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Pacific Blue is an American crime drama following the lives of a group of police officers working in the bicycle patrol department of the Santa Monica Police Department. Often compared to fellow 1990s drama Baywatch, Pacific Blue ran for five seasons from 1996 to 2000 for a total of 101 episodes running for around 45 minutes each. Although it originally focused on the life of the head of the Bicycle Patrol department Anthony Palermo the show moved to focus on a younger cast performing more bicycle stunts after Palermo's departure from the show in the season three finale.

Lieutenant Anthony Palermo is the head of a police department patrolling the beaches of Santa Monica to keep them safe from crime and antisocial behavior. Palermo is joined by a group of new recruits to his department who he must train and mold into a team to fight crime on the beaches in a non-violent manner. Palermo is joined by Chris Kelly, a female officer who has no practical experience as an officer after working in the Santa Monica PD public relations department. Cory McNamara also joins the department and is looking for a successful career to impress her police officer parents and grandfather. A number of troubled officers also join the department and eventually come to see Palermo as a form of father figure; Palermo is a divorced father of a teenage girl who often finds herself in trouble throughout the seasons of the show.

Each episode of Pacific Blue is a self contained story detailing a crime or problem facing a guest star in the show, often with a link to one of the police officer characters in the show. Guest stars in Pacific Blue often include members of the World Wrestling Federation, such as Chyna and Shawn Michaels. Despite being broadcast on the U.S. cable network USA Pacific Blue often crossed over with Baywatch and included the character of Lani, played by Baywatch's Carmen Electra appearing in Pacific Blue on a number of occasions.

Pacific Blue is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (101 episodes). The series first aired on March 20, 1996.

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New Video Group
5 Seasons, 101 Episodes
March 20, 1996
Cast: Rick Rossovich, Jim Davidson, Darlene Vogel, Paula Trickey, Marcos Antonio Ferraez
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Pacific Blue Full Episode Guide

  • While Russ, Bobby, Monica and Jamie are out tracking pot growers in the Santa Monica mountains, Chris Kelly returns to visit a wounded T.C. Callaway, who's fighting addiction to pain pills, as well as kidnap victim Cory McNamara. All hell breaks loose when Chris finds out T.C. slept with her best friend, Cory, and that Cory doesn't know if her pregnancy is the result of Will Blake or T.C. Callaway. The season-ending cliffhanger occurs when Cory opens the blood test results to find out which one is the father.

  • After Russ and Bobby arrest a murder suspect, the trial lands before hanging Judge J. Gunnar Halloran. After tossing the weapon because of an illegal search, the heat is turned up on Bobby and Russ, who are accused of planting evidence. The case is further hampered by the fact that Judge Halloran has fallen in love with the exotic dancer sent to blackmail him into releasing the defendant.

  • T.C., now hooked on painkillers from being shot in the leg, leads Pacific Blue on the trail of a potential serial killer who preys on young runaways that he locates via the Internet. Cory and Monica convince a woman psychic, who used to help the police back East, into helping on the case.

  • Cory learns she is pregnant, but is unsure whether the father is T.C. Callaway, a one night stand, or Will Blake, her District Attorney boyfriend. Before she can tell either one, she's kidnapped by two jewel thieves who offer to let her go in exchange for the release from jail of their ace safecracker, who happens to be a crazy, violent, female bodybuilder (played by WWF superstar Chynna). T.C. is shot in the leg while saving Cory McNamara.

  • Bobby Cruz' sister, Teresa, witnesses the suicide of a high school classmate and begins to fall under the spell of the girl's manipulative boyfriend. An ambitious rookie cop, recently assigned to Pacific Blue, turns out to be a spy for Internal Affairs. Things get complicated when he's let into the young Pac Blue officers' scheme to frame a ruthless drug dealer.

  • After a seventeen-year-old girl is kidnapped at a shopping mall, the Pacific Blue team races against the clock during the most critical time in a kidnapping - the first sixty minutes.

  • Russ and Cory enter the ugly, violent world of white supremacy to catch the racist killer of several local Mexican and African-American young men. Simultaneously, Jamie tries to protect a young boy, whose talent for photography puts him in jeopardy when he unwittingly captures on film a clandestine meeting between two powerful adversaries.

  • Jamie Strickland's sister, Jennie, a witness in a previous homicide case, returns from hiding. Detective Marcus, the dirty Narc, is on the warpath, and the juvenile shooter that Jennie can identify has escaped from a work camp as well.

