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"Based on John Dickson Carr's book The Department of Queer Complaints featuring the fictional detective Colonel March. Detective March is on the case to solve murder mysteries that baffle Scotland Yard and the British police. The legendary Boris Karloff (""Frankenstein"", ""The Mummy"") solves the X-Files of Scotland Yard in this classic mystery series thick with thieves, spies and menaces.

Colonel March of Scotland Yard is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on February 22, 1957.

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Multicom Entertainment Group (MEG)
1 Season, 26 Episodes
February 22, 1957
Action & Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
Cast: Boris Karloff, Ewan Roberts
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Colonel March of Scotland Yard Full Episode Guide

  • When a wife reports her reclusive mystery writer husband has accidentally fallen from a cliff, suspicion points to her as the killer. Colonel March is called in to investigate at the isolated seaside manor.

  • Colonel March is called in to investigate the theft of a valuable diamond as well as the kidnapping of a little boy's poodle. As the investigation continues, he begins to think both incidents may be connected.

  • March must solve the mystery of how a man could be stabbed to death by an invisible knife, while attempting to summon The Devil during a black rite.

  • A woman is found dead, but was it suicide or murder? A French fencing match provides the telling clue and Inspector Goron travels to London to assist Colonel March.

  • Colonel March receives a queer complaint that a pair of disembodied gloves killed a man. He refuses to give up easily despite the fact there is no corpse, no blood, and no evidence of wrongdoing,

  • Murder and blackmail culminate in this episode where a call for help during a Javenese dance is the clue that Colonel March needs to prove a faulty alibi.

  • A phony spiritualist believes she's truly summoned a real ghost. Colonel March attends her next seance to discover the identity of the spirit's killer- dead or alive.

  • A pretty barmaid receives an unusual Christmas gift, a music box from a thief, dead ten years. But someone is soon murdered searching for something valuable hidden in the mysterious gift and Colonel March believes the music holds the key.

  • A 15th century prayer volume disappears from a sealed casket inside the locked safe belonging to an Oxford Don. An illusionist is called in to demonstrate how the book can disappear from a locked safe, when the supernatural is suspected.

  • A skull, known as the Damascus man, is stolen from a museum and Colonel March's life is imperiled trying to solve the case.

  • A bank robbery takes place and the suspect, never out of sight, is followed to his office, where he locks himself in. But when the police and Colonel March search his office there is no trace of the money!

  • A shady businessman collapses on an oceanside jetty, the apparent victim of a heart attack, but a vacationing March discovers blood and a needle near the body. A little boy's lost ball may be the key to a possible murder.

  • Behind the "silver curtain" spray from a fountain, a man is found dead with a knife in his back. Colonel March is called in to investigate.

  • A man demands to be arrested for plotting the perfect murder of his wealthy wife, who is found dead that night of natural causes. A valuable coin collection holds the answers.

  • Colonel March and Inspector Goron are present in a caf© when a customer dies from poisoned wine and the waiter falls under suspicion because he was a former chemist.

  • Colonel March is called in to investigate a murder in a beauty salon.There are plenty of suspects and it's up to Colonel March to single out the murderer.

  • A 12 year old boy insists his dead father told him to kill his mother's new fianc©e. But did the father truly die in an accidental plane crash?

  • At an isolated ch¢teau outside Paris, a scientist insists he's received radio waves emanating from Mars. Seeking a way to suspend a person's life functions during space travel, his volunteer subject dies from lack of oxygen. Accident or foul play?

  • Two Mona Lisa paintings appear on the art market | but which one is the second original and which is the copy? Colonel March is determined to reveal the truth.

  • While on holiday in France, there is a murder at the docks and Colonel March is asked by a friend of the French police to assist. The only clue left behind by the culprit, a sailor's cap - "looking for the head that fits this hat."

  • Members of the Himalayan Mountaineering Club are threatened by what appears to be the abominable snowman, and someone leaves a strange footprint on a ledge outside Colonel March's office.

  • A French fashion model asks for Colonel March's help, claiming a strange man is following her and she fears for her life. Several hours later she's found murdered... in mismatched color, a telling clue for the inspector.

  • Colonel March's niece, a believer in spiritualism, thinks she hears her dead husband's voice and others in the house become convinced her husband has returned as a ghost. But has he?

  • A psychologist is found stabbed to death in a seemingly sealed room. Inspector March needs to decide who had the most reason to kill him, and how did they accomplish the task.

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