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In the comedy series Louie, morose comedian Louis CK wanders around New York City, living his life. His tendency to make bad decisions repeatedly gets him into trouble. The series was cancelled by FX after CK was accused of sexual misconduct in 2017.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on FX
5 Seasons, 62 Episodes
June 29, 2010
Cast: Louis C.K.
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Louie Full Episode Guide

  • Louie's road trip continues in Oklahoma City, where's he's stuck sharing a condo with an crude, obnoxious opening act who tells a bunch of fart jokes.

  • Louie goes on the road and is stuck in Cincinnati in a bad hotel with talkative driver. He then loses his carry-on bag at the Atlanta airport while helping a lost child.

  • Louie chastises Lily for being on her phone while they watch a play and hosts a sleepover for Jane and her friends.

  • After taking Jane to the doctor and picking Lily up from a sitter, Louie begins having horrific recurring nightmares that he can't escape from.

  • Louie goes to a wake with his brother. Louie gets beat up on the street by a woman. Pamela gives Louie a makeover to mask his injuries so he can perform on stage.

  • Louie has an uncomfortable evening with a police officer who was once engaged to his sister.

  • An urgent matter cuts Louie's grocery trip short. Louie gives some frank advice to a struggling amateur during Open Mic Night. Pamela and Louie try to set the parameters of their relationship.

  • Louie goes to a pot luck dinner for the parents in Lily's class, but ends up going to the wrong party. When he finally reaches the right party, he has an unusual encounter with the surrogate mother of the couple hosting the dinner.

  • Pamela and Louie's daughters, Lilly and Jane, hit it off from the start. She also gets to meet Janet, Louie's ex-wife. After a nice afternoon and a less nice evening, Louie confesses his love to Pamela but doesn't get the reaction he wants.

  • Louie and Pamela decide to go out on a date.

  • Louie remembers his past. Part 2.

  • When Louie catches Lily smoking pot, he flashes back to a similar period from his own childhood.

  • Still heartbroken over losing Amia, Louie turns to Pamela to see if her offer still stands.

  • The tension between Louie and Amia after they sleep together is put on hold when Louie has to save his kids and ex-wife from the hurricane.

  • Louie's friend, Todd Barry, tells a hilarious story about the events of his day; Louie is torn about taking his relationship with Amia to the next level even though she is about to leave.

  • Louie and Janet spend the day together and issues arise, issues like their kids, their divorce, and Louie's life in its whole. Also, Louie has a flashback surrounding his and his ex-wife's marriage.

  • An old flame returns to New York, but Louie rejects her because he is interested in Amia, who then comes to him with some bad news. Louie and his ex have a meeting at school about Jane.

  • After the events of the last episode, Louie visits the elderly woman in hopes that the niece is there. But, to his surprise she isn't. When he is there, he gets a call from the school office to pick up Jane because she's in trouble, so when he picks her up they discuss various why she was in trouble.

  • When Louis goes to the subway with Jane and Lilly to go to their mom's house, Jane accidentally gets locked out and Louis must get her. And when Louie finds an elderly woman stuck in the elevator, big issues arise when he is asked to do many things by her.

  • After a chubby woman ask Louis out for a date from work, he awkwardly declines. But after constant asking, he finally accepts. And throughout their day together, they talk about various things and when it comes to her weight, stuff goes down.

  • When Louis is asked by Jerry Seinfeld to introduce him for a charity event in the Hamptons, he is awkwardly bad and amuses no one except a model. That model turns out to be the only one liking his performance and asks him to spend a day together, which he accepts. And while Louis is on that sort of date, something very bad happens.

  • Louie injures his back while shopping for a vibrator.

Louie News

Louis CK Attacks School Shooting Survivors

The disgraced comedian seems to have given on the idea of being likable.

Louis CK Greeted by Protestors at Comedy Gig

The comedian is trying to make a comeback after his sexual misconduct scandal.

Sarah Silverman Makes Shocking Revelation About Louis CK

Silverman once again waded into the controversy about CK's sexual misconduct.

Louis CJ is Ready to Joke About His Sexual Misconduct

But are audiences ready to laugh at it?

Louis CK Does Another Surprise Stand Up Set

He didn't exactly get a warm welcome at a comedy club over the weekend.

Louis CK Slammed by Comedian in NYC Routine

The disgraced comedian was the target of the savage jokes this time around.

Louis C.K. Loses Multiple Jobs After Admitting to Sexual Misconduct

The comedian's career is in jeopardy after the revelation of his past disturbing behavior.

Louis C.K. Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Multiple Women

Allegations about the comedian have been circulating for some time, but they're getting more attention now.

Will 'Louie' Return for Another Season on FX?

Comedian Louis C.K. isn't offering any hints for fans of his FX TV series. The show has already been through one long hiatus, and it looks like another one is ahead.

Louis CK is Finally Back on FX

The long-awaited fourth season of "Louie" starts this week, but if you blink, you'll miss it. After a delay of 19 months since the third season of the series ended, the fourth season of "Louie" will be done and gone in seven short weeks.

New 'Louie' Trailer Has Our Lovable Loser Jumping Off a Bridge

Get ready to laugh and then get sad and then laugh again... "Louie" is back. Louis C.K.'s Emmy-winning comedy returns next month, and the promos are kicking into high gear. This one, which aired during last night's series premiere of "Fargo," is a pretty accurate metaphor for the life of the fictional Louie. In the promo, Louie stands on the Brooklyn bridge with a red rose in hand.

Louis CK Announces Movie Release 'Tomorrow Night' with Steve Carell, Conan O'Brien and More

If you're a fan of "Louie," listen up! Louis C.K. sent out an email to newsletter subscribers today announcing that he'll be releasing yet another original video for just $5 on his website. But this time, it isn't a one-hour comedy's a whole movie. The film is titled "Tomorrow Night," and is a labor of love of Louie's from all the way back in 1998.

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