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  • TV-14
  • 1991
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.6  (1,915)

Tropical Heat is a Canadian television series produced from 1991-1993 by Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG). The show is also known as "Sweating Bullets" in the United States, which was the name used in syndication. The series stars Rob Stewart as Nick Slaughter, a former detective who has now turned private investigator living and working in Key Mariah, Florida. Carolyn Dunn plays his partner and love interest, Sylvie Girard.

The show follows Nick and Sylvie as they solve various cases and mysteries in the tropical paradise of Key Mariah. Despite their differences, the two share a strong chemistry and work well together. Nick is the resident bad boy with a heart of gold, while Sylvie is the by-the-book cop who provides balance to Nick's often impulsive behavior.

One of the key elements of the show is its setting in Key Mariah. The beautiful landscapes, colorful characters and laid-back atmosphere of the small town provide a unique backdrop for the various cases Nick and Sylvie find themselves involved in. The show also features a distinct 90s vibe with fashion, technology and music from the era heavily influenced the show's aesthetic.

The show's structure is episodic, with each episode featuring a self-contained story. Nick and Sylvie's investigations range from solving murders, tracking down lost treasure, and taking down drug lords. Although the cases themselves are often formulaic, the show manages to keep things fresh by focusing more on the characters and their relationships rather than the plot.

One of the show's strengths is its use of humor. Nick and Sylvie often find themselves in dangerous situations, but the show never takes itself too seriously. Nick's wry sense of humor and Sylvie's dry wit provide a constant source of levity throughout the show. The show also features some memorable side characters, including the charming bar owner Spider Garvin played by Ian Tracey who often helps Nick and Sylvie with their cases, and the eccentric millionaire Hamilton Whitney III played by John David Bland who always seems to have a new scheme up his sleeve.

The chemistry between Rob Stewart and Carolyn Dunn is another highlight of the show. Their characters' romance is a slow burn that develops over the course of the series. The two have a palpable chemistry that keeps viewers invested in their relationship, even when the cases themselves are less than thrilling.

Another standout feature of the show is its use of music. The show's theme song "If Love Is King" by Billy Ocean is a quintessential 90s classic, and the show often incorporates other popular songs from the era into its episodes. The show's use of music helps set the tone and further adds to the show's overall aesthetic.

Overall, Tropical Heat is a fun and entertaining show that perfectly captures the spirit of the 90s. The combination of beautiful scenery, humor, and romance makes it a perfect watch for those looking for a light and breezy series to enjoy.

Tropical Heat is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on April 8, 1991.