  • On the eve of a civil trial, a Johnny Cochran-like attorney prosecuting a narcotics detective who caused the death of a black suspect, is found dead in Santa Monica. Pacific Blue is assigned to the case, involving police corruption. The unit discovers that the flamboyant attorney had numerous enemies, all of whom wanted him dead, including the cop on suspension being prosecuted for the civil rights violation.

  • While headed off for vacation, Jamie Strickland discovers a burned-out, 25-year old soul singer who had a hot career five years before, drunk and stoned on the boardwalk. She tries to help the young woman regain her career and self-respect.

  • While investigating a drug smuggling case at a Jamaican nightclub, Bobby Cruz is convinced he's being stalked by Emanuel Mendoza, a killer that he sent to prison two years earlier. T.C. tries to relieve Cruz' fears by taking him to Chino Prison to visit Mendoza, who's still incarcerated. Cruz realizes someone has switched places with Mendoza, and that his sworn enemy is actually out to kill him on a 'freebie,' since he is supposedly behind bars.

  • When a popular female boxer dies in the ring, it's quickly discovered that the poison which killed her was actually intended for her opponent, real-life boxing superstar, Mia St. John. Envied (and disliked) by her peers for both her feminine beauty and her champion stature, Mia has been the victim of a stalker for several months. Jamie goes undercover as a female fighter, with Bobby as her trainer, both to protect Mia, and find the murderer.

  • Cory McNamara and Jamie Strickland go undercover in a sex cult operating in Venice Beach under the tutelage of a seductive master who has convinced women to prostitute themselves in the name of God.

  • After a near suicide of a wealthy woman on the Santa Monica Pier, Cruz and Granger go undercover as gigolos to bust a high-end male escort service operating out of a repair shop for imported cars.

  • A pair of homicidal twins draws Chris into a web of homicide and mystery which threatens both her marriage to T.C. and her career with Pacific Blue.

  • Granger and Cruz are sent to Ventura County on a seemingly simple case to return a witness to a murder trial in Santa Monica. The wild young woman makes their life miserable, escaping numerous times and causing them to miss their date with two gorgeous women headed for Catalina.

  • A doctor running an underground clinic for plastic surgery causes the death of a young co-ed. The world of high school girls obsessed with plastic surgery is explored when Russ Granger and Monica Harper go undercover. Struck by the beautiful perfection of the students, Monica and Granger learn that the girls' boyfriends have been financing plastic surgery by breaking into homes.

  • After a sorority girl turns up dead, Monica and Chris go undercover at a very select sorority at Pacific University. Harper discovers that freshman pledges are being forced to strip at a local nightclub as part of their initiation, but then are being blackmailed to continue their activities or risk exposure to their parents and on the internet.

  • While in Waikiki to train the Honolulu bike patrol, Bobby Cruz and Russ Granger back into an undercover case when they are mistaken for buyers in a large scale drug smuggling operation. They team up with four young, hip undercover officers in Honolulu to bust a ring working out of a surf shop.

  • While in Waikiki to train the Honolulu bike patrol, Bobby Cruz and Russ Granger back into an undercover case when they are mistaken for buyers in a large scale drug smuggling operation. They team up with four young, hip undercover officers in Honolulu to bust a ring working out of a surf shop.

  • Pacific Blue's season opener picks up from the cliffhanger season-ender, 'The Right Thing,' in which Bobby Cruz and the three other rookie cops were arrested for withholding evidence in the murder of gang conciliator, John Patrone.

  • After a high profile Hispanic leader, John Patrone, who is trying to bring an end to warring gang factions in Santa Monica is slain by a snipers bullet, our young recruits finds the main suspect is a likeable motorcycle mechanic whose daughter committed suicide a year before. When it is learned she was pregnant by Patrone, and that he was involved in drug dealing and gun running, it appears that this good citizen took the law into his own hands to bring the man down. By episode's end, Bobby Cruz is arrested for concealing evidence and the three other new Pacific Blue cops are under arrest as well.

  • The worlds of black and white magic collide after a young girl disappears from the boardwalk. Russ and Jamie enter the world of the occult and have sex after falling under the spell of the dark side.

  • After an old high school girl friend of Cory's is murdered upon her return to Santa Monica, Cory and the Pacific Blue unit are on the trail of her stalker boyfriend, with the aid of an FBI profiler. Cory is attracted to the FBI agent as they work together on the case, navigating twists and turns that eventually place Cory in extreme jeopardy. Russ Granger, meanwhile, has used his Intel video camera to contact a potential lover, "Cybervixen," on the Internet and is making plans to meet her in person.

