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This drama series is set in the seaside town of Red Rock near Dublin, Ireland. It focuses on two feuding families in the town, the Hennessys and the Kielys. They are constantly at odds with each other, and their feuds affect the entire town. The police are called in when a murder takes place, and as they try to solve the crime they discover more than just a killer, but uncover years filled with secrets, lies, and black mail.

Company Television
3 Seasons, 230 Episodes
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Red Rock Full Episode Guide

  • Superintendent Dunne is questioned by Ash about his school ring and the missing piece of evidence that links him and Callaghan to the Donna Burke case. While dealing with the ongoing investigation into Detective Rory Walsh, Dunne now has to deflect attention away from himself. Looking for an alibi for the night of the murder, Dunne returns home. He confides in his wife Sarah, telling her everything about Callaghan. He decides to deal with the Callaghan situation himself. Callaghan is brought in for questioning after Angela is told about the missing school ring. He admits his connection to Donna Burke but diverts their attention back towards the Superintendent.

  • Patricia confronts Callaghan with photos of him and Irena, and threatens to expose him if he doesn't retract his statement about her and Seamus.

  • Vincent's furious with Bridget for snitching on Keith and is disgusted when he thinks she's done a deal with Jackie. Vincent agrees to be Johno's rat but only if Johno drops what he has on Alice Keith.

  • Johno opens up to Ash about his niece who died from taking drugs. Johno opens up to Ash about his niece who died from taking drugs. After they're caught by Johno, Keith swallows two pills which Alice finds in her pocket starts to have a fit in the cell.

  • When Keith intimidates Rachel into silence, Niamh dobs him in to Johno who headbutts Keith. Ash finds a Willowbrook ring in Dunne's house.

  • After Sean and Irena sleep together, Sean finds the cash that Patricia paid Irena for honey-trapping Callaghan, but Irena successfully covers.

  • Rachel has landed in hospital courtesy of taking Keith's product at a rave. When his distinctive emoji bags are found Johno knows who's to blame. Meanwhile Keith is wracked with guilt over Rachel. The race is on to find out what she took so they can save her life and Johno is taking this personally.

  • Desperate for legitimate work Irena goes to the Pier Pub for what she thinks is a job interview but it turns out Patricia has other plans for her, a revenge plan, she needs Irena to seduce Callaghan. Will Irena fall back on her old ways.

  • Johno is hot on their trail using a cloned version of Little Barry's phone which leads him straight to the meeting with Jackie's buyer. When Keith and Bridget are delayed the buyer grows impatient forcing Johno to make his move. He's spotted and the deal is called off. Jackie, angry that she's lost a buyer, insists that the Kielys now sell the pills.

  • Patricia's brought in for questioning after Linda spots a financial transaction between her and Seamus O'Donovan. During her questioning she learns from Johno that Callaghan betrayed her. Furious, she confronts Callaghan at a Willowbrook PTA meeting. Humiliating him in front of his wife Lois, who Patricia learns from that Callaghan has a thing for prostitutes.

  • Callaghan offers to give a statement in the O'Donovan case in order to make it clear he was in no way involved, and in doing so throws Patricia under the bus. When a smitten Patricia is questioned if she chooses to remain loyal to her new beau she will confirm herself as the guilty party.

  • Meanwhile, Sean has taken in Irena but is worried that she will revert to her past of turning tricks. As his feelings for his new secret housemate develop further, the danger of either the station or Marek finding out poses great risks for them both.

  • Meanwhile Johno is still determined to catch Keith out in a lie. The net starts closing in when it becomes clear that Eugene had sustained substantial injuries prior to being hit by the truck.

  • There's salt in the wound for Johno when he discovers that Patricia has moved on and is already romantically involved with Callaghan. Convinced that he has solved her pyrite problem, Patricia is mixing business with pleasure and allowing herself to be taken in by the politician's dangerous charm.

  • The Kielys hatch a plan to make it seem like Eugene was the victim of a gruesome accident. However, as the gangster clings to life, Keith is terrified that his secret could yet be revealed. As he tries his best to play the part of concerned crony in the hospital, Johno and Rory are convinced that the youngest Kiely is hiding something. Will he be able to convince them that he was merely an innocent bystander?

  • Alice and Keith enlist the help of Vincent following a terrifying confrontation with Eugene. Things take a sudden and severe turn for the worse as the trio try to get themselves out of their current situation. Vincent comes up with a solution to solve all their problems.

  • Johno focuses his attention on Mick Moran to track the whereabouts of Keith Kiely after he is identified as the owner of the car pulled from the water. Mick denies all knowledge but Johno believes he knows more than he is letting on.

  • Johno and Patricia's relationship is on the rocks with Patricia preoccupied trying to sell her pyrite apartments. However, Patricia is growing tired of Johno snooping around in her business affairs. Will the ever suave Callaghan be the solution to both her business and relationship troubles?

  • Callaghan is furious to hear of Tony Doyle's alibi and puts the pressure on Dunne to resolve the situation. Dunne calls Aoife back in for questioning and tries to poke holes in her story. Aoife's faith in Paudge and the Garda is tested once again.

  • Dunne's nightmare could be beginning all over again following Aoife's statement. Could Aoife's evidence vindicate Tony Doyle of Donna's murder? With the murder conviction against Tony Doyle in jeopardy, Dunne lets Callaghan know they have a problem. Ash invites a broken hearted Niamh on a night out on the town with her friends following her split from Sean.

  • Once Vincent uncovers who's really behind Keith's disappearance, he knows they mean business and fears the absolute worst for his missing son. Keith's reputation as a rat comes back to haunt the Kiely family as a nasty surprise is dropped through their letterbox.

  • Alice Bruton is given a second chance to be with her son Finn, following the help of an unlikely father figure. However, her attempts to build a new life are thwarted by threats from her jealous ex Mick Moran as he threatens to reveal her connection to Keith's drug business. When Keith tries to help Alice his past comes back to haunt him with devastating consequence.

  • Number one suspect in the murder of Donna Burke, Tony Doyle, is behind bars and it's all thanks to Paudge. However, he now is now faced with the difficult task of breaking the news to her daughter Aoife. Paudge finds Aoife as she's bidding a final farewell to her mother by scattering her ashes. Aoife reveals some shocking information regarding her past with Tony Doyle that could ensure his conviction.

