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Deadly affairs originally aired on the network Discovery Investigation in the United States. Each episode is an hour long and tells a story of a love gone deadly awry. The show is about true events that took place in the recent past. The style in which it is filmed can be classified as a documentary.

Each episode begins with the tale of a seemingly perfect love story. In most cases the couples who star in each episode eventually marry, but in some instances the couples are just courting or cohabiting. In each case, one or both partners stray from the relationship, an event that marks a change for the worse. One partner always ends up dead, whether it be the one who strayed or the one who was faithful. The murderer in each of the investigations turns out to be the spouse of the dearly departed; Sometimes the spouse is the direct killer, sometimes he or she hires a culprit. Still, in some cases, the lover of the partner who cheated is found to be at fault.

Each episode is treated as a mystery investigation. The officers, detectives and various key persons who were involved in the case in real life are interviewed for the show and clips of the interviews are featured throughout the episode. There are twists and shockers at every turn; The audience is meant to be left hanging at every commercial break. Often, to add a touch of personal drama, family members of the deceased are featured; Theirs is a chance to speak out on the behalf of their loved ones.

All of the people who are interviewed for a particular case are urged to speculate on what they don't know and elaborate on what they do know. This approach often makes for an intricate and captivating story.

The people featured in each episode come from all walks of like; Their stories are only common in that their partnerships were destroyed by affairs and ended in death. Often the demographic of the subjects of the show is upper class well-to-do people in the prime of their married life, but there is a fair share of those who are poor, younger and less glamorous. That just proves that tragedy and betrayal can occur wherever there is love; No one is immune to it. And as for entertainment, there is enough of it to go around for everyone interested.

Deadly Affairs is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 2012.

Where do I stream Deadly Affairs online? Deadly Affairs is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Deadly Affairs on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Investigation Discovery, Google Play, iTunes online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes
September 8, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Susan Lucci, James Davenjay, Vaughn Bullard, Peter Chiamardas
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Deadly Affairs Full Episode Guide

  • Sexy Russian co-ed, Irina Zadornov falls for an aspiring lawyer, but she doesn't know he's still hot for an old flame. And later, when a Texas heartthrob, with a rotating slate of lovers, goes missing, investigators are left with no shortage of questions.

  • A businessman with a family in California and a mistress in China thinks he has it all, but this international dalliance has deadly consequences. Then, in central Louisiana, an unlikely co-ed love triangle ends in murder, but there is more to this story.

  • A couple participates in a risky game of roulette while a man discovers his wife is cheating on him.

  • A California businessman has a mistress in China. A deadly love triangle in Louisiana develops.

  • A lonely man in Florida has a whirlwind romance with a flight attendant, but her secrets will soon lead him down a path of betrayal and murder...Then, in suburban Seattle, the real truth about a picture perfect family is revealed when someone vanishes.

  • The residents of a small Kentucky town are puzzled when a rural home is the scene of a shootout.

  • In Sioux Falls' deaf community, Darlene Vander Giesen finds the perfect romance until a jealous friend severs the bond. Later, pilot Lance Anderson makes flight attendant, Kathi, his wife. When she meets Capt. Gerald Russell, heavy turbulence ensues.

  • The Tyburskis live a stormy suburban life right up to the day Dorothy Tyburski disappears. Will her daughter unlock the secret to what happened? And in Emporia, Kansas, the Anderson family is rocked by two tragic deaths that leave the small town reeling.

  • Examining the 2006 murder of Nevada controller Kathy Augustine and the 2012 death of her daughter.

  • Love is in bloom for a young marine and his wife, until a musician gets involved. Later a belly-dancing temptress makes a deadly decision.

  • Lies and betrayal ruin Mirinda and Sam's relationship.

  • Veronica Paz cheats on her boyfriend Brandan, which sets off a deadly chain of events. Later, Sue has an affair that threatens her marriage with her husband Joe.

  • Faviell and Eva Martinez are doomed lovers. Plus, Shaun Stemple is unfaithful to his wife when he has an affair with a waitress.

  • First, Fred denies cheating on his wife Amber. Then, Specialist Megan Touma violates military law by having a fling with Edgar Pationo, a fellow serviceman, but the situation spirals out of control.

  • The Clarks are happily married, until Mr. Clark brings one of his mistresses home. In the second half, Robert Hall is a lawyer who is unfaithful to his wife.

  • Kevin and Gina Spann know that life in the military can be challenging. But while Kevin is away, Gina steps out. Adam Kostewicz and Grace Pianka are trying to live the American dream. But when that dream turns into a nightmare, things turn deadly.

  • Archie and Mary Ann McFarland's open marriage ends in murderous results.

  • Bobby Lozano is happily married to his college sweetheart, Viki, until Bobby steps out on his marriage. Later, Shelley Stears's perfect family is jeopardized when she turns to an Internet chat room for love.

  • Living in the suburbs of Chicago, Rhoni Reuter is living a happy life. After several years with her Super Bowl winning beau, Shaun Gayle, she finally gets pregnant. Unfortunately, Rhoni is unaware that there are a few other women on the sidelines and things turn deadly.

  • A woman finds the attention she craves in a man 30 years her junior, despite being married for 20 years.

  • A couple with a picture perfect life are torn apart during the stress of building their dream home.

  • In the second season premiere, greed and the need for attention turn deadly as spouses gamble with The Game of love. Virginia and Norman seem to have it all, but after the realities of life settle in, things become deadly.