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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Queen of the Jungle is an action-adventure series that aired on a popular streaming platform, Best TV Ever. The show follows the adventures of Maya, a young woman who grows up in the jungle after being rescued from a plane crash. She learns to survive with the help of her adopted family - a group of animals that include an elephant, a monkey, a parrot, and a tiger.

Maya's life takes a dramatic turn when she is discovered by a team of explorers, who bring her back to civilization. Maya is overwhelmed by the change in her surroundings, and she longs to return to her jungle home.

When Maya learns that her family is in danger, she decides to leave her comfortable life and embark on a journey to save them. Along the way, she encounters many obstacles, including a rival explorer, who wants to capture her jungle friends for his own gain.

Queen of the Jungle is a thrilling show that features spectacular visuals and stunning cinematography. The jungle setting is particularly beautiful, with its lush green forests and majestic waterfalls. The show does an excellent job of capturing the vibrant colors and sounds of the jungle, making viewers feel like they are a part of Maya's world.

The series also features a talented cast of actors, led by the charismatic and talented Aisha Tyler. Tyler brings a lot of energy and passion to her role as Maya, imbuing the character with strength and vulnerability in equal measure. She is an excellent protagonist, and viewers will root for her as she battles to save her family and keep her jungle home safe.

The supporting cast is also very good, particularly the actors who voice Maya's animal friends. They bring a lot of personality and humor to the series, and their interactions with Maya are always a joy to watch. The rival explorer is also a great character, serving as an excellent foil for Maya and adding a sense of danger to the series.

One of the great strengths of Queen of the Jungle is its writing. The show is full of exciting action sequences, but it never feels gratuitous or overly violent. The characters are well-developed, and their relationships feel genuine and heartfelt. There are also some great themes explored throughout the series, including the importance of family, friendship, and nature.

The show's pacing is also excellent. Each episode is tightly written and well-structured, with plenty of action and character development packed into each half-hour installment. The series also benefits from a strong overarching plot that gives the show a sense of purpose and direction.

Overall, Queen of the Jungle is an excellent series that is sure to delight viewers of all ages. Its gorgeous visuals, strong cast, and thrilling action sequences make it a standout show that is not to be missed.

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Queen of the Jungle-Jungle Pursuit
15. Queen of the Jungle-Jungle Pursuit
August 24, 2017
A Kenyan tax collector accuses an African tribe of not paying the money owed to the government. When told that the dead chief's son went to Nairobi to pay their taxes, the government agent informs the tribe that the son spent his money lavishly while in the Kenyan capitol and was sentenced to a length prison term for assaulting a police officer.
Queen of the Jungle-Touch of Death
14. Queen of the Jungle-Touch of Death
August 24, 2017
Touch of Death
Queen of the Jungle-Secret of the Temple
13. Queen of the Jungle-Secret of the Temple
August 24, 2017
A wealthy physician hires a shady guide to lead him to a legendary temple where the priests are said to know the secret of long life. When the doctor's daughter learns that the guide stands to make $50,000 if the old man dies while on the safari, she asks Sheena and Bob to rescue the physician before he his harmed.
Queen of the Jungle-Sacred River
12. Queen of the Jungle-Sacred River
August 24, 2017
The Sacred River
Queen of the Jungle-Rival Queens
11. Queen of the Jungle-Rival Queens
August 24, 2017
Bull Kendall and his henchmen break out of a jungle prison. Bull has two goals: kill Sheena for putting him in prison and grab a jar full of gems kept in a nearby native village. Turpin, one of Bull's fellow escapees, hypnotizes Helen, Bull's wife, convincing her to visit a friendly fishing village as "The Queen of the Night."_
Queen of the Jungle-Magic Bag
9. Queen of the Jungle-Magic Bag
August 24, 2017
Sheena convinces Bob to take a native youth on his photography trip deep into the African bush. Along the way, Bob rescues a doctor who seeks the boy's native tribe to learn the secret of their native medicine. One night, the boy runs away and when the safari members are captured by the tribe, they are threatened with death for killing the youth.
Queen of the Jungle-Leopard Men
8. Queen of the Jungle-Leopard Men
August 24, 2017
A band of native miners become frightened when one of their number is murdered by what appears to be the work of a giant leopard... or a Leopard Man. When a Swiss miner spots Sheena near the murder victim, he believes that the leopard-skin clad heroine is a member of the cult and tries to kill her.
Queen of the Jungle-Lash
7. Queen of the Jungle-Lash
August 24, 2017
Bull Kendall, a former circus strongman, is determined to possess a valuable cargo of musk oil. He's willing to whip or even kill to get his way.
Queen of the Jungle-Ganyika Kid
6. Queen of the Jungle-Ganyika Kid
August 24, 2017
The Ganyika Kid
Queen of the Jungle-Forbidden Cargo
4. Queen of the Jungle-Forbidden Cargo
August 24, 2017
Sheena and Bob race to stop a gang of gunrunners supplying rifles to a violent tribe and simultaneously locate the source of typhoid which threatens to engulf the entire Massai region of Kenya.
Queen of the Jungle-Elephant God
2. Queen of the Jungle-Elephant God
August 24, 2017
When an orphan learns that a married couple died in a jungle plane crash, she becomes convinced that these people were her parents. Bob Rayburn agrees to lead the woman and a man she believes to be her uncle on a search for the wrecked fuselage, but the Masai tribe believe that the safari's purpose is to kill a sacred elephant and attack the small group.
Queen of the Jungle-Curse of Voodoo
1. Queen of the Jungle-Curse of Voodoo
August 24, 2017
Bob regrets agreeing to guide a headstrong photographer in the Kenyan bush because the man refuses to accept his instructions. When Bob refuses to take man to a tribe of murderous voodoo worshipers, the photographer takes off on his own, putting himself as well as Bob and Sheena in deadly peril.
  • Premiere Date
    August 24, 2017