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  • TV-MA
  • 2010
  • 5 Seasons
  • 8.5  (81,643)

Louie is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on FX from 2010 to 2015. The show was created, edited, and starred in by Louis C.K, a comedian widely renowned for his unapologetic approach to the topics of race, sex, and politics. Louie follows the life and times of a fictionalized version of Louis C.K., a single dad raising his two daughters in New York City while trying to navigate the challenges of stand-up comedy and everyday life.

Throughout the show's five-season run, Louie deals with a variety of topical issues and themes, ranging from the mundanity of modern life to more serious topics like addiction, depression, and sexual assault. At its core, however, Louie is a character study, exploring the often-turbulent inner life of its protagonist as he struggles to find meaning and purpose in a world that can be both unforgiving and absurd.

One of the most striking aspects of Louie is its unique blend of comedy and drama. The show is full of moments of pitch-black humor and absurdity, such as when Louis C.K. finds himself trapped in a precarious, potentially deadly situation on a city bus. But it's also unflinchingly honest in its portrayal of darker, more serious themes – for example, the struggles of Louie's friend and fellow comedian to overcome addiction and find his way back to sobriety.

At the heart of the show, though, is the relationship between Louie and his two young daughters, played by Hadley Delany and Ursula Parker. Louie is alternately exasperated and devoted to his children, trying to balance the demands of raising them with the challenges of being a single parent in a bustling metropolis. The girls, for their part, are smart, funny, and full of surprises, offering a refreshing perspective on the often-turbulent world of their dad and his fellow comedians.

Perhaps most impressive about Louie, however, is its raw honesty. Louis C.K. is unflinching in his examination of the darkest corners of his psyche, exploring themes like loneliness, rejection, and grief with fearless abandon. The show takes on some of the biggest issues facing modern society, from gun violence and police brutality to anxiety and mental illness. And while it's not always easy to watch, Louie is often deeply rewarding in its willingness to explore the complexities and contradictions of human experience.

Overall, Louie is a masterful piece of television that is not to be missed. It's a showcase for Louis C.K.'s unique talents as both a comedian and a storyteller, and a fearless exploration of some of the biggest themes and issues facing contemporary society. Whether you're a fan of dark comedy, powerful drama, or simply gripping storytelling, Louie is a show that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Louie is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (76 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2010.

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The Road, Part 2
8. The Road, Part 2
May 28, 2015
Louie's road trip continues in Oklahoma City, where's he's stuck sharing a condo with an crude, obnoxious opening act who tells a bunch of fart jokes.
The Road Part 1
7. The Road Part 1
May 21, 2015
Louie goes on the road and is stuck in Cincinnati in a bad hotel with talkative driver. He then loses his carry-on bag at the Atlanta airport while helping a lost child.
6. Sleepover
May 14, 2015
Louie chastises Lily for being on her phone while they watch a play and hosts a sleepover for Jane and her friends.
5. Untitled
May 7, 2015
After taking Jane to the doctor and picking Lily up from a sitter, Louie begins having horrific recurring nightmares that he can't escape from.
Bobby's House
4. Bobby's House
April 30, 2015
Louie goes to a wake with his brother. Louie gets beat up on the street by a woman. Pamela gives Louie a makeover to mask his injuries so he can perform on stage.
Cop Story
3. Cop Story
April 23, 2015
Louie has an uncomfortable evening with a police officer who was once engaged to his sister.
A La Carte
2. A La Carte
April 16, 2015
An urgent matter cuts Louie's grocery trip short. Louie gives some frank advice to a struggling amateur during Open Mic Night. Pamela and Louie try to set the parameters of their relationship.
1. Potluck
April 9, 2015
Louie goes to a pot luck dinner for the parents in Lily's class, but ends up going to the wrong party. When he finally reaches the right party, he has an unusual encounter with the surrogate mother of the couple hosting the dinner.
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Louie is available for streaming on the FX website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Louie on demand at Amazon Prime, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    June 29, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    8.5  (81,643)