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In this telenova, an ambitious and cunning woman is focused on improving her station in life from the humble situation she was born into. Lucky for her, she's beautiful, and she can use that to her advantage, starting with a wealthy doctor who's caught her eye. Rubi is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (244 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2004.

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6 Seasons, 244 Episodes
January 1, 2004
Cast: Bárbara Mori, Eduardo Santamarina, Jacqueline Bracamontes, Sebastián Rulli
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Rubi Full Episode Guide

  • Today, the teacher introduces the children to a time capsule which can store all their precious things underground for many years to come. What will the little ones store in it?

  • Rubi€™s upset that nobody at home is free to go with her and have fun, so she decides to go on her own instead. However, she€™s drenched by the sudden downpour and is desperate for some company and shelter.

  • Rubi and Yoyo find a number of gigantic objects placed around their home such as a huge toothbrush. They start to think there may be a giant hiding in their home.

  • Little Strawberry's fighting with Rubi for the television remote control, so creative Little Strawberry comes up with a trick to get the upper hand in their fight. What is her idea?

  • Rubi and Daddy receive a distress call from Rabbit Planet when they are exploring the universe. After finding out that something is blocking the well on Rabbit Planet, Daddy utilizes his own invention to clear the blockage, but guess what was causing it?

  • Little Train and Little Strawberry are fooling around when Rubi and Yoyo are sweeping the leaves on the playground. Along with their pranks, the wind is making it hard for them to sweep everything up. What should they do to tackle the challenge?

  • Seeing Rubi and Yoyo making their own skateboard, Little Strawberry decides to make one herself and compete against Rubi and Yoyo€™s. Who will win in this competition?

  • Rubi and Yoyo come across a postman who doesn€™t know the recipient of a package, so they decide to help him out. Will they be able to locate the owner of the package?

  • Rubi wants to invite Yoyo to have fun but can€™t figure out why Yoyo is so busy. She needs to decide whether she should interrupt Yoyo so that they can go and play together.

  • Rubi€™s mommy gets two presents for Rubi and Yoyo; a yoyo and a lollipop. But how can Mommy allocate the presents to make both of them happy?

  • Rubi wastes water all the time, but she doesn€™t understand how precious water is until there is a water outage. Will she learn to save water from now on?

  • Rubi and Yoyo are playing with water guns in the backyard and add color into the water. However, as a result, the colored water is splashed everywhere. How can they clean up the backyard before Mommy returns home?

  • When Rubi and Yoyo find a dimming star on the ground, they decide to decorate it to make it the brightest star in the sky. Let€™s see whether they can do it.

  • Rubi wants to show the others that she€™s a good buddy so she shares her cookie and her seat with them. However, Rubi isn€™t happy at all after doing this. What can she do now to cheer herself up?

  • Rubi and Yoyo discover an interesting box that Mommy has discarded, and inside there are some useful materials which can produce a beautiful sound. With Daddy€™s help, they decide to hold a concert.

  • Mother Duck entrusts her egg to Rubi and Yoyo, but they never expected that the egg would hatch and the duckling run away. Worrying that they may fail their job, Rubi and Yoyo must take chase.

  • Rubi€™s mommy has prepared dumplings for everyone to celebrate Chinese New Year and she€™s also made some special ones which will grant people luck. Knowing that, Rubi plans to have them all. Will she succeed?

  • When Rubi, Yoyo and Little Strawberry are joyfully blowing the bubbles into different shapes, Yoyo is suddenly carried away by an enormous bubble. How can Rubi and Little Strawberry rescue her?

  • Little Train and Big Strawberry have different characters but they have to clean up the classroom together. Will quick-tempered Little Train work well with cautious Big Strawberry?

  • Rubi doesn€™t like brushing her teeth, and she would rather go straight to school in the morning. One day, her teeth begin to ache after eating the snacks and candies at school. Will she now realize the importance of brushing her teeth?

