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  • TV-14
  • 2011
  • 8 Seasons
  • 7.8  (22,853)

Portlandia is a sketch comedy show that debuted on IFC in 2011 and ran for eight seasons, concluding in 2018. The show was created by Jonathan Krisel, Fred Armisen, and Carrie Brownstein, who also starred in the series. The show is set in the city of Portland, Oregon, and is a satirical take on the city's progressive, hipster culture. The sketches range from parodies of popular culture to critiques of modern society, and often involve recurring characters and themes.

The show's lead actors, Armisen and Brownstein, are both known for their involvement in alternative music and comedy. Armisen was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for over a decade, while Brownstein was a member of the indie rock band Sleater-Kinney.

Many of the sketches on Portlandia involve absurd situations that are taken to their logical extreme. For example, one recurring sketch involves Armisen and Brownstein playing a couple who decide to watch every single movie on Netflix, a task that takes them years to complete. Another sketch involves a group of friends who are so obsessed with avoiding gluten that they resort to eating only discarded cake from the trash.

In addition to the recurring characters played by Armisen and Brownstein, the show also features a number of guest stars. These include musicians like Aimee Mann and Eddie Vedder, as well as actors like Kyle MacLachlan, Jeff Goldblum, and Kumail Nanjiani.

One of the show's signature features is its use of music. Armisen and Brownstein often perform musical sketches, sometimes accompanied by other musicians. The show's musical segments range from hilarious parodies of specific genres (like the feminist punk duo Toni and Candace) to poignant original songs (like the tribute to Portland titled "The Dream of the 90s").

The show's humor is often described as "quirky" or "offbeat." It is not always laugh-out-loud funny, but it is consistently clever and thought-provoking. Many of the show's sketches can be seen as commentary on contemporary culture, particularly the ways in which people try to make themselves unique or "special" in a world that often feels homogenized.

Overall, Portlandia is a brilliantly executed satire of modern society. Its unique blend of humor, music, and social commentary has earned it a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim. While the show may not be for everyone (its humor is definitely an acquired taste), those who appreciate its quirky, irreverent style will find much to love.

Portlandia is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (79 episodes). The series first aired on January 21, 2011.

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Rose Route
10. Rose Route
March 22, 2018
The Mayor cuts deals all over town to secure the perfect route for the Portland Marathon; Fred and Carrie decide to run to break their addiction to news alerts; Candace's house guest Dolly quickly becomes her new best friend.
Long Way Back
9. Long Way Back
March 15, 2018
The Weirdos lose their favorite trash can, which takes an unexpected journey throughout the city; Malcolm and Kris visit their pediatrician; Peter and Nance wonder why they've never been hacked; Fred and Carrie just give up
Peter Follows P!nk
8. Peter Follows P!nk
March 8, 2018
Peter and Nance interact with celebs on social media; Fred gives Carrie a rock 'n' roll remodel; James rides his bike to work; Gil and George say "Oh, Hello" to Toni and Candace.
Most Pro City
7. Most Pro City
March 1, 2018
The mayor sets out to prove Portland's diversity; text-message drama unfolds during a business meeting; activists on a hunger strike take a cheat day; drivers communicate via hand signals.
You Do You
6. You Do You
February 22, 2018
Andra discovers she can have it all. Jamie's co-workers help her get over a cold. Portland adds more lanes to the freeway. Fred and Carrie prepare for a natural disaster. Kath and Dave learn the art of taking photobooth pictures. A trampoline company's legal department experiences another hectic day.
Open Relationship
5. Open Relationship
February 15, 2018
Doug and Claire try an open relationship; Shannon gets help parallel parking; a company uses VR for an important meeting; the Mayor waits for a helicopter; and Fred steps on a snail.
4. Abracadabra
February 8, 2018
Nina and Lance tell the story of how they met; Peter and Nance look forward to breakfast; a couple uses distraction cancelling glasses; and Malcolm and Kris get involved at a community meeting.
No Thank You
3. No Thank You
February 1, 2018
Fred and Carrie help Rachel navigate the world of dating apps; Kath and Dave take on an escape room; Doug gives his friends benefit fatigue; Andy and Drew swear off women; and Joey tries therapy.
Shared Workspace
2. Shared Workspace
January 25, 2018
Toni and Candace get involved in women's healthcare; Peter and Nance deal with a spicy sushi situation; Kathleen becomes the first female partner at her firm; and a single guy interrupts a couples' dinner.
Riot Spray
1. Riot Spray
January 18, 2018
In the Season 8 premiere, Spyke gets his old band back together; podcasters investigate a police station; Candace brings Toni to her childhood summer home; and Brendan and Michelle consider buying a van.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 21, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (22,853)