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In the sitcom Detectorists, two guys living in a small English town spend most of their spare time searching for treasure with their metal detectors. They do everything they can to dig up something valuable. They more often than not run across obstacles put in their way by the wacky people and situations they run into during their hunts. The series debuted on BBC Four in 2014.

Detectorists is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on November 8, 2017.

Where do I stream Detectorists online? Detectorists is available for streaming on BBC Four, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Detectorists on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel Free, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV, Crackle, Tubi TV online.

Thursday at 10:00pm on BBC Four
3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
November 8, 2017
Cast: Mackenzie Crook, Toby Jones, Rachael Stirling, Gerard Horan
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Detectorists Full Episode Guide

  • The cast talk about what it was like to have Rachael Stirling's real life mother, Diana Rigg, play Becky's mother in the series.

  • Cast and crew talk about the show and what's new in Series 3.

  • As Kate moves into Toni's houseboat, Andy prepares for the auction of his dream house. Andy and Lance plan one last hurrah before losing their field, and they open it up to other detectorists, including their rivals.

  • Andy and Lance receive news that in addition to losing the field to the new solar farm, one of their favorite trees will be felled. Kate reaches out to Toni to help mend her relationship with Lance.

  • Devastated by the loss of his gold coin, Lance camps out overnight on the field and tries to catch the magpie that took it. Having quit his archaeology job, Andy takes up a temporary position, and Toni runs into Lance's ex-wife, Maggie.

  • Now sharing the field, Andy and Lance race Simon and Garfunkel for first dibs. Fed up with his archaeology job, Andy makes a rash decision, and Lance receives an unexpected visitor.

  • Lance's flat isn't his own, Andy's stuck with the mother-in-law. The dark cloud of a solar farm threatens the tranquillity.

  • Since unearthing the jeweled Saxon astel, Lance has been plagued by misfortune. When the DMDC spot a mysterious cloaked figure in a picture of the astel on exhibit at the British Museum, they begin to suspect Lance may be suffering from the curse of the gold.

  • Lance worries that he may have lost his daughter forever. The DMDC holds its annual rally at the plane crash site and encounter more than one unexpected visitor. Andy must make a decision about Botswana.

  • Andy got the job, but he�۪s too scared to tell Becky. Peter tells Sophie that he�۪s decided to leave the crash site behind, and Sophie believes him despite his suspicious behavior. When Andy and Lance find a gold coin in Peter�۪s wallet, they call an emergency meeting of the DMDC.

  • Andy anxiously prepares for his job interview. Russell and Hugh blackmail the mayor into giving them permission to detect on his land, but there may be more to the crash site than originally thought.

  • Sophie suspects Lance may be seeing someone and follows him, reporting her findings to Andy. When the DMDC discovers that the plane may be on the mayor�۪s land, they are forced to help him recover his missing chain of office, which was lost under shady circumstances.

  • Sophie and Peter begin researching the lost plane, while it appears Lance has finally gotten a date. Wanting to start anew with her family, Becky contemplates joining a volunteer program in Africa, but Andy remains oblivious to her desires.

  • Still unemployed, Andy worries about providing for his wife, Becky, and new son, Stanley. Unlucky-in-love Lance continues to pine after his ex-wife, Maggie. And a young German man enlists the help of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club to find the lost WWII plane his grandfather piloted.