  • When everyone€™s playing happily with the special fireworks made by Daddy, Yoyo can€™t light his. How can the other children help Yoyo?

  • After everyone else prepares to give Little Strawberry a birthday surprise, Little Strawberry almost ruins it. How can the others make amends?

  • Rubi€™s mum hopes that Rubi can learn from Traffic Light to be more well-behaved and disciplined, but is really good for Rubi to act like that?

  • After Rubi and Yoyo destroy Mommy€™s crystal ball, they decide to blame it on Daddy. They dress up like him in order to make his €˜confession€™. Will Mommy figure it out?

  • Little Strawberry snatches the others€™ balloons and soars up to the sky. Soon after, she realizes a problem with living on the moon alone and wishes to go back.

  • Little Strawberry and her sister are deliberating over a birthday surprise for their mommy; however, their carelessness keeps getting in the way. Will they be able to send Mommy a special gift on her birthday?

  • When Rubi, Yoyo and Little Strawberry are creating their own individual buildings, they realize that they don€™t have enough blocks. What can they do to solve the problem?

  • Rubi and Yoyo are excited with Daddy€™s new invention, the flying wings, and are fighting over it. Will Rubi and Yoyo understand that the wings can€™t function separately and that they have to be worn in pairs?

  • Rubi and her friends are building a snowman in her backyard. They put a scarf, beanie and gloves on it, and even store it in a cozy place to keep it warm. What will happen to the snowman?

  • It€™s picnic day and everyone is searching for food in the forest. However, when Little Strawberry gathers a lot of colorful mushrooms, the teacher says that they are all inedible. Why can€™t the mushrooms be eaten?

  • Rubi and her friends accidentally throw a huge snowball at Rabbit€™s house when they are having a snowball fight. What should they do now?

  • While everyone€™s roaming around Big Strawberry's garden and enjoying all the beautiful flowers, Rubi finds a stinky flower. Why is there a stinky flower planted among all the pretty ones?

  • Little Train and Little Strawberry are struggling to play their instruments coherently and making a complete racket, so Traffic Light tries to instruct them so that they can give a good musical performance together.

  • Rubi and Yoyo ask Daddy how they can have an endless amount of biscuits, and the answer is to plant the biscuits themselves. Is it really possible?

  • Little Strawberry hides her chocolates when Rubi and Yoyo come for a visit, whereas Big Strawberry shares her chocolates with everyone. Do you think Little Strawberry's right to do that?

  • Little Strawberry has picked up something that isn€™t hers and started playing tricks. How can we teach her to return items that don€™t belong to her?

  • Rubi comes up with the brilliant idea of putting pink coloring into the water when they are playing with water gun in the garden. However, they didn€™t expect the whole garden to turn pink! How do they clean up now?

  • After Rubi and Yoyo are shocked to see a rainbow without any colors, they decide to investigate further. Can they uncover the answer for the others?

  • Rubi and Yoyo are curious about why the lake dries up and decide to investigate the matter. Will they be able to figure out the reason?

  • Little Strawberry like commendations so she keeps making fake promises to help others. Is it right to do that? Does she deserve to be praised?

  • Little Train wants to play with Traffic Light so he uses a magnet to stick to her. However, this doesn€™t have the desired effect and she tries to run away. Will Little Train ever have fun with her?

  • Little Strawberry wants to be praised by the teacher as Yoyo is, so she follows her every movement. Will the teacher appreciate all her efforts?

  • Rubi brings Little Train some colorful soap after he falls into a wallow during the racing competition, but it stains Little Train's skin! How can Rubi help him to wash off the colours?

  • Tortoise finds walking a bit difficult, so he appreciates when Rubi and Little Train help him out and invites them to his place to have fun. The only problem is how can they help Tortoise to walk back home a bit faster?

  • There is a bit of a personality clash when Little Train and Traffic Light are teamed up in the racing competition at a park. Will the two of them be able to work together to win the race?

