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Enter an interesting world in the form of Wicked Science. This Australian television show first airing in 2004 will be an entertaining diversion. The series focuses on two teenage students that couldn't be more different. The main characters are Toby Johnson (Andre de Vanny) and Elizabeth Hawke (Bridget Neval).

The two are very strangely turned into wizards of science by a mysterious magnetic pulse/ray. Toby is an easy going boy with the usual problems teenage boys have, homework, girls and peer pressure.

Elizabeth on the other hand is the teacher's pet; she doesn't like anyone with the exception of Toby. In turn no one in the school likes her much either. After being affected by the strange ray, Toby finds that he really hates it, because it changes everything for him.

Suddenly he is a scientific genius, and he views it as a really bad situation for him or for any other fifteen year old. He has no idea how to control his new found gift and is very uncomfortable with it.

Elizabeth on the other hand is excited and ready to try to take over the school with her new found gift. She is more than willing to use it as a weapon and for success and power.

The only one who can stop her is Toby. He is not at all happy with this idea but he has to try to counteract her with his gift. So the battle lines are drawn between the two wizards of science and the fun begins.

Wicked Science is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on February 24, 2004.

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Friday 6:30 PM et/pt on New Video Group
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
February 24, 2004
Kids & Family
Cast: Bridget Neval, Saskia Burmeister, Benjamin Schmideg, Emma Leonard, Brook Sykes
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Wicked Science Full Episode Guide

  • Jack skillfully convinces Elizabeth to de-genius Toby, and she builds a new MFE machine.

  • In an attempt to make Toby jealous, Elizabeth partners with Jack in an end-of-year science experiment.

  • Desperate for information about Elizabeth's genius, Jack offers her a deal.

  • When Garth's little cousin Rodney turns up in Sandy Bay, he immediately wreaks havoc with his pranks.

  • Russ falls in love with a movie star who's in town to shoot her new film.

  • The crimson-ringed octopus has venom so toxic that one drop can immobilize an elephant ... or one Mr. Woods and one Elizabeth.

  • Unable to bear the thought of Toby and Nikki getting together, Elizabeth traps Toby in a time loop, forcing him to relive the same day over and over.

  • Elizabeth decides to create a self-learning artificial intelligence program to act as her personal assistant.

  • Toby invents an antigravity belt that will lift the wearer to any height. Jack manages to steal the belt and attach it to a small dog

  • Jack films the lead up to an interschool Science Expo as an excuse to find wicked science and blackmail Elizabeth and Toby into making him a genius.

  • After damaging an experiment involving a rare plant from Boggy Creek, Verity is banished from Elizabeth's lab.

  • Working on the theory that if she makes Toby ill, he will come running to her for a cure, Elizabeth invents a device that drains his hyperfunctions.

  • Toby's liquid nitrogen cryogenic refrigeration chamber malfunctions, spelling potential disaster.

  • Elizabeth is driven wild with jealousy when Toby and Nikki decide to go to the school dance together.

  • The "sibling" rivalry between Sacha and Russ escalates to the point where the trio threatens to break up.

  • Russ continues to be on Toby's back about helping him with girls, so Toby invents a flying disk to make Russ look good on the beach.

  • Toby invents a homing device that teleports Sacha's horse to Sandy Bay.

  • Toby invents a "doubt eliminator" ring to boost Nikki's confidence, but the device falls into Verity's hands.

  • Disaster strikes when the school clock breaks and Elizabeth is forced to hide her lab equipment in the school storeroom.

  • Russ finds himself forced to masquerade as Toby at a meeting with Nikki in the surf café.

  • Elizabeth catches a bad cold from Verity. With a raging temperature, her power to hyperfunction and use her genius is out of control.

  • Toby has his eye fixed firmly on Jack's sister, Nikki. He is desperate to impress her -- but how?

  • A charming, manipulative new student befriends Garth so he can gather information about his shrink ray.

  • It's the first day back at school after the holidays, and the giant doll still stands in the school grounds as a reminder of the events that occurred.

  • Toby and Elizabeth's genius goes head to head in a battle between a T-Rex and a giant, robotic doll.

  • Toby raids Elizabeth's lab by controlling a robotic doll through the air ducts.

  • Elizabeth takes over the school by cloning the principal.

  • Toby uses a tractor beam to catch Elizabeth in an attempt to cancel her genius.

  • TOBY discovers the missing sequence but accidentally turns RUSS into a genius.

  • Toby creates a virtual memory for Russ, who has the "missing genius element" locked in his memory but Elizabeth hacks in and causes havoc.

  • Toby tries to go back in time, to find out how he became a genius, but things go wrong when Nanna arrives.

  • On a class field trip, Toby comes across the first piece to the puzzle of how he and Elizabeth became geniuses.

  • Toby tries to impress Bianca, getting the highest score at the arcade by using his genius.

  • Elizabeth uses her new teleportation machine to get Russ in deep trouble.

  • Toby helps Russ with a pair of programmable musical gloves, making him play like Jimi Hendrix.

  • When Toby tries to find Elizabeth's secret lab, she ruins his class project, resulting in an explosion of pink goo.

  • When Elizabeth uses her new invention to shrink Dina, the race is on to find her before the effect is permanent.

  • Elizabeth uses her genius to ruin the school centenary celebration.

  • Toby has to help Elizabeth when she is caught on tape using wicked science.

  • Dateless, Toby invents a pheromone spray to attract girls at the school dance, however things get out of control.

  • Elizabeth rains out Bianca's beach party by controlling the weather.

  • Toby creates a Robot Dina so she can be in two places at once.

  • When Russ crashes his skateboard into Mr. Tesslars car, Toby helps by making the car disappear.

  • Elizabeth causes Dina's hair to fall out but things go from bad to worse when Toby tries to help.

  • Elizabeth sets up Dina by projecting a hologram of her vandalising Tessla's car.

  • Toby invents a smart judo suit so Russ can survive a bout against Garth

  • Toby tries to prove to everyone that he's a genius, flying a ride-on lawnmower over the school, but he didn't count on Elizabeth.

  • Toby and Elizabeth are zapped by a strange ray and become instant scientific geniuses, but the battle lines are drawn when Elizabeth interferes with Toby's first experiment, creating a ravenous T-Rex.

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