shroud of christ?

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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

Many biblical scholars, theologians, and experts have speculated about the origins of the Shroud Of Christ. Though just a piece of cloth, it presents a philosophical question. Does it contain the outline of the deceased biblical savior, or is it just a random pattern of light and shadow? Shroud Of Christ? explores the possibility that this ordinary ancient piece of cloth that depicts the mysterious outline of a man could be an imprint created by a brilliant light, a light that had to have come from a very luminous source. Tune in, examine the evidence, and draw your own conclusions.

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shroud of christ?
1. shroud of christ?
In the summer of 2002 in complete secrecy the Shroud of Turin, the world's most famous religious relic, underwent a major restoration. More Series 1 Episode 1 Shroud of Christ?