The Trials of Rosie O'Neill

The Trials of Rosie O'Neill

  • 1990
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.1  (80)

Following a messy divorce, Beverly Hills lawyer Rosie O'Neill shifts her career to working in the Public Defender's Office. Now she must deal with the downtrodden of Los Angeles, who range from innocent people given a bad hand or some of the darkest people one could encounter. Meanwhile Rosie navigates being newly single again, while balancing her relationships with her family & new coworkers.

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Role Reversal
16. Role Reversal
May 30, 1992
Rosie's latest case, seems cut & dry, but soon goes against the societal norm. Her client is on trial for drunkenly abusing his son, but it may seem that he was the one being abused. At home, Rosie finds that Kim is being sexually harassed at school, and is fearful of retaliation if she comes forward. Meanwhile Kovacs confronts his strained relationship with his children.
Double Bind
15. Double Bind
May 3, 1992
Rosie's latest client is a pregnant woman on trial for stealing a credit card, & while convinced she can get her off, a crusading D.A. wants her thrown in jail because she was a drug addict! He claims that she's likely to begin using again & now Rosie must find a way to help her out of this! Meanwhile Rosie & Doreen are suspicious of their mother's new boyfriend, since she's giving him a loan!
Sweet Sixteen
14. Sweet Sixteen
April 25, 1992
Rosie struggles to balance her work life & personal life as she finds her case bares a resemblance to the latter. Her latest client is a 16 year old wanna be gang member on trial for a drive by shooting. Now she wants to appear "tough" & refuses to reveal she actually had nothing to do with the shooting. Meanwhile Kim wants to go to a frat party with a 19 year old she doesn't know.
Heartbreak Hotel
13. Heartbreak Hotel
April 19, 1992
Rosie continues her relationship with the very dashing & very married Peter Donovan (Robert Wagner). The two plan a romantic weekend get away, but Rosie finds it difficult to enjoy herself as she struggles with her guilt. It gets worse for her, when her guilt begins to manifest itself as some familiar looking people.
The Other Woman
12. The Other Woman
April 12, 1992
Rosie is on cloud 9 as her relationship with Peter Donovan (Robert Wagner), but it all soon comes crashing down when she finds he's married! Now she must navigate the feelings she has for him vs becoming the much hated "Other Woman" that she has had her own experience with. To make matters worse, this is now affecting her latest case, which may be racially motivated.
Lady Luck
11. Lady Luck
April 5, 1992
After a chance encounter with newspaper editor Peter Donovan (Robert Wagner), Rosie's love life is reawakened. As she becomes closer with Peter, she finds Hank has fallen for her newest client. Rosie struggles to keep Hank's own budding romance from forming a conflict of interest which could harm her case, but as she finds this woman is not who she says, she must find a way to protect Hank.
Family Business
10. Family Business
November 22, 1991
Rosie's latest client Yin Tao (Tamlyn Tomita) is a Laotian refuge who is on trial for killing a man whom she claims was an intruder. Rosie finds the attack was part of a an arranged marriage, that was meant to be consummated with Yin being raped. Now Rosie must find someone to testify in her defense, but no one will help her, fearing they will bring shame on the Laotian Community.
Battle Fatigue
9. Battle Fatigue
December 12, 1991
Rosie struggles with both personal & ethical issues with her latest case. Her client is an unrepentant about his past crimes & views Rosie's hard work as his free ticket out of Jail. Meanwhile Rosie finds her long time friend, Prosecutor Deb Grant (Meg Foster) may be hiding evidence to help get her a better job. Now Rosie has to debate ruining her friend's career to help free a guilty man.
Dr. Psychedelic
8. Dr. Psychedelic
November 15, 1991
Rosie's latest client is a well respected Mission worker on trial for stealing & distributing frozen chickens to the homeless. She's confident that she can get him off easily, but a reporter whom Rosie has a conflict with, reveals he made & distributed LSD in the 60s! To make matters worse Kovacs was the one to bust him! Now Rosie & the rest of the lawyers are unsure if they can trust Kovacs!
Happy Birthday or Else
7. Happy Birthday or Else
November 14, 1991
Rosie's latest case seems simple with a virtual choir boy with a first time offense, but soon she finds that he is a con man, & this is just his latest con. Well at least Rosie thinks he is, because he's adamant that the Government is setting him up! Rosie struggles with planing her own Birthday Party, but decides change plans at the last minute & make it a party for Kovacs, much to his annoyance.
Life Support
6. Life Support
November 7, 1991
Rosie has a peculiar case, in which her client openly admits too attacking her late husband's Doctor. She claims though since his negligence caused his death, she's even! Meanwhile Rosie reconnects with an old College friend & struggles with a possible romantic relationship between the two, harming their friendship.
This Can't Be Love
5. This Can't Be Love
October 31, 1991
Rosie must analyze her own ethical concerns, when her client is on trial for trying to mercy kill her child who is brain dead. The problem intensifies as her husband refuses to take her off of life support thinking a miracle will happen at any moment, despite what the Doctors say. Meanwhile Kim plagiarizes an essay for school & now Rosie must work with her Ex to find a suitable punishment.
Wolf Pack
4. Wolf Pack
September 26, 1991
Rosie finds herself in the middle of an unusual case when she becomes Co-Council to Defense hotshot Angela Gianelli (Brenda Vaccaro) on a case where two Frat brothers accidentally killed a pledge. Rosie's client Pete Ellis (Danny Nucci) refuses to make a deal to turn on his "brother", but Rosie finds brotherhood only goes so far when Angela proves to be a snake in the grass.
Domestic Silence
3. Domestic Silence
September 26, 1991
Rosie struggles with her latest client, a battered woman who is on trial for failing to prevent the murder of her son, by her abusive spouse. Rosie argues battered women's syndrome prevented her from acting, but an unsympathetic Prosecutor, Judge & her own client disagree. Meanwhile Rosie has a house guest after her mother's injury forces the usually strong willed woman to ask for help.
Knock, Knock
2. Knock, Knock
September 19, 1991
Rosie faces a difficult case when a mentally handicapped man is on trial for the murder of a ten year old girl. Rosie believes the man was confused when he confessed to the crime & now must find a way to prove it. To make matters worse, even if she is able to keep him from going to jail, he still may be end up incarcerated at a Mental Institution.
Real Mothers
1. Real Mothers
September 12, 1991
Rosie struggles with the Mother of all cases when her client is on trial for kidnapping her own foster son. The client claims he ran away after being reunited with his junkie mother who is fresh out of of jail. To make matters worse her other client Walter Kovacs (Ed Asner) is a gruff former cop who hates Public Defenders! Now Rosie must convince him to help her find the missing kid!

Following a messy divorce, Beverly Hills lawyer Rosie O'Neill shifts her career to working in the Public Defender's Office. Now she must deal with the downtrodden of Los Angeles, who range from innocent people given a bad hand or some of the darkest people one could encounter. Meanwhile Rosie navigates being newly single again, while balancing her relationships with her family & new coworkers.The Trials of Rosie O'Neill is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 1990.

The Trials of Rosie O'Neill is available for streaming on the Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG) website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Trials of Rosie O'Neill on demand at Amazon Prime and Amazon.

  • Premiere Date
    September 17, 1990
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (80)