  • The return of corrupt SMPD detective Perry Marcus, who is again using a band of teenagers to set up high-level drug dealers. Among the group of runaways is Jamie Strickland's estranged sister, Jennie. Jamie confesses that it was she who killed their abusive father before he had a chance to continue his ways with Jennie. All this happens under the watchful eye of Internal Affairs investigator, Susan Jessup, who's long had it in for Jamie Strickland and the Pacific Blue unit.

  • While Bobby Cruz is undercover working the door of a trendy nightclub, a rock musician dies on the front steps. Monica Harper joins him undercover, but grows concerned when Bobby discovers that the nefarious club owner's girlfriend is his old flame, singer Rita Bunuel. Things become more complicated as they rekindle their romance under the nose of the dangerous drug-dealing nightclub owner.

  • After stopping a late-night robbery in a bar, Victor Del Toro, once a member of the Pacific Blue unit, is on the verge of committing suicide on the Santa Monica pier. He's interrupted by a young woman looking for signatures for a petition to regain custody of her six year old daughter, now in the hands of a rich couple. Victor, in an effort to make up for the death of his fiancée, promises to capture the child for the mother. He takes advantage of his old friends and breaks numerous laws in his effort to trade his soul for that of the child, all under the suspicious eye of the new Pac Blue recruits.

  • After a young Mafia lawyer and his wife are murdered in their home, Cory catches up with the unharmed six year old boy who's on the run with his real mother, a stripper with whom the Mafia lawyer had a previous affair. Cory is reluctant to bring the pair to the authorities after she learns that the FBI agent working the case is actually the man that the boy identified as the killer who came to their home.

  • A near death experience changes T.C.'s perspective on life after he comes face to face with ruthless home invaders.

  • After a series of murders in a female prison, Chris goes in undercover in chains while Bobby is placed inside as a prison guard. Monica uses the opportunity to tempt T.C., her next door neighbor, into a sexual situation.

  • After hitting a deaf person on the boardwalk, Cory is forced into working with Monica, tracking down an illicit ring of deaf beggars, controlled by a ruthless 'King.' Bobby Cruz is swapped into the horse patrol and pursues a gang of kids terrorizing the boardwalk with a potato cannon.

  • At Pacific University, a fraternity is holding their annual Thrill Week in a house on the Pacific Blue beach. After a series of incidents, Russ and T.C. are sent in undercover to stop abusive hazing which includes sexual harassment for Bobby's sister, Theresa and other women.

  • The woman who is responsible for the deaths of Bobby's parents has returned to Venice Beach and Bobby is convinced she's involved in an illegal smuggling trade. I.A. pressures Jamie to spy on officers at Pacific Blue by holding over her head a dark secret from her past.

  • T.C. Callaway befriends Kenny Slaughter, an up and coming champion surfer who is being pressured by Rip Cutter, a ruthless manufacturer of surfboards. Monica, being undercover with T.C., evokes jealousy from Chris, while the others pool their money to see who can bust the dumbest criminal among the mob at the Surf Week.

  • Pacific Blue backs into a college call girl ring after the roommate of the girl Bobby is dating is found dead below a 6th story window. Cory McNamara miscarries as a result of stress.

  • Jamie is attracted to a 20-year old martial artist who saves her from a gang attack. After a series of homicides that Chris is working on point to the martial artist as a suspect, he commits one last crime and is never heard from again. Russ and Bobby compete for the affections of a sexy French film star who's being stalked while in Santa Monica to promote her latest movie.

  • Russ Granger saves his best friend's little sister from a life of underage porn, while Monica is offered money to pose for Playpen Magazine. Cory informs Doug of her impending pregnancy, but gets a less than enthusiastic response from the father of her child.

  • Jamie goes undercover and befriends a fifteen-year-old after he witnesses a murder. Monica Harper's sexual involvement with Commander McKinnon escalates. As their on-again, off-again relationship progresses, Bobby Cruz discovers McKinnon's abusive nature and helps Monica trap him into backing off.

  • Jamie is slipped some G.H.B. and thinks she may have been date-raped. Two shockjock radio talk hosts take an interest in Bobby Cruz' 15 year-old sister, Theresa. After Cory finds out she's been promoted to sergeant over her best friend, Chris, she also discovers she's pregnant.

  • T.C. Callaway marries Chris Kelly and takes over command of the bike patrol. He hires four young new recruits, and their first case takes them undercover to a college campus where a chemistry professor is moonlighting as a manufacturer of methamphetamine, and his daughter is involved with students and bikers who are distributing the drugs.