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The Tayo the Little Bus series is primarily a children's show that was created in South Korea. It stars Tayo as a playful animated bus who will narrate the show and serve as its primary character. In the English version of the series, he has been dubbed and voiced by Charlie George. Though the series was created in South Korea, it has been rapidly exported to a number of other countries in the world.

There are many other characters that make appearances throughout the course of the series. Tayo is joined by many other primary color buses that will serve as companion characters in most episodes. For example, Rogi is a green bus that is Tayo's best friend in the series. Lani and Gani are two other colored bus characters, who have their own unique personalities and feature prominently in many episodes.

In addition to the bus characters, there are many other anthropomorphic characters in the series. There is Nuri, who is a even keeled yellow Taxi. The series was originally produced in 2010 and typically features 26 episodes per season. The opening song for the series is "Tayo the Little Bus," and the closing song is the onomatopoeic "Vroom, Vroom, Vroom!"

4 Seasons, 109 Episodes
August 23, 2010
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Nolan Balzer, RobYn Slade, Kami Desilets, Kerri Salki
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Tayo the Little Bus Full Episode Guide

  • Tayo the little bus season 4 ending song

  • When the little buses hear that there will be a talent show at the mountainside during a town festival, the garage family prepares a play, "The Boy who Cried Wolf". Everyone excitedly gets ready rehearsing and trying on costumes. Finally the big day comes, and they nervously watch great performance of others while waiting for their turn on the stage.

  • Because Duri is so busy having fun during his summer break he doesn't have enough time to do any of his homework, so he asks Tayo for help. But, Tayo is too busy to help so he asks Rogi to help Duri. Rogi tries his best to help Duri's homeowrk, but ends up making a mess of everything. Duri is very disappointed. He tells Rogi that Tayo would have done a much better job.

  • The little buses realize that Hana continues to work without any breaks because of endless cars that need repair. As Hana decides to take a break for few days and getting ready to leave, Police car Pat and Police man Rookie rushes through the garage and asks Hana for help. Hana quickly hesitant but she leaves to fix and repair cars instead going on a break.

  • Citu and Hana go away for a day to participate in their volunteer activities. The little buses got excited because they thought their will be no one to tell them what to do! So, they could decide to stay up late and become even more excited when they learn that there will be a meteor shower and shooting stars that very night. Little buses invited all of their bus and car friends to the bus garage

  • Mischievous little cars, Speed and Shine, keep causing trouble at school. Teach tries to fix their behavior by making them clean classrooms and run errands. This leads to even more mischief that results in Teach defending them when Rookie and Pat pay her a visit at school. Speed and Shine are touched by Teaches trust in them and try their best to meet her expectations.

  • A playground closes down for a safety check-up. When Citu sees the little buses are upset, he remembers that when he was little there was a secret playground where he used to play, up in the mountain. He talks to Pat and Billy who used to play there with him. Citu decides to invite the little buses to his secret playground. While they try to find the exact location, Citu, Pat and Billy are delight

  • The new student, Kinder, wants to be friends with everybody in class and in the whole school! As Kinder tries to make new friends, Tayo volunteers to help him make friends. While Tayo helps out Kinder, Kinder starts to copy how Tayo acts in front of his friends. All other friends starts to feel awkward and weird when Kinder copies Tayo and it gives wrong images of Kinder to classmates.

  • Tayo fills in for Cooku and confidently starts working in the countryside. His new route is filled with obstacles such as passengers who require extra waiting time and a cow that blocks his way. He finishes his day exhausted by all the unexpected events, and wants to take a rest at a garage. Unfortunately he is interrupted by a request from the townspeople and that wears him out even more.

  • As one of Duri's friends lost her teddy bear named 'Teddy', Rogi says he can find the teddy bear and while Tayo doubts that Rogi wouldn't find it, Rogi proudly finds the teddy bear. After, Rogi decides that he would work as a detective in town to help others. He finds hats and glasses and takes Bongbong as his assistant. Will Rogi be finally be the best detective in town and help others?