  • As the murder investigation intensifies, Sergeant Johno and Paudge question Irena Bajorek, who worked in the motel which Donna frequented. Irena sheds light on Donna's relationship with Tony Doyle and the many incidents of aggression she witnessed. Following the interview, Paudge is more convinced than ever that Tony was behind her murder.

  • After their troubled past together Alice and Keith have a heart to heart and settle their differences. Alice is desperate to regain custody of her son Finn and is hoping to use their drug enterprise to save money. However, the pair have been keeping their new found partnership under wraps from Alice's boyfriend Mick. Could the pair be caught red handed when Mick unexpectedly drops into Alice's house as they dole up the cocaine?

  • Romance is on the rocks for Sean and Niamh. Things just haven't been right for weeks with Niamh growing more and more distant from Sean as he struggles to make every effort possible to reinvigorate their relationship. Refusing to live with the guilt of her past indiscretion any longer, Niamh reveals she slept with someone else.

  • A search of the motel has thrown up some new exciting leads with motel manager Graham Carville being cuffed and pulled into the station. Ash and Rory lead the interrogation but Graham refuses to co-operate unless they provide him with immunity from prosecution and don't expose that he's been secretly recording clients at the motel. However, Angela refuses to give into Graham's demands. He's their only lead and they need to put pressure on him if they want to track down Donna Burke's murderer.

  • Vincent and Bridget give Keith an ultimatum. Keith tries to take control of his life by ending Alice's extortion, however a later meeting with her in the pub changes everything. Having softened his heart, Keith feels like he 's finally got control over the situation.

  • When Donna's phone gives the team a lead to the murder site, Dunne considers his next move in protecting Callaghan. Ash desperately tries to get herself back on Angela's good side but Dunne puts her in an awkward position - hampering her efforts.

  • Conor's shows up at the station announcing his spontaneous travel plans to a confused Angela. Conor feels like he needs to leave Red Rock in order to move on from his past. His announcement causes Angela to lose her focus on the case. Witnessing the tense argument between them, Ash accidentally reveals Angela's separation to the rest of the team. This puts her in Angela's bad books.

  • Dunne uncovers some unsettling information about Callaghan and is forced to consider his own professional position and his involvement in the case. The pressure of the case and protecting Callaghan begins to take its toll on Dunne's conscience.

  • Paudge is horrified when he uncovers the true extent of Tony Doyle's abuse of Aoife Burke. The news sends Paudge into a rage and he turns up to Tony's place of work, determined to drag him into the station. But his lack of procedure could land him in hot water with boss Angela who is furious when she learns of Paudge's aggressive manhandling of Doyle.

  • Paudge is horrified when he uncovers the true extent of Tony Doyle's abuse of Aoife Burke. The news sends Paudge into a rage and he turns up to Tony's place of work, determined to drag him into the station. But his lack of procedure could land him in hot water with boss Angela who is furious when she learns of Paudge's aggressive manhandling of Doyle.

  • A grieving Aoife Burke arrives at the station, furious following Ash and Paudge's failure to inform her of the discovery of her mother's body. Aoife has been sleeping rough for many weeks and is reluctant to return home to live with her mother's seemingly aggressive ex partner Tony Doyle. Taking pity on the teen, a sympathetic Paudge tries to help her find somewhere safe to stay.

  • An emotional Paudge is heartbroken when he learns of Sharon's sudden plans to leave Red Rock and he'll do everything in his power to change her mind.

  • There's a new opportunity on the cards for Sharon. Dunedin are on the hunt for a detective and Superintendent Dunne believes there's no better person for the job than Sharon. This would be a huge step up the ladder for her but is Sharon prepared to leave Red Rock behind in order to pursue it?

  • A decomposed foot has been discovered in the woods. Angela puts two and two together to help identify the body when the remainder of the remains are found. A shell shocked Dunne is horrified when Angela's hunch is confirmed to be true. The body is belonging to a woman who went missing several weeks ago and was never found... until now.

  • With Rory under suspicion, Jim makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his grandson. As far as Jim is concerned, he's the one who got Rory into this mess with Laser in the first place, it's the least he can do for him.

  • An allegation of corruption has been made against Rory, who is left reeling following being forced to hand up his firearm and leave the station. He's covered his tracks incredibly well, there's no way in hell anyone could suspect him of working with Laser - or could they? Faced with no other option, Rory believes the best course of action is to go on the run but does Jim have a trick up his sleeve to save his grandson?

  • Rory thinks all his troubles are finally behind him until Jim drops the bombshell that the gun he took from Laser's wasn't his. With no other option, Rory returns to Laser's secret layer to find Jim's gun. However, a tip off has directed Ash and Paudge straight to the same layer. Is the 'good' detective about to be caught red handed? Growing steadily concerned for his friend's safety, Paudge puts pressure on Sharon to ask Rory about his suspicious behaviour. It's time Sharon saw the light when it comes to her 'shining light' Rory.

  • Weeks of lies and living in fear, has taken its toll on Patricia and her relationship with Johno. After receiving some unexpected news, Patricia realises that she's been left with no other choice but to tell Johno the truth. Michael didn't burn down Harbour Haulage and Laser Byrne was behind it all. Johno is furious at Patricia's deception and demands she go straight to the station to retract her original statement

  • A hell bent Rory arrives at Laser's secret warehouse, ready to put an end to things once and for all with the gangster. At the entrance Rory makes a horrifying discovery - Sharon's car abandoned, the keys still in the ignition and her phone smashed on the ground. The nightmare continues for Rory as he makes his way through the depths of the warehouse and is confronted by his worst fear come true. Laser with a gun pointed to a terrified Sharon's head. The detective is thrown into a sudden crisis of conscience - does he save Sharon or drop the act and reveal himself to be working with Laser? Guns in the air, with both Laser and Rory prepared to shoot, will anybody make it out alive?

  • Pressure is mounting for Sharon who has spent day and night glued to the live hidden camera stream from Laser's bugged hideout. Just as she starts to lose all hope, Sharon suddenly spies the breakthrough she's been patiently waiting for and starts rallying the troops. Laser's slipped up big time but does the gangster have one last trick up his sleeve to evade capture once and for all?