  • Little Strawberry climbs the tree to avoid playing the thrilling game in the forest with Yoyo, but she is so heavy that the branch breaks off. Will she be alright?

  • Rubi runs away from home to avoid the food she doesn€™t like, however, she soon encounters her friends who love eating all the food she despises. Will her friends be able to convince her to change her mind?

  • Although Rubi proactively offers her help to the others, they don€™t see it the same way. Let€™s learn how we can properly offer help to others.

  • After Little Strawberry fails in the high jump to clear the bar, the others want to cheer her up. Will they succeed?

  • Rubi and Yoyo see Little Strawberry sneaking around and think that she must be playing tricks on others again, but they are wrong. Let€™s help Little Strawberry with her surprise.

  • Rubi and Yoyo help the teachers organize a bravery game at school at night. However, they don€™t anticipate that everyone will be able to complete the challenge so quickly. Will the game simply end like this?

  • Rubi, Little Train and Traffic Light find a sickly whale when they are playing at the beach. How can they help rid the whale of its pain?

  • Traffic Light can€™t concentrate on sweeping the classroom as Little strawberry and Little Train are fooling around, so she turns to Rubi for help. What will Rubi do to stop the two of them?

  • Little Strawberry the troublemaker, drinks all the juice and makes a mess in the room. What is worse is that she even destroys Big Strawberry's flowers. He is so mad at her that he never wants to talk to her again. What can Little Strawberry to make amends?

  • Rubi and Yoyo set out to help their teacher find her kitten. Just when they€™re about to give up, they find the kitten on the tree. But how are they going to climb the tree to rescue the poor kitty?

  • Rubi and Yoyo come across to an injured bird and decide to bring it back home, but naughty Little strawberry has set up a trap to catch it. What€™ll happen next?

  • After Rubi and Yoyo plant their watermelon seed, they borrow a magic planting spray from Daddy and hope that the melon can grow faster. When the melon starts to grow out of control, what should they do?

  • Rubi€™s trying to scare Yoyo since Yoyo is afraid of the dark during a blackout. At the same time, an unexpected stranger comes for a visit in the dark. Who is it?

  • Daddy explains the consequences to Rubi when she refuses to take the pills. After listening to Daddy€™s advice, Rubi feels better and has fun with her friends again.

  • Rubi, Yoyo and Little strawberry accidentally drop a pipe from the crane, making holes everywhere. What can the little ones do now?

  • When Rubi has a toothache after eating a jar of candies, she is dragged to the dentist€™s. She feels regretful and promises never to do that again.

  • Little Train kicks the ball up to the sky when he€™s playing with Rubi and Yoyo, however, the cloud fairies who caught the ball don€™t want to give it back.

  • Little strawberry comes over when Rubi and Yoyo are flying a kite and plays a prank on them with her big kite, resulting in both of them losing out. What can they do now?

  • After Yoyo reads about meteor showers in a book, she wants to see a real one and asks Daddy to take her to watch it. Can Daddy really help her?

  • Daddy wants to calm Rubi and Yoyo who broke their toy truck and decides to surprise them with a race car. Will Rubi and Yoyo be happy about that?

  • Daddy laughs at Rubi€™s artwork and makes her mad, so he formulates a special spray for her to paint with. However, Daddy doesn€™t anticipate the trouble that the spray may cause.

  • Yoyo bumps into Little strawberry who€™s skateboarding, so Yoyo wants to give it a go. However, Little strawberry will only let Yoyo try in exchange for snacks. Will they both be satisfied?

  • Daddy€™s excited to have a new truck and show Yoyo and Rubi some of its spectacular functions. Together they go on a wonderful adventure, passing through the garden, going into the lake and even running up to the sky.

  • When Little strawberry's playing with her plane, she comes across a friend who claims she€™s got the best plane. So they decide to have a trial to find out who€™s plane is better.

  • Yoyo is irritated when Rubi won€™t stop playing pranks on her. When Rubi falls into a cave, will Yoyo save her after all the trouble she€™s caused?