  • While the little buses are at the playground, a mysterious magic spell starts teasing them. A little wizard called Asura, who is causing the trouble for the little buses with his magic, ends up losing his wand while being chased by them. Asura and the little buses try to find the wand together and become closer as time goes. Asura always wanted to make friends and finally gets to learn how to doit

  • The little buses become bored when their TV stops working. As Hana tries to entertain the little buses, Hana makes up a fairy tale that takes the busses on an adventure to a magical land in the clouds.This magical land, where there is engine oil that can help treat Gani who is very sick.The buses get into a competition about who should get the precious oil.

  • Peanut and the little buses finish work early and decide to have a picnic on the mountain. Lani doesn't join them and Peanut thinks that she is angry about it. Peanut tries really hard to make Lani feel better and eventually takes her, on her own, to the mountain.

  • The little buses think that Trammy has a special way of seeing their every move because she knows everything that has happened to them without having them telling her about it. One day they secretly break their promise to Hana, and they try to stop Trammy and Hana from meeting each other.

  • Tayo and Rogi get to take care of Bongbong and Oli on Carry's request. Tayo is Bongbong's idol and Oli is Rogi's. They start to argue about who is cooler and better at everything. Tayo and Rogi end up continuously competing with each other because of the baby cars. Bongbong and Oli ask Tayo and Rogi to bring a wheel out of a blocked tunnel, which results in them having to go into the tunnel.

  • Sky, a tram control center on a mountain, welcomes a new tram as his old train friend retires. A pretty little tram, Trammy, brings new excitement and expectation, but the shy and timid girl tram keeps making mistakes while working. Sky asks Citu to get the little buses to help Trammy get used to her work.

  • On Police Day, Tayo gets to experience a day in the life of a police officer. As he always wish to be a hero, he hopes to to take an active part on the job. So, Tayo becomes enthusiastic about finding a case to resolve. But, he eventually becomes depressed when he realizes that he keeps misunderstanding normal situations as illegal incidents. Later in the day, he finds Speed breaking traffic rules

  • Hana can no longer ignore Rogi's garage that is full of junk and tells him to throw it all away. Rogi loves all his belongings and decides to give everything away to his friends instead of throwing it all out.Unfortunately no one seems interested and Rogi is very disappointed. So, he decides to throw it all away. Then the little buses heard that Rogi got pretty disappointed.

  • One day Tayo becomes tired of work and wishes on a shooting star that there could be a second Tayo so he could get off from his work! The next morning, a fake Tayo who looks exactly like him, appears. The real Tayo leaves his work with to go out and play while fake Tayo take real Tayo's job. Shortly after enjoying his time off, real Tayo feels empty and goes back to work.

  • A new emergency center building opens up and all members of the rescue team vehicles(Frank the Fire Truck/Engine, Alice the Ambulance, Pat the Police Car, Rookie the Police man) will live together in the same place. Much to the surprise of everyone, the members of the rescue team (brave vehicles) living together, isn't as easy as working together.

  • As buses and cars go to school, it is important for them to be on time and arrive on class on time. As classes are going forward in this semester, they seem to find out that Iracha is getting late really often, like every time! So Ms. Teach gave Iracha a warning that he shouldn't be late again. As our little buses, Tayo, Rogi, Lani and Gani ask Iracha why he's being late so often.

  • Peanut, the new member at the garage, enthusiastically prepares for his first day of work and everyone expects a great job from him based on his outstanding driving skills when he practiced. However, Peanut finds it difficult to work as a city bus because of his personality and attitude. He loves to hear from everyone and give compliments to each and every passengers which makes him stops late.

  • The little buses become excited when they hear about a new friend joining them at the garage. Hana says the new friend's name is Peanut. Citu asks Tayo to go and greet the new bus. As Tayo wonders how Peanut would look like, he guesses that Peanut would be a curvy shape like peanut! Tayo gladly goes to pick up Peanut, but Tayo arrives late and Tayo and Peanut miss each other.