  • The once formidable Jim has become the prime target of a gang of local youths who see the old age pensioner as easy pickings. Their intimidation tactics leave him helplessly cowering on the ground as Detective Rory is forced to step in to save the day. The incident can't help but further instil Jim's feelings that his grandson would be better off without him. Enough is enough, Jim is no pushover and decides to stand up for himself. But does he have an actual death wish coming face to face with the gangs ringleader?

  • Bridget's back from holidays and her first call of business is to check on the money lending books. Keith's been slacking on getting payments from a client who he insists keeps giving him a sob story. Bridget refuses to have the wool pulled over her eyes and decides to put pressure on the recently bereaved pensioner, Carmel Donovan. Carmel is adamant she paid Keith in full but Bridget can hardly believe her, Keith would never lie to her - or would he?

  • Detective Rory's nightmare continues when he discovers that Laser Byrne's hideout has been bugged by Sharon. It's only a matter of time before Laser does or says something incriminating, potentially even exposing Rory for shooting dead the currently missing Robbie. This major development throws a horrified Rory into panic mode. Rory needs to think quick on his feet and fast but his desperate calls to the gangster are futile. With seemingly no possible way of warning Laser, is this game over for the crooked Rory?

  • With still no trace of Robbie, Sharon goes to extreme lengths, dragging in Robbie's mum, who suffers from dementia, into the station for further questioning. However, there'll be hell to pay for Sharon once Angela catches wind of what she's been up to behind her back. Rory returns home in a panic following the horrifying events that have just unfolded. Struggling to keep composure, Rory is suddenly interrupted by his granddad Jim. Rory has always kept his cards close to his chest about his private life and as it turns out for good reason. It transpires he's been living with his granddad all this time and Grandad Jim is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Time is ticking, Robbie's missing and as far as Sharon's concerned Laser was behind the ambush. She promised Robbie that she'd protect him, how could she ever forgive herself if something terrible has happened to him? Refusing to stay laid up in hospital any longer, Sharon's back at the station in no time - but her worst fears could be about to come to light.

  • An undercover Garda car has been viciously ambushed and Rory is left cradling a lifeless Sharon. As Sharon is rushed to hospital, Rory comes face to face with a furious Dunne who demands to know how he could have let this attack happen on his watch. Their informant, Robbie Scanlon, is missing and only time will tell if a gravely injured Sharon will pull through.

  • An undercover Garda car has been viciously ambushed and Rory is left cradling a lifeless Sharon. As Sharon is rushed to hospital, Rory comes face to face with a furious Dunne who demands to know how he could have let this attack happen on his watch. Their informant, Robbie Scanlon, is missing and only time will tell if a gravely injured Sharon will pull through.

  • Sharon finds herself in dangerous territory, after a close encounter with Laser Byrne leads her protecting a terrified Robbie Scanlon. Robbie has just escaped Laser's clutches and is now desperate to go on the run. But Sharon has other plans, insisting that Robbie come down to the Garda station with her. Robbie's the key to bringing down Laser and if he makes a statement, they'll have enough evidence to lock the gangster away for good. Robbie initially refuses, he'll be dead meat if Laser finds out he ratted on him.

  • Keith Kiely's run right out of luck and landed himself as suspect number one in the investigations into the Harbour Haulage fire. Dragged into the station and interrogated by Sean and Paudge, Keith insists they have the wrong man. However, there's no get out of jail free card for Keith this time when evidence linking him to the scene of the crime is landed right in front of him.

  • Robbie has been left furiously trying to escape the vicious Laser Byrne's grasp. Michael's pulled the wool over Laser's eyes for the last time and if Robbie can't find Michael he'll be the one paying the price for both of them. When Laser starts making threats against his vulnerable mum, Robbie realises he has to go on the run. But nobody escapes the wrath of Laser Byrne.

  • A scene of utter chaos and destruction is revealed as a frantic Patricia arrives at Harbour Haulage amidst blaring sirens and smoke filled sky. Horror stricken at the sight before her, her business has been completely burnt to the ground. However, this is only just the beginning of Patricia's nightmare, as Sergeant Johno reveals that a young male has been found inside. Confronted by every mother's worst fear come true, Patricia breaks down. How can she go on knowing that one or both her sons might have been caught up in the blaze?

  • Liam has been arrested for the murder of Brian McGonigle. Conor wakes up to the news that he€™s a free man. Michael tries to flee Laser€™s grips but Laser inlists the help of his latest recruit Keith Kiely to get back at Michael. A distraught and depressed Rachel has disappeared.

  • Liam has gone to make his fake confession to Nikki that he murdered Brian. Nikki is sceptical and makes him answer some tough questions but his story holds up. Meanwhile Rachel desperately wants to make a confession of her own. Laser gives Robbie and Michael one more chance to settle their debt but Michael has one more trick up his sleeve.

  • Conor€™s taken a turn for the worst and risks brain damage. Liam is thrown into a rage of guilt. Everything that€™s happened to Conor is because of him and Rachel. It€™s about time he made things right. Michael scrambles to get Laser his money but his efforts fail, especially now that Patricia no longer trusts him having access to Harbour Haulage€™s accounts. Vincent and Keith are badly missing Katie and Luke, Bridget seems to have moved on very easily and looks on the bright side.

  • Conors been stabbed by a fellow prisoner for being a gardas son, hes rushed to hospital but it may be too late, hes lost a lot of blood. Davids home and Luke have been found. Davids fallen into a depression and seems to have lost all hope of ever seeing his son again. Its time to tell Katie everything before she leaves Red Rock. Rachels guilt ridden over Conors attack, she steals Liams car and disappears.

  • Davids completely disappeared with Luke and the two families are fearing the worst. Could David have taken his own life along with his sons? Next step is to search the sea for bodies. Rachel goes to visit Conor, the visit quickly turns to Conor desperately pleading to Rachel to tell the truth.

  • The search is on, Luke€™s been abducted by a hysterical David. The Kielys are on the warpath, desperate to get Luke back. Will Patricia help her son escape? Sharon starts her first day at detective€™s aide but does she have what it takes to impress Rory? Angela€™s suspension has finally been lifted.

