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The Tayo the Little Bus series is primarily a children's show that was created in South Korea. It stars Tayo as a playful animated bus who will narrate the show and serve as its primary character. In the English version of the series, he has been dubbed and voiced by Charlie George. Though the series was created in South Korea, it has been rapidly exported to a number of other countries in the world.

There are many other characters that make appearances throughout the course of the series. Tayo is joined by many other primary color buses that will serve as companion characters in most episodes. For example, Rogi is a green bus that is Tayo's best friend in the series. Lani and Gani are two other colored bus characters, who have their own unique personalities and feature prominently in many episodes.

In addition to the bus characters, there are many other anthropomorphic characters in the series. There is Nuri, who is a even keeled yellow Taxi. The series was originally produced in 2010 and typically features 26 episodes per season. The opening song for the series is "Tayo the Little Bus," and the closing song is the onomatopoeic "Vroom, Vroom, Vroom!"

3 Seasons, 78 Episodes
August 23, 2010
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Nolan Balzer, RobYn Slade, Kami Desilets, Kerri Salki
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Tayo the Little Bus Full Episode Guide

  • Tayo and his friends are divided into Team Blue and Team White for the school sports day. Unlike Rogi who is teamed up with all the atheletic friends, Tayo ends up in a team with Lani, Gani and others who are poor at sports...

  • The little buses gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go to rescue Hana. Meanwhile, Hana fixes the wounds of Wooly, and discovers his warm-hearted nature. When the little buses arrive at Bully's castle, they fall into Bully's trap.

  • A space pirate, Bully, keeps chasing after Princess Ray but without success. Bully finds Hana and mistakes her for the princess. Hana gets captured by Bully's gang and the little buses gear up with the help of Princess Ray and go to the rescue...

  • On Christmas eve, Tayo steps out to receive a present from Santa. Tayo's intentions are well meant but he keeps messing up. Meanwhile, Santa's sack of presents gets a hole in it and he ends up dropping them all around the city.

  • Rogi is made fun of at school because he always gets the questions wrong and takes the wrong roads to ride on. In order to restore the others' faith in him, he visits the smart Met and takes special lessons from him.

  • Tayo is upset after being emberrassed because of Hana's clumsiness. Citu tells Tayo how he first met Hana and how she became a mechanic.

  • The construction vehicles are bored with their daily routine of tiring work. For a short break, they perform some acrobatics. Joey the Magician approachs and compliments them on their moves and asks if they would be interested in joining his circus.

  • Tayo and Duri are very impressed by the deeds of superheroes on TV. When they coincidentally help a friend in need and get praised that they are just like superheroes, they get very excited.

  • Heart and Hana come to help Speed who got hurt while fooling around. Speed is attracted to Heart at first sight with her pretty looks and kindness. He makes various plans to become friends with her but things only go wrong.

  • Kuku and Champ visit the city for the first time. Although Kuku is unfamiliar with the area, she is too proud to admit it and ends up acting as if she knows everything. The two of them eventually land in an awkward and even dangerous situation.

  • Pat is working hard to enforce the traffic rules. As he harshly scolds the little buses and kindergarteners, they become more and more scared of Pat. One day, a feather sticks to Pat's back by accident and he can't control his laughter...

  • Bongbong tries to ride on Toto's tow hook for fun but they become stuck together as the pintle breaks. Toto, already late for school, has no choice but to take Bongbong along. And contstantly gets into trouble because of Bongbong's immature actions.

  • One day, Gani coincidentally saves an action star, Reo. He gains fame as a brave bus that saved a superstar and even gets a personal manager for himself. But alternating between his work as a bus and other press schedules constantly tires Gani...

  • The little buses become dejected when they don't have an interesting story to tell at their school presentation on what everyone did over the weekend. The little buses nag Citu to take them somwhere special.

  • One day, Frank heads out to extinguish a fire on top of a skyscraper. While Frank is having trouble reaching the fire on the top storey, Air appears and puts it out. From that day on Frank continues to train hard.

  • Tayo and the little buses are due to start school tomorrow. Tayo is excited and coincidentally runs into Teach who has just moved to the town to attend the same school the next day.

  • Tayo is now familiar with his daily routine and grows annoyed by Hana's concerns. One day, Tayo gets to take care of Bongbong and the other baby cars. He wants to prove to Hana that he is all grown up by carrying out his job flawlessly.

  • Rubbi's cleaning equipment breaks down while sweeping up the junk that Rogi has collected at one side of playground. Rogi, responsible for the cause of the incidient, is given the task to take over Rubbi's job until the equipment is fixed.

  • Heart receives a cute siren as a gift from Hana. Lani, already envious of Heart, becomes even more upset when Heart gets all the attention from everyone. That evening, Heart's siren disappears!

