The Best of Bonanza

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Bonanza is a classic western that takes place on a ranch called the Ponderosa in Nevada. This series is about the adventures of the Cartwright family who moved to the west in search of a greater life. The Ponderosa is ran by Ben Cartwright and his spouseless three sons, Hoss, Adam, and Little Joe. Ben Cartwright is a widower and all three of his sons have different mothers. He has had multiple wives due to them each passing away.

The Cartwright family has a reputation of being hardworking, honest, respectable people. They travel by horseback because the Ponderosa is very large in range. This often calls for long trips across the Ponderosa when maintaining their ranch.

This series involves the Cartwright's defending their ranch from intruders, protecting themselves from other citizens who are jealous of their prosperity, and many other obstacles that they encounter on the Ponderosa. The three brothers have several romances, but their love interests tend to fade away or marriage proves impossible.

"The Best of Bonanza" DVD collection features eight original episodes on three DVDs that show the extensive range of this classic western series.

1 Season, 4 Episodes
September 22, 1960
The Best of Bonanza

The Best of Bonanza Full Episode Guide

  • Crooks are seeking the girl Joe has taken in.

  • A gang abducts Joe and his girlfriend.

  • The Cartwritghts care for a motherless boy at the Ponderosa.

  • A shady miner wants land near the Ponderosa.