  • Katie€™s had enough of the Kiely home and has decided it€™s time for her and Luke to leave Red Rock. Someone€™s been stealing Nikki€™s lunch, Rory has pitched Sharon and Sean against each , whoever works out who has been stealing the lunch will get a backing from him to be detective€™s aide. Michael and Robbie have a plan to get Laser off their backs for good but Laser gets wise to their actions.

  • Conor€™s gone to prison to await his trial. Rachel is riddled with guilt and has Liam very worried about what she might do. Michael tries to get Robbie his job back, it€™s the only way he can do Laser€™s deliveries and avoid a beating or worse. Bridget and Keith have started the money lending business up again but they have to keep it from Vincent and Katie. An exciting role has opened up which could lead to a promotion in the garda station, could this be Sharon€™s opportunity to further her career?

  • Conor has accidently hit Rachel and is arrested, as he€™s on bail this could mean he€™s sent to prison till his trial. Conor claims that he didn€™t know about Angela€™s suspension as this could give him motive to attack, this plan could apart when Niamh finds the suspension letter and brings it to Sean. Sharon confirms Patricia€™s suspicions about Robbie and lets it slip that he was in prison for theft. Patricia immediately fires Robbie, which puts a spanner in the works if they€™re to continue working for Laser. Michael tries to end his deal with Laser but he€™s having none of it.

  • Angela has been suspended after her actions against the Reids. The situation causes tension between Niamh and Sean. Nikki is racked with guilt over the suspension but despite an apologetic Angela desperately pleading to be unsuspended Nikki sticks to her guns. When Conor discovers Angela€™s suspension letter he makes a last ditch attempt to get Rachel to tell the truth.Michael and Robbie find out the realty of working with a criminal like Laser, when Laser gets angry about the lack of income he€™s forced to make a risky proposition and step up their smuggling activity. A spanner might be thrown in the works when Sharon recognises Robbie from when she arrested him for burglary.

  • Patricia and Johno have a night of passion but in typical Patricia fashion she keeps the relationship secret from her family. Money€™s tight in the Kielys since they ended the money lending business and selling dodgy handbags isn€™t helping, Keith wants to start lending again but they have to keep it from Vincent and Katie. Angela confronts Niamh about what her sister and father are keeping from the police but Niamh is having none of it. Nikki demands that Angela backs off but Angela wont give up, Liam complains to Nikki about Angela harassing his family.

  • Rachel and Liam just about grasped the second phone from Conor€™s clutches, they€™ve gotten rid of it and the last link Rachel had to Brian. With Angela on the warpath they now now have to face some tough questions from Nikki. Katie finds out about David arranging a brick to be thrown through the Kiely window and about Keith beating Alice to a pulp, the violence and lies becomes to much and she gives an ultimatum. The money lending stops or her and Luke are gone.

  • Bridget and Vincent are disgusted with what Keith has done to Alice but how are they going to keep it a secret? Angela goes undercover to catch the thief who is targeting women on dating websites. She arranges a date, has she caught the culprit? Rachel tries to patch things up with Conor but this leads to him discovering her secret second phone.

  • Keith is going to a hard time, the rumour Alice started is spreading and his parents have put him under pressure to toughen up and get the money off her. The pressure and embarrassment pushes Keith too far. Johno and the garda­ start searching for the thief who targeted Patricia on a dating website, they come up a plan for an undercover sting. Conor and Rachel continue their secret relationship, however Rachel the combination of guilt and grief has made her increasingly eratic.

  • David has arranged for a brick to be thrown through the Kiely€™s window in an attempt to bring attention to the dangers of their money lending business and get custody of Luke. Johno has been called to a restaurant where somebody has tried to run out on a bill, he€™s surprised and amused when the culprit turns out to be Patricia Hennessy. He learns that Patricia was robbed by a man she met on a dating website. Keith is feeling sheepish over his experience with Alice, he forgave her debt but she quickly threw him to the side and started an embarrassing rumour about him.

  • Donna Burke is still missing and Kevin Dunne is furious that Nikki€™s officers turned their attention to her rather than the protest he directed them to police but Nikki sticks to her guns. Baby Luke has a fall from his highchair when the Kielys aren€™t looking. David€™s furious when he finds out Luke€™s in hospital but the Kielys continue to keep him as much in the dark as possible. Michael hires Robbie Scanlon as a new driver for Harbour Haulage behind Patricia€™s back with plans to have Robbie smuggle a few illicit goods. Patricia is suspicious of the new driver so keeping his criminal record a secret is a priority for Michael.

  • Michael and Robbie are in the clear for the break in, however Michael is wracked with guilt about the member of his team he just framed.David and Patricia is even more determined to gain access to Luke. Katie however continues to push David out of Luke€™s life by refusing his support payments. Nikki continues her search for Donna Burke, she has a lead, a man Donna was photographed with, they just need to find him, she makes this her team€™s priority. However she is instructed by Superintendent Dunne to send some support to a protest outside a city councillors home, but the guards have bigger fish to fry.

  • Patricia and David arrives at Harbour Haulage to find Michael bleeding and unconscious. It seems that somebody broke in an attacked him and stole goods, Michael claims he has no idea who it was. Patricia immediately blames Keith Kiely, but Keith claims innocence. The incident gains sympathy for Michael and she forgives him. Aoife Burke is still worried about her missing mother, Donna Burke, the case gets the attention of Nikki who finally believes Aoife and begins her investigation. It€™s revealed that the attack on Michael was a planned stunt to get on Patricia€™s good side, he paid ex cellmate Robbie Scanlon to stage the attack.

  • The truth is out, Katie knows David was just as culpable in Darren€™s death as Michael. David desperately wants to reconcile with a furious and broken-hearted Katie. Has he lost her and Luke for good?Beady Burke may be long dead but that doesn€™t stop his reprobate niece, Aoife coming to Paudge for help, however her request is very different from the demands her uncle asked of Paudge. Her mother, Donna is missing. Unfortunatley due to her family€™s unfavourable reputation her pleas fall on deaf ears. Back at the Hennessys the fallout from Michael revealing David€™s secret continues. Both Patricia and David are furious at Michael for destroying what he had with Katie and Luke. Claire tries to strong arm them into making peace but it may be too late.

