaves from New Haven
December 11, 1958
Several shopkeepers along Duquense Street sell their property to a group of gentlemen from Connecticut at suspiciously high prices. But when all of the former property owners are subsequently robbed and murder, Yancy takes on the investigation.
Memo to a Firing Squad
9. Memo to a Firing Squad
December 4, 1958
A man named Fillmore requests Yancy's aid in transporting a Presidential pardon intended to save Phillip Hampton, a Southerner who sided with the Union army, from an unjust death sentence. But their delivery is derailed by army officer with vengeance in his heart, who attempts to carry out the execution anyway.
The Saga of Lonesome Jackson
8. The Saga of Lonesome Jackson
November 27, 1958
Yancy investigates counterfeit money that is being passed throughout the French Quarter. His investigation brings him into contact with Lonesome Jackson, a Virginia City miner who recently struck it rich and ventured to New Orleans seeking a wife. The Treasury Department suspects Jackson as the culprit because of the large bankroll he's carrying, but Yancy believes that the miner is being set up.
Loot from Richmond
7. Loot from Richmond
November 20, 1958
Mr. Proctor, a friend of the Derringer family, is sent to New Orleans with a message from a former general in the Civil War. But before he is able to relay the message to Yancy, Mr. Proctor is assassinated, leaving Yancy to uncover the mystery behind the Confederate half dollar Mr. Proctor was carrying when he died.
The Belle from Boston
6. The Belle from Boston
January 1, 1950
The New Orleans underworld conspires to rub out administrator Colton, right when Colton's sister Agatha finally arrives on a visit. As it becomes clear that Yancy is smitten his sister, Colton finds himself with quite a workload -- fending off crime czar Lance Carter, wowing Agatha with his Reconstruction wizardry, and attempting to build a romantic blockade between her and Yancy.
A Bullet for Bridget
5. A Bullet for Bridget
November 6, 1958
When a freighter arrives to the port of New Orleans transporting valuable silk, Reconstruction administrator Colton suspects smuggling. Lacking evidence, he assigns Derringer and Pahoo to investigate the freighter, a task that puts them in the company of the adorable, pug-nosed Irish waif Gidget, who might have some clues about the mystery of the ship's crew.
An Ace Called Spade
4. An Ace Called Spade
October 30, 1958
When a tombstone & funeral wreath are delivered to Administrator Colton, Yancy has 24 hours save him from the gun of the South's ace duelist, Spade Stuart. Colton, however, finds himself smitten with a beautiful visitor from Boston, and spends his time trying to find a way to impress her.
Ticket to Natchez
3. Ticket to Natchez
October 23, 1958
Yancy is asked to assist a U.S. Marshall in the river transport of $200,000 in Army payroll greenbacks. A charming young beauty by the name of Billie Jo James persuades Yancy to take her along up the river. But when it turns out Billie Jo might not be who she seems, Yancy realizes that she mean more trouble for him and his cargo than he could have bargained for.
Gallatin Street
2. Gallatin Street
October 9, 1958
Charged with cleaning up the notorious Gallatin Street, Yancy Derringer finds himself once again at odds with his "best enemy", villainous Toby Cook, owner of the Jumping Jack Casino. But when danger starts to close in on Derringer and Pahoo-Ka-Ta-Wah, they get a little help from their new friend -- a Swedish sea captain transporting an explosive new Scandinavian invention.
Return to New Orleans
1. Return to New Orleans
October 2, 2016
Prompted by an urgent telegram from his former belle, Yancy Derringer returns to New Orleans to save his mansion from a carpetbagging Reconstruction overlord. On the voyage back home, Derringer and his Native American friend Pahoo-Ka-Ta- Wah are trailed along the Mississippi by 3 vengeful card cheats.
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Yancy Derringer is available for streaming on the Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Yancy Derringer on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
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    October 2, 2016
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