Reasonable Doubt Season 3 Episode 3
Reasonable Doubt
Season 3

Ep 3. A Shot In The Dark

  • TV-14
  • March 17, 2020
  • 42 min

A Shot in the Dark, the third episode of the third season of the critically acclaimed true-crime television show, Reasonable Doubt, is a heart-wrenching story that revolves around a mysterious shooting that left a man paralyzed from the waist down. The episode begins in East Point, a small city in the state of Georgia, with the details of the incident that took place on a dark, rainy night.

The victim, Darius Smith, a former star athlete, was driving his car on the way back from his friend's house when he was suddenly struck by a bullet. The bullet went through the driver's side window and hit him in the back, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash into a tree on the side of the road. When the police arrived at the scene, they found him bleeding and unconscious.

As the investigation proceeded, the authorities found no evidence that could connect the shooting to any of Darius's acquaintances or family members. Despite their best efforts, they could not find any witnesses who had seen the shooter, or the vehicle from which the shot was fired. The case soon turned cold, and Darius was left to spend the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair.

Enter Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva, the two seasoned investigators who co-host the show Reasonable Doubt. The duo has a reputation for taking on cases that have left the police stumped, and they are determined to find the answers to what really happened to Darius that fateful night.

Their journey takes them through a web of lies, deceit, and hidden motives, as they interview several people who were either present at the scene of the crime or had some connection to Darius. Some of them appear to be holding back crucial information, while others seem more interested in protecting themselves rather than helping the investigation.

As Chris and Fatima delve deeper into the case, they begin to unravel a complex web of events leading up to the shooting. Some of the leads take them to surprising places, including a shady bar where Darius had apparently spent a lot of time before the incident. The duo also discovers connections with some unsavory characters whose past criminal records only deepen the mystery further.

At the same time, the investigators also put together a timeline of the events that occurred on the night of the shooting. They meticulously study the forensic evidence and even build a replica of the victim's car to understand how the bullet could have penetrated it at such an angle. Their findings raise some serious doubts about the original police investigation and leave them wondering if there were other holes in the case that went unnoticed.

The third episode of the third season of Reasonable Doubt is a gripping and emotional tale that explores the deeper and darker sides of human nature. It raises some crucial questions about how society deals with crime and punishment, and what justice really means for those who have fallen victim to it. As Chris and Fatima race against time to get to the bottom of the case, viewers will find themselves on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, wondering if true justice will ever be served in this story of betrayal, heartbreak, and redemption.

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  • First Aired
    March 17, 2020
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    42 min
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