  • With Conor out on bail, Rachel spies the perfect opportunity to reconnect with her former flame. Desperate to speak with him, Rachel refuses to take no for an answer when Conor ignores her calls, instead turning up unannounced at the Tyrell home. Conor, unbeknownst to himself, has taken the blame for Rachel€™s crime and she can€™t help but feel responsible for everything she€™s inadvertently put him through. Cracking under the pressure Rachel blurts out that everything is all her fault but is she really about to confess all about murdering Brian? David encounters Siobhan for the first time since their one night stand. Terrified that she€™ll spill all to Katie, he tells Siobhan to keep her mouth shut if she knows what€™s good for her. However, the last thing Siobhan wants to do is ruin her blossoming romance with Michael. Unfortunately for the pair, affairs have a habit of being exposed when you least expect them to be€¦ Determined to take over Harbour Haulage, Michael puts pressure on Patricia to have a new contract drawn up for him. Patricia insists there€™s no rush, and tries to hold off her ambitious son. She€™s built this company from the ground up herself and has no plans on handing it over to Michael just yet. When Michael pushes her to finalize everything, Patricia snaps admitting that she never intended on giving anything to him, unleashing a rage in Michael that€™s never been seen before.

  • An explosive showdown could be on the cards when the feuding Hennessys and Kielys come face to face. Katie and David have reunited and are more in love with each other than ever. Plans to move in coming along nicely, the loved up pair decide they need to break the news to their families and what better way to bring them together than at the Pier Pub. However, tempers flare when each family is confronted with the unexpected news € have Katie and David unintentionally reignited a full-blown Kiely/Hennessy war? Conor returns home on bail following several weeks banged up in Mountjoy. Having experienced the horrors of prison, there is no way in hell Conor wants to go back again and is more determined than ever to clear his name. However, Conor only make matters worse when he looses his temper at solicitor Claire when she doubts his innocence. He can€™t work with someone who thinks he€™s guilty but has he just lost his best chance at proving his innocence? Sharon is determined to get to the bottom of reports of a potential Garda impersonator throwing his weight around in Red Rock. A confrontation with a local petty criminal brings up some surprising leads and a shellshocked Sharon is left reeling when hit with some information about the Garda€™s badge number € V15 € Brian McGonigle€™s. Has Sharon€™s past come back to haunt her in an incredibly strange turn of events?

  • Fresh out of prison and determined to put the past behind him, Michael makes a potentially dangerous move when he decides to pay the Kielys a visit. Time behind bars has given him plenty of time to think about his actions and he hopes that somehow the Hennessys and the Kielys can find a way to move on from Darren€™s death. However, Michael€™s attempt to make amends could be about to end disastrously. Michael killed their son, how can the Kielys ever bring themselves to forgive him? At the Hennessys, David has extravagant plans for his future with Katie and baby Luke. He can€™t bear to go on living as only a part time parent to Luke and is still secretly head over heels in love with Katie. David is certain that their only chance to be a happy family is if they move in together and he€™s already picked the perfect house! Now all he needs is Katie to agree to his grand plans, but how will she react to David€™s out of the blue proposition? The aftermath of Brian€™s murder has left Sharon doubting her abilities as a guard. To make matters worse, the only crimes she€™s been assigned to lately are small petty crimes barely worth her time. However, when dispatched to break up a group of drunken teenagers could Sharon be about to uncover a fellow officer turned bad? A blast from the past makes an unexpected return to Red Rock in the form of Michael€™s ex Siobhan, who was last seen jetting off to Thailand having convinced Michael face the music at his trial. However, Siobhan is the last person Michael wants to see when she arrives at the Pier Pub unannounced. Siobhan hasn€™t called or written since he was banged up in Mountjoy and now she comes crawling back to him? The sting of Michael€™s rejection cuts deep for Siobhan who decides to drown her sorrows in the arms of someone else€¦

  • Everyday has been a nightmare for Liam Reid since the night of Brian€™s murder as he struggles to come to terms with the horror of covering up for his daughter€™s crime. Getting back to normal life has become impossible and the cracks are starting to show in a tormented Liam, who has slowly been unravelling in front of Rachel€™s very eyes. With everything that Liam have been through, could a complete breakdown be on the cards? Michael is quickly readjusting to life outside bars, deciding the only way to get his life back on track is by jumping straight back in to running Harbour Haulage. After all, Patricia promised him the business if he was the one to go to prison, he better start getting things back up to scratch. Patricia admires Michael€™s new lease on life but is taken aback when he asks for a new contract to seal the deal. She had other plans for Harbour Haulage and they definitely didn€™t involve Michael being at the helm anytime soon. Despite everything that is happening with Conor, Angela is eager to get on with life and finds herself back in blue at the station. However, Angela quickly finds herself hauled back into Nikki€™s office when she€™s asked to corroborate some information that could even further incriminate her son.

  • A hysterical Rachel arrives at Red Rock Garda station demanding to see Nikki. News has reached her of Conor€™s arrest and remand in Mountjoy and she can€™t help but blame herself. Completely guilt ridden, Rachel believes that her only option is to set everything straight. After everything they€™ve done to cover up the murder, Liam refuses to let Rachel destroy her life just to save Conor from conviction and goes to extreme lengths to stop Rachel admitting anything to Nikki. At the Hennessy€™s, Patricia is in a frenzy upon learning the news of Michael€™s early release from prison. She€™ll finally have her son back and is desperate for everything to be perfect for his homecoming. However, Patricia worries about the impact that time behind bars will have had on her son. Claire assures her everything will be fine, but only time will tell if Michael has changed, for better or worse€¦ David is left smitten when he spies Katie sporting the new top he bought her as a present. All appears to be going smoothly for the pair, who have been getting along better than ever. However, it isn€™t long before their happiness is cut short with the arrival of Patricia who insists David come pick up Michael from prison with her. Katie is left reeling when unexpectedly hit with the news that the man who killed her brother has been released from prison so early. How can she ever forgive David for hiding this from her?