  • Rubi and Yoyo mistakenly destroy Big Strawberry€™s flowers when they are catching a butterfly. What should they do to compensate for their blunder?

  • When everyone€™s focusing on the lesson, Yoyo hears a mysterious sound outside and sets out on a journey to search for it with her teacher and friends. What€™s that sound and who€™s making it?

  • Little strawberry's paper sailboat is broken when she is showing it off in front of the others. When Daddy decides to make a fancy remote control one to calm her, it kicks off a sailboat competition!

  • Mommy calls Rubi and Yoyo back for food when they are playing hide-and-seek with Big Strawberry. However, they only realize they have ditched Big Strawberry when they have finished the food. Will they be able to find Big Strawberry?

  • Rubi, Yoyo and Little Strawberry go out to paint and they start off enjoying it despite only having one painting set. Soon, however, they begin to fight over it and make a mess on Mommy€™s bed sheet.

  • Everyone is able to catch a fish except for Little strawberry who can€™t stop playing jokes, so she feels frustrated.

  • Little Strawberry promises Rubi that she won€™t tell the others that she broke the vase if Rubi obeys her every demand. But when Little Strawberry gets a bit bossy, it makes Rubi struggle to decide what she should do.

  • The kids aren€™t getting the same amount of juice from the teacher no matter how hard she tries to pour it equally. Rubi then thinks of a way to help her. What does she do?

  • Rubi and Yoyo are discussing what they should do after making a mess on the new tablecloth. Just as they decide to clean it, naughty Little strawberry comes over. Will they be table to clean it in time?

  • In honor of the tree planting day, all the children are planting trees in the garden for the first time. Let€™s see what will happen today!

  • Being frugal, Mom buys two bags of potatoes and decides to simply prepare that for dinner. Rubi, Yoyo and Dad soon become sick of her cooking and want to get away from this nightmare.

  • Yoyo€™s irritated when Rubi breaks the toy truck but blames it on her, so she packs up a box and decides to leave home. Where is she going and why is she taking that box?

  • Rubi isn€™t satisfied competing with Yoyo in the obstacle race; she wants to compete against Daddy. But will she be able to win?

  • Yoyo and Rubi go out to deliver an umbrella to Daddy, however, they fall into a cave and get trapped. Will they be able to deliver the umbrella in the end?

  • Little Strawberry picks up a toy truck which has been left at school and keeps it as her own. So Little Train who owns the toy is mad after seeing her play with it. Will Little Strawberry return the toy to him?

  • Little Train bumps into the chairs and messes up everything when Traffic Light's sweeping the classroom. Helpless Traffic Light needs to think of a way to stop him. What can she do?

  • Little Strawberry has been fooling the others at school and is now even playing pranks on their lunchboxes, making all her friends mad. What will she do to apologize and calm them down?

  • Rubi and Yoyo are disappointed with their expedition with Daddy since they didn€™t find any treasure but Daddy still has a smile on his face. Why is Daddy so happy?

  • Rubi and Yoyo mess everything up at home when they are playing a pirate game. So when Mommy returns, she won€™t be happy with all the mess they€™ve made.

  • Rubi and Yoyo decide to have some nighttime fun.

  • A little spider comes to visit Rubi and Yoyo.

  • Who'll win this game of hide and seek?

  • Rubi and Yoyo put their heads together to make a delicious confection, with help from Rubi's mom.

  • Rubi and Yoyo decide to take a fun trip to the aquarium.

  • What fun things will Rubi and Yoyo create with their blocks?

  • Rubi and Yoyo befriend an animal.

  • Rubi and Yoyo want to take up a new sport.

  • The friends play with their new vehicle.

  • Today's weather is perfect for some fun.

  • Rubi has a new toy.

  • Rubi and Yoyo take a flight into the sky.

  • Rubi and Yoyo have some fun at the park.

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