  • Heart, a young girl car, is recently licensed. Just like any other new car, she goes to the auto show to find her new family but she doesn't get chosen by anyone. Heart-broken, she goes out to the street and runs into Hana.

  • Hana, who's been working busily since the morning, finds out that she's all out of maintenance supplies. She looks for the little buses to buy the supplies, but for some reason, she can't find them anywhere.

  • On a cold winter day, the little buses are excited because they hear there's going to be snow, while Hana and Cito are worried about safety on the snowy roads.

  • The little buses and Hana are invited to the countryside by Nana. There they meet new friends Ractor, Champ, and Coco. Everyone is having a good time except Nana's childhood friend Coco who's upset that Nana seems to be praising Tayo all the time.

  • Rogi hears about Frank and Alice who are stressed out because of prank calls, and vows to catch the culprit. He sets out as a self-appointed detective with Gani. The only lead is that the culprit has a deep male voice.

  • Air is a new rescue helicopter that has come to the fire station. Tayo is completely taken with Air after seeing him bravely save people, and asks him to become friends. The other little buses hear about Air and hope they can become friends with him, too.

  • One day, Gani gives Jerry, the neighborhhood's most reckless troublemaker, a ride. Because of Jerry's mischief, Gani finds himself in tough spots every day. While contemplating on how to stop Jerry, Gani turns on the TV installed on the bus.

  • As always, Speed and Shine once again wreck the downtown roads while racing each other at breakneck speed. Rookie and Pat become angry and order them to do something good and receive a stamp.

  • Tayo infiltrates Bully's castle with Quick and finally meets Princess Ray. But when he's about to escape the prison with Princess Ray, the prison gates suddenly close and Tayo is now also trapped in the prison.

  • On the day people say shooting stars will fall, Tayo thinks of Princess Ray of the Clover planet. That night, Tayo and the little buses wake to the sound of Princess Ray's voice calling them from afar.

  • Tayo is envious of the grown-up buses who can drive around until late at night and can sleep in until late in the morning. By chance, Tayo helps a grandmother car, Wizard car who turns out to be a wizard. She says she'll grant him one wish.

  • The princess of a neighbouring country visits Tayo's city, and upon seeing her, Lani desires to become a princess as well. Realizing that she can never become a princess, Lani starts to become ill.

  • Cito always helps the little buses, but he is also sometimes strict. The little buses feel a bit uncomfortable around Cito because he always looks like he knows what he's doing. They think Cito is an entirely different kind of being.

  • Accidents keep happening on the parking lot playground. So Hana decides to elect a playground leader to maintain order on the playground. Lani, Toni, and Speed are all vying for the position, and with Rubby somehow thrown into the mix.

  • One day, Rogi brags about the rubbish he's collected to the little buses. But the other little buses get angry at him because the rubbish is so dirty. The next day on his route, Rogi meets a camping car named Windy who has the same taste as he does.

  • One day, Lani accidentally breaks the car wash. Afraid she'll get scolded, she keeps it a secret. Meanwhile, Rogi declares he'll find the culprit who broke the car wash and, acting like a detective, starts asking the little buses a lot of questions.

  • One day, Tayo finds a treasure map in the storehouse. Greedy for the treasure, each of the little buses try to secretly find the treasure on their own. After pretending to go somewhere else, they each look for the treasure to no avail.

  • All morning, Nuri encounters unfortunate events until eventually, she gets in an accident. While getting repaired, she learns that the little buses are going to ride a cruise ship today.

  • By chance, Tayo saves Nana who was in trouble. Nana lives in the country and she's visiting the city. So when Tayo shows her around the city in a very skillful manner, Nana thinks that Tayo is the boss of the buses.

  • While on their route, Tayo and Rogi save the garbage truck, Rubby, from trouble. Later, they discover an old parking lot by chance and have such fun playing there that they return to the garage late.

  • Nuri had been humiliated at a singing contest she entered with Speed at a taxi get-together. This time she decides to enter with Tayo who can sing well. Suddenly, Rogi imposes himself on them, saying he wants to go, too.

  • Toni is on his usual delivery route when he meets Tayo and gets invited to the garage. In his hurry to finish up his work and go play at the garage, Toni accidently delivers a child's toy to the wrong house.

  • Gani stands in for Cito as a one-day teacher introducing what a bus does to kindergarten students. The heavy vehicles and cool cars like patrol car Pat and fire engine Frank all gather at the education center to participate as a one-day teacher.

  • Upon finding a bus stop covered in graffiti one day, Rookie and Pat decide to investigate. But conflict arises as Rookie wants to use cutting-edge technology while Pat insists they patrol on foot. Caught up in their argument, they lose the culprit.

  • Carry, the carrier car, drops Bong Bong, the baby van, by mistake. Suddenly left all alone, Bong Bong luckily runs into Tayo. They have fun together while Tayo teaches Bong Bong about the traffic rules.

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