  • The residents of Red Rock are left reeling when the identity of Brian€™s killer is revealed. However, Nikki finds herself back in Dunne€™s firing line as he questions her handle on the case. As far as he€™s concerned under Nikki€™s reign, Red Rock Garda Station has become a byword for Garda mismanagement. If she wants to keep control of her investigation she better get her act together. After witnessing Superintendent Dunne€™s dressing down of Nikki, Detective Rory spies a golden opportunity to take charge. Nikki€™s clearly exhausted and in need of a break and Rory suggests she take some time off, while he takes lead of the case. Feeling the stress from above and below will Nikki finally crack under the pressure of the leading Brian€™s murder investigation? It's been a bumpy road for Katie and David but it looks like they're finally bonding over raising their son. Only problem is the omnipresence of Patricia Hennessy and her extravagant gifts for baby Luke. Is there hope for Katie and David reigniting their romance despite Patricia's interference?

  • At the Pier Pub, a distraught Sharon drowns her sorrows in an attempt to escape reality. Tormented for weeks by Brian, suspended from duty and terrified to return to her own home, Sharon has been left with nowhere to turn. Paudge€™s offer of his spare room is no consolation, Brian has destroyed her life and Sharon fears that justice won€™t be served in the courtroom the following day. Enough is enough, Brian has pushed her too far and needs to be stopped € once and for all. Elsewhere, Tommy is under pressure to track down Conor who has mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth. Tommy worries that in his fury Conor has gone on an alcohol and drug fuelled bender after failing to convince Rachel to tell the truth about her relationship with Brian. Brian has been blackmailing his wife with photos of him and Conor buying drugs and there€™s no saying what Tommy would do if he ever got his hands on him. However, could trouble be on the cards when Tommy stops at the Pipes in search of his son? Tattooed and dangerous criminal Mick Moran, has decided to pay Brian a home visit courtesy of the information provided by Paudge. Moran has waited for years to get revenge on the fallen Garda, who landed his brother with a lengthy prison sentence in Mountjoy. Now with Brian€™s address in hand, Moran has everything he needs to finally take down Brian. All seven suspects each appear poised and ready to strike. Scorned wife Jules, na¯ve lover Rachel, her enraged father Liam, her ex boyfriend Conor and his stressed out father Tommy, along with thug with a grudge Mick Moran and the only person to have ever brought down Brian before, Sharon Cleere. Each of them have motive but only one is Brian€™s murderer. Watch as the truth is finally unveiled when we witness who killed Brian.

  • The day of Brian€™s funeral has arrived, as everyone prepares to say one last final goodbye to Brian. Much to the dismay of Nikki€™s team, Superintendent Dunne has insisted the Garda­ show a united front and attend the funeral. Brian was never convicted, he is still one of their own and they need to show their support. However, after all that Sharon has been through with Brian, there€™s no way in hell she€™s helping lay to rest the man who tried to destroy her life. Meanwhile a tormented Rachel struggles to come to terms with the loss of Brian. As far as she€™s concerned he always loved her and he was going to keep his promise to start a new life together after the trial. Nobody can seem to understand that she€™s grieving too. Having been banned from attending his funeral, Rachel goes to extreme lengths to say goodbye to the may who meant so much to her. At the station, Sean is heartbroken beyond belief when he learns that today is Adrijan€™s last day on duty. Tensions have been at an all time high between the partners for months, as Adrijan struggled to come to terms with the impact of his head injury. However, enough is enough for Adrijan who has packed his bags, ready to leave the station and the country. Sean must try to make one last ditch attempt to persuade Adrijan to stay or face losing him forever. Rory spies an opportunity to impress Superintendent Dunne, at Nikki€™s expense. He has been growing continually frustrated with the lack of progress in Brian€™s murder investigation. Only if they find the murder site can they finally shine a light on how he was killed. With Nikki conveniently at Brian€™s funeral, Rory takes this golden opportunity to follow his gut instincts and follow a lead that could bring him right to Brian€™s murderer.

  • No stone has been left unturned as Nikki continues her frantic manhunt for Brian. Much to Sharon€™s relief, a crucial piece of evidence is discovered, finally vindicating her for the ransacking of Brian€™s bedsit. However, with no clear sign of him having fled the country yet, a hell bent Nikki is convinced that it€™s only matter of time before he slips up and she can finally nab him. With Brian on the loose Liam is worried for his daughter€™s safety, insisting Rachel stay off school so he can keep a close eye on her. There is no chance in hell he€™ll be letting Brian get near his daughter again. However, when Rachel€™s brought into the station by Rory yet again, could this be a sign that she know more about Brian€™s whereabouts than she€™s letting on? The Tyrells have been to hell and back as they learn to cope with Conor€™s heroin addiction. The slow detox appears to be working but Conor still has some way to go. With bills piling in and every last bit of money going on buying Conor€™s drugs, pressure is mounting for an ever exhausted Tommy who is struggling to make ends meet. Despite this, Tommy can€™t help but give into Conor when he comes begging for him to buy his next hit. Could Tommy find himself in grave danger when tries to score for his son? Having spent weeks on desk duty under strict orders from Nikki, Adrijan has reached a breaking point. His head injury has been wreaking havoc with his life and with the results of the Garda medical report on Nikki€™s desk, his entire future as a Guard is on the line.

  • Brian€™s day of reckoning has arrived with the start of his court case. With Brian€™s freedom on the line, it€™s time for a troubled Rachel to take the stand. Can she keep up her months of lies or will she crack under oath? At the Garda Station, Nikki rallies her troops € after all their hard work this could finally be the day they send down Brian. Just as she€™s about to leave for court, a crucial piece of evidence lands on her lap that could turn everything on its head, potentially bringing the whole trial to a sudden halt. An anxious Sharon must also take the stand, readying herself to come face to face with the man who tormented her for months. Sharon€™s taken down Brian before but can she withstand Brian€™s character assassination of her. At the courthouse Angela is also feeling the pressure. Brian has enough photographic evidence of Tommy and Conor buying drugs to tear her family apart € her only chance to make this disappear forever is if she stands up for Brian and discredits Sharon€™s testimony. With her family€™s future at stake, can Angela bring herself to do the right thing?

