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The Canadian television series Testees is a comedy about two men in their 30s who, due to financial troubles, are working as test subjects for a company called Testico. The range of side effects the two have to deal with from the experimental treatments and medication lead to the majority of humor in the series. Ron and Peter, played by Jeff Kassel and Steve Markle respectively, are written in as supine roommates who bring in little to no income. During a couch hunt for money in the first episode, they reluctantly decide to return to Testico after leaving it rather emphatically prior to the shows beginning.

Testees was created by Kenny Hotz. He also wrote and produced the show along with Derek Harvie. Hotz is noted as stating that his inspiration for the show was that he would likely do what his characters do if he didn't work in television. It was filmed in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario; running from October 9th of 2008 to December 18th of the same year. FX debuted the series and it eventually ran on Showcase in Canada not long after its start. Shortly following its single 13-episode season, the show was not renewed by FX.

Much of the shows humor was based around the vulnerabilities people are subject to in a testing site for companies. Various other characters such as Nugget and Larry Robinson provide extra depth to the relationships on the show. Kate Allens character in particular adds some intelligence and a female perspective. Jeff Kassels character, Ron, justifies the work as a service to society, though just like his friend Peter, he wants a better life. Steve Markles character has a much more pessimistic outlook. Even when things seem like they could go his way, he usually ends up experiencing the worst of any side effects or treatment.

Testees is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on October 9, 2008.

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Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 9, 2008
Cast: Jeff Kassel, Ho Chow, Steve Markle, Kenny Hotz, Shauna Macdonald
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Testees Full Episode Guide

  • Ron and Peter are subjected to their most dangerous test yet: Truth Serum. Can their friendship survive this much honesty, or will they be torn apart by the secret of Peter's mysterious past?

  • When Testico refuses to tell Ron and Pete what they are testing, the boys begin to imagine symptoms everywhere. Then they stop eating, sleeping or leaving the apartment as they descend into madness.

  • Nugget moves into Ron and Peter's apartment, to live rent free, after they are blinded by a new shampoo.

  • When the doctors at Testico tell Ron and Peter they've lost the ability to feel pain, they turn into daredevils.

  • Peter becomes totally paralyzed by a potent new muscle relaxant, and must use Ron for his daily care.

  • Ron and Peter must refrain from sex for a week when they test chastity belts.

  • When Ron and Peter face their deaths, they come to the realization that they haven't lived a full life.

  • A spray of pheromone which make men irresistible to women is tested.

  • Ron and Peter test the world's strongest glue and they become closer than they ever thought possible.

  • The boys learn that testing a vacuum cleaner can be harmful.

  • The test subjects lose something near and dear to them and must see how they react to this new realization.

  • A radical new pill has Peter believing he has a miracle growing inside him.