  • Tayo the Little Bus season 4 opening theme song

  • Tayo and his friends are divided into Team Blue and Team White for the school Sports Day. Unlike Rogi who is teamed up with all the atheletic friends, Tayo ends up in a team with Lani, Gani and others who aren't too good at sports. Rogi's team is as excited as if they had already won. Tayo and his team goes on a hard training session because Tayo doesn't want to lose!

  • Tayo and his friends are divided into Team Blue and Team White for the school sports day. Unlike Rogi who is teamed up with all the atheletic friends, Tayo ends up in a team with Lani, Gani and others who are poor at sports...

  • The little buses gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go to rescue Hana. Meanwhile, Hana fixes the wounds of Wooly, and discovers his warm-hearted nature. When the little buses arrive at Bully's castle, they fall into Bully's trap.

  • A space pirate, Bully, keeps chasing after Princess Ray but without success. Bully finds Hana and mistakes her for the princess. Hana gets captured by Bully's gang and the little buses gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go to the rescue...

  • On Christmas eve, Tayo steps out to receive a present from Santa. Tayo's intentions are well meant but he keeps messing up. Meanwhile, Santa's sack of presents gets a hole in it and he ends up dropping them all around the city.

  • Rogi is made fun of at school because he always gets the questions wrong and takes the wrong roads to ride on. In order to restore the others' faith in him, he visits the smart Met and takes special lessons from him.

  • Tayo is upset after being emberrassed because of Hana's clumsiness. Citu tells Tayo how he first met Hana and how she became a mechanic.

  • The construction vehicles are bored with their daily routine of tiring work. For a short break, they perform some acrobatics. Joey the Magician approachs and compliments them on their moves and asks if they would be interested in joining his circus.

  • Tayo and Duri are very impressed by the deeds of superheroes on TV. When they coincidentally help a friend in need and get praised that they are just like superheroes, they get very excited.

  • Heart and Hana come to help Speed who got hurt while fooling around. Speed is attracted to Heart at first sight with her pretty looks and kindness. He makes various plans to become friends with her but things only go wrong.

  • Kuku and Champ visit the city for the first time. Although Kuku is unfamiliar with the area, she is too proud to admit it and ends up acting as if she knows everything. The two of them eventually land in an awkward and even dangerous situation.

  • Pat is working hard to enforce the traffic rules. As he harshly scolds the little buses and kindergarteners, they become more and more scared of Pat. One day, a feather sticks to Pat's back by accident and he can't control his laughter...

  • Bongbong tries to ride on Toto's tow hook for fun but they become stuck together as the pintle breaks. Toto, already late for school, has no choice but to take Bongbong along. And contstantly gets into trouble because of Bongbong's immature actions.

  • One day, Gani coincidentally saves an action star, Reo. He gains fame as a brave bus that saved a superstar and even gets a personal manager for himself. But alternating between his work as a bus and other press schedules constantly tires Gani...

  • The little buses become dejected when they don't have an interesting story to tell at their school presentation on what everyone did over the weekend. The little buses nag Citu to take them somwhere special.

  • One day, Frank heads out to extinguish a fire on top of a skyscraper. While Frank is having trouble reaching the fire on the top storey, Air appears and puts it out. From that day on Frank continues to train hard.

  • Tayo and the little buses are due to start school tomorrow. Tayo is excited and coincidentally runs into Teach who has just moved to the town to attend the same school the next day.

  • Tayo is now familiar with his daily routine and grows annoyed by Hana's concerns. One day, Tayo gets to take care of Bongbong and the other baby cars. He wants to prove to Hana that he is all grown up by carrying out his job flawlessly.

  • Rubbi's cleaning equipment breaks down while sweeping up the junk that Rogi has collected at one side of playground. Rogi, responsible for the cause of the incidient, is given the task to take over Rubbi's job until the equipment is fixed.

  • Heart receives a cute siren as a gift from Hana. Lani, already envious of Heart, becomes even more upset when Heart gets all the attention from everyone. That evening, Heart's siren disappears!

  • Heart, a young girl car, is recently licensed. Just like any other new car, she goes to the auto show to find her new family but she doesn't get chosen by anyone. Heart-broken, she goes out to the street and runs into Hana.

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