Tropical Heat
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Smut and Nothin' But
36. Smut and Nothin' But
October 18, 1993
Nick and Sylvie are hired by an insurance company to investigate a porn mogul who bought life insurance for one of his girls just before she was murdered. As Nick and Sylvie soon find out, the hole goes much deeper than that.
Frobidden Fruit
35. Frobidden Fruit
October 4, 1993
A successful businessman fights with his wife a lot. When she is found dead, he is the prime suspect, so he hires Nick and Sylvie to prove his innocence. His business partner and even his kids are among the other potential suspects.
Man with the Midas Touch
34. Man with the Midas Touch
September 27, 1993
A con man cheats one of Nick's friends out of his retirement fund. Nick decides to help his friend return the favor. What they don't know is that the mob is involved.
Slumming It
33. Slumming It
September 20, 1993
A woman who owns local slums hires Nick to investigate her son's girlfriend. Nick soon questions whether he's working for the right people.
Katie's Secret
32. Katie's Secret
September 13, 1993
Katie, Sylvie's niece, arrives in town. She is suppose to work as a model. Unfortunately a murder interrupts her plans.
Deal of a Lifetime
31. Deal of a Lifetime
August 23, 1993
A man blackmails Nick to force him to participate in a casino heist.
30. Tess
August 16, 1993
A woman uses Nick to get rid of her husband - permanently.
Turning Screws
29. Turning Screws
August 9, 1993
A gang tricks Nick into helping them commit a robbery for which he gets arrested immediately. While in prison, Nick attempts to weed out the members of the gang and bring them to justice.
Spider's Tale
28. Spider's Tale
August 2, 1993
While in the company of friends, Spider tells a tale of one of Nick and Sylvie's cases -- from his perspective...
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
27. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
July 26, 1993
An old contact of Nick's brings one of the DEA's top ten deadly assassins to the Key Mariah who is looking to settle an old score.
Gun shy
26. Gun shy
July 19, 1993
Sylvie shoots and kills a perp. Her world shatters when she is told that the dead man was an undercover cop and she ends up in jail. Nick refuses to believe that the shooting was unjustified and investigates the cop's background.
You Stole My Heart
25. You Stole My Heart
July 12, 1993
A detective from Atlanta pays Nick and Sylvie to help in the search for the local coroner's brother, who is in possession of some very important evidence -- the heart of a dead crime lord.
Seen at the Crime
24. Seen at the Crime
July 5, 1993
Nick and Sylvie are hired to protect a food critic whose life may be in serious danger. Unfortunately, they fail. Then a psychic shows up claiming to have seen more deaths that are in connection with this case.
Mutiny and the Bounty
23. Mutiny and the Bounty
June 28, 1993
Spider gets involved with an unstable bounty hunter couple.
Massage in a Bottle
22. Massage in a Bottle
June 21, 1993
A nurse has been murdered, the Doctor who worked with her may be the perpetrator. Nick is on the case, but someone is one step ahead of him.
Poison Ivy
21. Poison Ivy
June 14, 1993
Nick is hired to find a woman who got hold of a new deadly drug. As his search progresses, Nick begins to wonder if he was actually hired to find the drug itself.
Royal Pain
20. Royal Pain
June 7, 1993
The 6th Duke of Stowbridge accidentally murders his lover. No one knows about it except his wife who, fearing for her own safety, asks Nick for help.
Object of Desire
19. Object of Desire
May 31, 1993
An eyewitness falls for Nick when he stops an armed robbery at a store. She decides to help him identify the robber she saw fleeing from the store. There's just one problem - she might be seeing things.
Born Tomorrow
18. Born Tomorrow
May 24, 1993
A bombastic businessman hires Nick to find his missing wife. Suspiciously, the man's colleagues seem to know more about her disappearance than he does.
Basic Black
17. Basic Black
May 17, 1993
When his old P.I. colleague is found dead, Nick inherits his strange case that involves a wealthy property developer.
16. Feedback
May 10, 1993
A woman who's cheating on her husband with a young lover is being blackmailed. She hires Nick to help her, but it might be too late to prevent a tragedy.
May Divorce Be With You
15. May Divorce Be With You
May 3, 1993
A couple filing for divorce hire Nick and Sylvie separately -- the husband hires Sylvie to prove his wife's infidelity, while the wife hires Nick to prove her husband's infidelity.
The Patsy
14. The Patsy
March 1, 1993
An Englishman is being blackmailed, possibly by his vengeful former partner in crime. He and his wife hire Nick to get to the bottom of things.
The Last of the Magnificent
13. The Last of the Magnificent
February 22, 1993
One of Nick's favorite actors is shooting a western. After some strange accidents, he begins to fear for his safety, and hires Nick and Sylvie to join him onset undercover. Spider joins them on the job.
Grasping at Shadows
12. Grasping at Shadows
February 15, 1993
Nick saves the new Tropical Heat bar waitress from being kidnapped by Middle Eastern spies. He and Sylvie contact an expert on the matter which turns out not to be such a great idea.
His Pal Joey
11. His Pal Joey
February 8, 1993
Joey, a young woman that Nick has watched over for years, witnesses a murder and turns to Nick for protection.
Jack of Diamonds
10. Jack of Diamonds
December 7, 1992
Nick's deadbeat con artist father is arrested for the murder and robbery of a local socialite. During the investigation, Nick is forced revisit their complicated relationship.
Ocean Park
9. Ocean Park
November 30, 1992
The husband of a marine biologist is found dead at the institute where she works. Although she is the primary suspect in the case, her employer is convinced of her innocence and hires Nick and Sylvie to prove it.
Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby
8. Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby
November 23, 1992
Spider's ex girlfriend shows up in Key Mariah, asking him to protect her from her abusive boyfriend. When the boyfriend is found dead, and stolen money comes into the picture, Spider turns to Nick for help.
The Pro and the Con
7. The Pro and the Con
November 16, 1992
When one of his advisors is killed following a massive financial meltdown, famous football player D.J. Littlefield is the primary suspect. Littlefield, however, hires Nick and Sylvie to prove his innocence.
Stranger in Paradise
6. Stranger in Paradise
November 9, 1992
Nick and Sylvie go to work undercover, as a teacher and a clerical worker respectively, in a private school where a female student was murdered.
White Hot
5. White Hot
October 26, 1992
Nick is hired to find a little girl whose father took her from her mother and fled to Israel.
Over My Dead Body
4. Over My Dead Body
October 12, 1992
Nick is seriously injured on a case, leaving him unconscious in the hospital. Sylvie and Spider stay by his bedside, reminiscing about their experiences with him.
Deadly Switch: Part 2
3. Deadly Switch: Part 2
January 1, 1993
Dr. Cooper, the dentist suspected of killing Monica Cobb, is found dead, while Monica Cobb is apparently still alive, living under a different name. Nick and Sylvie turn their investigation Cobb's business partner, Dan Morris, and his lover Sandy.
Deadly Switch: Part 1
2. Deadly Switch: Part 1
September 28, 1992
Monica Cobb, a healthy 29-year-old woman dies suspiciously in the dentist's chair. Her business partner claims the money from her life insurance. But when the money goes missing and more dead bodies start turning up, Nick and Sylvie are put on the case. Their investigation puts them in contact with a strangely hypnotic woman who is curiously linked to a number of the case's suspects.
Twice as Dead
1. Twice as Dead
September 14, 1992
A woman hires Nick and Sylvie to investigate what happened to her husband, who was recently found dead. She finds the sudden reappearance particularly suspicious... considering her husband has been dead for years.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 8, 1991
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (1,915)