Watch TV Shows on BBC Four

The BBC Four channel is a dedicated arts, education and entertainment channel that is designed to offer a mixture of programming that compliments the shows broadcast on the BBC One and BBC Two channels. BBC Four is broadcast as a digital network, which features a mixture of US imports, UK produced shows and international programming that is required as part of the license given to the BBC for operating the channel. BBC Four is only available during the evening in the UK from 7.00 pm through 4.00 am as the network shares its broadcast channel with the CBeebies channel.

BBC Four is well known in the UK for providing a number of UK produced TV movies and mini series, such as Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa! and The Alan Clark Diaries. These TV events are broadcast alongside a number of documentaries and travel shows which feature as an important part of the programming and original output of BBC Four, including the acclaimed Holidays in the Axis of Evil and The Trials of Henry Kissinger. Although dedicated to providing educational programming, BBC Four also offers viewers a number of comedy shows and dramas imported from the US, including Mad Men and Curb Your Enthusiasm. The shows featured on BBC Four also include international programs and movies, including Danish series The Killing and Wallander.