Scrapheap Challenge

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Scrapheap Challenge is a U.K. produced TV game show featuring teams completing challenges to build machines using parts found in a scrapheap; a U.S. version of the show has also been produced called Junkyard Wars. Scrapheap Challenge was created by Cathy Rogers and Eve Kay for RDF Media and broadcast on the British network Channel 4; the first season was broadcast as Scrapheap and featured the same teams returning each week to face different challenges.

Originally the show was hosted by Robert Llewelyn and creator Cathy Rogers, at the outset of season five TV presenter and actress Lisa Rogers replaced Cathy Rogers as co-host. The final season saw both Robert Llewelyn and Lisa Rogers replaced as hosts by Dick Strawbridge, a former contestant and judge on the show.

The format of Scrapheap Challenge sees two three person teams race to build a machine in a specified time to face off against each other in a timed challenge or head to head battle to see which team builds the best machine. Each team is provided with an expert in engineering machines similar to those being built to ensure they come close to achieving the task and remain safe.

Amongst the tasks included in the series have been car launchers and bridging machines. Following the first season, which pitted the same teams against each other in each episode different teams of members of the general public took part in knockout rounds from season's two to ten. A change in producers saw season eleven see another format change where former judge Dick Strawbridge assembled a team of Scrapheap Challenge experts who faced a different team each week to build a specific machine.

Usually ten hours are given to each team to build their machine before the final challenge is completed; at the end of most seasons a final challenge is faced by two teams to determine the champion of champions.

Channel 4
2001 Seasons, 139 Episodes
April 12, 1998
Game Show, Reality
Cast: Cathy Rogers

Scrapheap Challenge Full Episode Guide

  • A manic, mixed medley of the best and worst moments from the Heap, seasoned with a rich supply of out-takes.

  • Three teams are given just two days to create giant gun boats capable of going into battle carrying four men and inflicting mortal damage against their opponent.