  • Desperate to save his daughter from Brian€™s clutches, Liam drags Rachel to the Garda station believing he€™s finally caught her red handed trying to run away with Brian. Does Liam have all the evidence he needs to have Brian banged up at long last? Conor plays a disappearing act, leaving Tommy to frantically track him down before he does something stupid. Enraged by Brian€™s blackmail threats against his mother, and determined to prevent him destroying his family€™s future, Conor decides to take matters into his own hands once and for all. Paudge will go to any lengths to protect Sharon from Brian€™s torment and befriends a well known criminal with a long-standing vendetta against Brian. No stranger to making dodgy dealings with dangerous criminals Paudge decides enough is enough. Brian needs to pay for everything that he€™s done€¦

  • Sharon€™s world has been left in tatters at the hands of Brian who has relished in making her life a misery since his return to Red Rock. Suspended from duty and terrified to be home alone, Sharon has reached breaking point with his torment. However, she better had watch her back, as Brian just can€™t resist coming face to face with her one last time before the court case€¦ Reeling from the fact that Brian is blackmailing his mum and has photographic evidence of both Tommy and him scoring drugs, Conor confronts Rachel in a desperate bid to save his family. Given their past romance Conor is convinced he can shake Rachel from under Brian€™s spell and finally get her to tell Nikki the truth about her relationship with Brian. After weeks of scheming and meticulous planning Brian is closer than ever to securing his freedom. Following a run in with Rachel, his wife Jules is now determined to stand by her husband€™s side in court. Brian has done everything in his power to avoid time behind bars €having discredited Sharon, blackmailed Angela and manipulated Rachel into recanting her statement. It€™s the day before his trial: Now Brian€™s fate lies in the hands of the jury. He just hopes he€™s done enough to secure his freedom.

  • Angela is left shaken to her very core by a revelation that could see her family torn apart all at the hands of Brian. Despite having worked side by side with him for years, Brian will do whatever it takes to ensure his freedom. He has the evidence and is prepared to take former friend Angela down in one fell swoop if she doesn€™t co-operate. With her career and son€™s future on the line, has Angela been left with no other option but to back up Brian? Paudge does all he can to cheer Sharon up as her life is turned upside down following her suspension. He can€™t stand seeing his friend suffer once again at the hands of Brian. It might take a lot to rile Paudge up but he€™s been pushed too far and can no longer stand idly by and decides to confront Brian himself. With her future with Brian at stake, Rachel comes up with her own plan to ensure Brian€™s safe from conviction. Rachel€™s determined to clear his name even if that means paying his ex wife Jules a visit.

  • Brian has the evidence stacked high and is determined to have Sharon held responsible for ransacking his bedsit. She has the means and motive but can he convince a highly suspicious Nikki that she€™s behind it? Joe insists a reluctant Bridget join him for a private business lunch at a luxury hotel. It€™s no surprise when the client fails to make an appearance, conveniently leaving Joe and Bridget to enjoy the room to themselves. Joe clearly has an ulterior motive, but can Bridget resist his charms? Sharon and Paudge are called to the bedside of Ger McIntyrne who has been beaten to within an inch of his life. Sharon is completely guilt ridden, the pair had only interviewed him recently about the off license robbery and now he€™s in critical condition. Ger has some major debts and there can only be one person behind his injuries but is Sharon too late to help?

  • Bridget needs to face the music with loan shark Joe Fallon. Last minute nerves get the better of the usually unfaltering Bridget who begs Vinnie to go in her place. They Kielys might think coughing up the cash will keep Fallon off their backs for good but Joe isn€™t about to let Bridget walk out of his life that easy. For once things are looking up for Conor Tyrell € He€™s gotten his job back at The Neptune and his friendship with Rachel appears to be back on track or so he thinks. Conor begins to see a change in Rachel€™s behaviour and is convinced she€™s back under Brian€™s spell. However, confronting her about Brian was never going to end well. If Conor knows what€™s good for him he€™ll be keeping quiet or she€™ll make sure everyone knows about his dirty little secret addiction to heroin. Back at the station Sharon and Rory join forces to knuckle down on a suspected dodgy off license worker. His version of events isn€™t quite adding up but Rory comes up with an ingenious plan to catch him out.

  • Rachel€™s no where to be found and there€™s no doubt in Liam€™s mind that she must be with Brian. Determined to catch the pair in the act Liam drives furiously to Brian€™s bedsit, only to be stopped by Nikki. Last time Liam confronted him, Brian walked away with a bloody face and there€™s no saying how far he could go this time. Following the drama in the Pier Pub, Katie and David seek refuge away from the commotion at the Hennessys. Will old feelings be reignited as the pair enjoy a rare intimate moment alone? Vinnie is furious with Bridget, who he suspects of having an affair with old flame Joe Fallon. He knows his wife well but Bridget insists he€™s gotten the wrong end of the stick. How will Vinnie react when she confesses to owing the loan shark big bucks? Will a heart to heart bring Brian closer to reconnecting with his estranged wife Jules?

  • A furious Brian McGonigle shows his beaten and bruised face at Red Rock Garda station. Someone€™s leaked his address, putting his life in danger and he won€™t be backing down until he finds out who€™s to blame. Sean€™s fears are realized when he discovers Adrijan passed out drunk in the cells. He€™s in no fit state to be interviewed by the Garda Ombudsman and it€™s up to Sean to act quick to stop it going ahead by any means possible. Could Sean be pushed to desperate measures to protect his friend? Patricia has extravagant plans for baby Luke€™s christening much to the displeasure of Bridget. Money€™s no object for Patricia, Bridget on the other hand€¦ Will she be left with no other option but to go crawling to her money lending ex Joe?

  • Liam€™s suspicions are at an all time high. Rachel€™s been skipping school and her excuses aren€™t quite adding up. Rachel can€™t be seeing Brian behind his back € can she? Desperate to confront the man who seduced his daughter, Liam demands Detective Nikki hand over his address. If the Garda­ aren€™t going to do anything about Brian, he will. David€™s completely devastated when he accidentally finds out that the Kiely€™s have been planning a christening for baby Luke without him. David can€™t stand being pushed out of his son€™s life anymore and this is the last straw. Sean and Adrijan€™s interview with the Garda Ombudsman is looming. Sean€™s terrified Adrijan will screw it up and they€™ll both land them both in trouble. They need to get their stories straight or it could be their jobs on the line. An old flame makes an unexpected return to Bridget Kiely€™s life in the form of her ex Joe Fallon. Should Vinnie be worried?

  • Brian€™s back in town and eager to reconnect with his estranged family. He€™s determined to clear his name and prove to them that everything that€™s been said about his affair with Rachel was a lie. A meeting with his daughter Mel, Rachel€™s former best friend, is abruptly cut short when his wife, Jules storms in on their conversation outside a caf©. Brian has some neck coming back into their lives after all the trouble that he has caused. Sharon is left shaking after the disturbance she€™s called to break up turns out to be between Brian and his wife. Coming face to face with the former guard who made her life hell last year was something Sharon hadn€™t prepared herself for. At the Neptune Liam is sickened to learn of Brian€™s return. He€™s been back six days and Nikki€™s only telling him now? His main priority now is to keep Rachel safe and away from Brian, little does he know he€™s too late. Meanwhile Angela and Tommy weigh up their options for Conor€™s future. They€™ll do everything in their power to prevent a relapse, it€™s their son€™s life on the line.

  • Brian McGonigle is back with an unexpected return that€™s set to send shockwaves throughout the whole of Red Rock. Last we saw of the fallen cop he was being carted out of the station after a well-deserved punch from Superintendent McKay. Following months of bullying Sharon and his illicit and manipulative relationship with Rachel Reid, does Brian have a death wish returning to town as Red Rock€™s most hated figure? Alone and upset Rachel has skipped school to drown her sorrows in a local park. Her and Conor are officially over, having come to the realisation that she€™ll always be second place to heroin in their relationship. Rachel€™s at her most vulnerable when a young lad who has also been drinking approaches her. He€™s harmless enough but soon his advances start going too far. He€™s stopped in his tracks by a booming male voice € Brian McGonigle. He€™s back and with his eyes firmly on Rachel only trouble can be ahead. Promotions are in with both Nikki and Angela over the moon having made the inspectors list. However, the station€™s been without a superintendent for weeks, with no sign of McKay being replaced anytime soon. The station needs a leader and both women are perfect candidates € Nikki or Angela will have to take charge. Nikki jumps at the opportunity to prove her worth but it€™s a tough decision for Angela. A promotion would mean more time at work, away from recovering Conor now when he needs her most. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, will Angela sacrifice her career or her family?

  • Months of hiding, months of secrecy and lies have come to a head. Paudge can€™t live with himself any longer. He needs to tell Nikki about his involvement with Beady. The guilt has been eating him up, he confessed to McKay but now it€™s time for everyone to know.Rachel faces the harsh reality of life with a heroin addict. She arrives at the Pipes to meet with Conor whose only concern is taking his next hit. Conor relaxes as soon as he shoots up but when he goes suddenly cold and lifeless, it€™s up to Rachel to save him. The body of a familiar face is found on wasteland and Sharon and Sean have been called to investigate. David€™s finally been given the opportunity to look after his son. However, the new father struggles on his first day alone with Luke. When faced with a screaming baby, will he find the reality of fatherhood to be all its cracked up to be?

  • Initially intrigued by his dangerous past, Rachel is starting to feel frustrated with Conor who seems more focused on getting his next hit than paying attention to her. The pair rendezvous, with Conor promising that this date will be all about her. However, when he disappears mid-date Rachel isn€™t surprised when he finds him down an alleyway with a dealer. Enough is enough, can she really continue chasing after Conor as he chases after heroin? Sharon makes an earth-shattering discovery when she decides to search Paudge€™s locker. He€™s been on edge for weeks, lashing out at everyone who has tried to help following the stabbing. Sharon is determined to find out what is wrong but last thing she expects to find is a mobile phone and there€™s only one person€™s number on it € Beady Burke. This can€™t be real, has her partner been the station leak all along? David is furious when he arrives at the Kiely€™s house to find no Katie or baby Luke. They€™ve gone to a hospital appointment without him. This is the last straw for David who decides to confront Katie. She can€™t keep pushing him out of their son€™s life.

  • A bloody murder weapon has been discovered and the Garda­ are on high alert, the murder suspect must still be lying low in Red Rock. Unfortunately for Nikki, various sightings have led to dead end after dead end. However, there€™s a sudden breakthrough and Adrijan and Sean think they€™ve finally cornered the assailant. A frantic chase on foot ensues, but when Sean turns a corner the suspect disappears € could the murderer be about to slip right through their fingers? Baby Luke is finally home from the hospital and doting Granddad Vinnie can€™t take his eyes off his new grandson. However, resentment runs deep for Keith who still has issues with Luke€™s dad being a Hennessy. With Patricia and David on their way for a visit, will the Kielys keep the peace for the sake of Luke? Beady Burke makes an unwelcome return to Paudge€™s life. He has one more job for him and then he€™ll be out of his life forever. Paudge has heard this all before, can he really trust the criminal€™s word?

  • The Kielys decide to mark the year anniversary of Darren€™s passing with a visit to the baths where he was fatally injured. They arrive, wreath in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other, only to find the gates locked. The Kielys are here to pay their respects to Darren and won€™t be letting a little thing like trespassing on private property get in their way. The criminals of Red Rock appear to have gone to ground. Nikki€™s convinced that the recent murder has to have been at the hands of Beady Burke but with no sign of Beady or his associates that trail is well and truly going cold. DI Lonergan has his own suspicions and when new CCTV evidence comes to light, there is only one clear suspect left in sight. Katie Kiely can€™t help but worry about baby Luke who is still under observation in hospital. Bridget assures the new mum that everything will be fine, Luke has his uncle Darren looking down on him. However, will a frantic call from Katie bring the news that Bridget€™s been expecting? At the Hennessy€™s, Claire returns home to an empty house after a tough day at work. Glass of wine poured and about to relax for the evening, she hears something behind her. There€™s an intruder in the house, could Claire€™s life be in danger?

  • The station is still reeling in the wake of one Red Rock€™s most shocking murders in recent years. DI Lonergan has been drafted in to help track down the assailant. However, his no nonsense attitude can€™t help but rub Detective Nikki up the wrong way. Nikki€™s been working day and night € this is her town, her investigation and Lonergan€™s picking holes in it. Lonergan isn€™t the only one stepping on toes. Sean and Rory have always had a friendly rivalry but Rory€™s recent spate of unwelcome comments have been hitting a nerve. With tensions already at an all time high could the pair finally come to blows? Meanwhile, Patricia is struggling to cope with the absence of her son. Michael has started his prison sentence and she can€™t help but fear for his safety on the inside. All she€™s been left to look forward to is her weekly visits.

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