The Best of Bonanza

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  • 1960
  • 1 Season

The Best of Bonanza is a beloved American television show that aired from 1959 to 1973. The show is a Western drama that was set in the late 1800s in Nevada and follows the lives of the wealthy Cartwright family and their ranch, the Ponderosa. The patriarch of the family is Ben Cartwright, played by Lorne Greene, who is a widower and has three sons: Adam, played by Pernell Roberts, Hoss, played by Dan Blocker, and Little Joe, played by Michael Landon. The show was known for its strong family values and exploring the themes of loyalty, morality, and courage.

The Best of Bonanza showcases the very best of the show's episodic adventures. The series features some of the most iconic and memorable episodes that have become part of American pop culture. From gunfights to cattle rustling, the show has it all.

One of the most renowned episodes is "The Last Hunt," which explores the topic of animal cruelty and its impacts on the environment. In this episode, Ben and his sons go on a hunting trip, but Ben realizes that they're hunting more animals than they need, resulting in a decline in the animal population. The episode ends with the Cartwrights leading a movement to stop reckless hunting in the area.

Another episode that stands out is "The Pressure Game," which showcases the Cartwrights' loyalty towards their friends. In this episode, Ben discovers that a close friend is going to be lynched after being falsely accused of a crime. Despite the odds against them, the Cartwrights use their influence and connections to clear their friend's name.

"The Rival," another classic episode, shows the competitive nature of the Cartwright brothers. In this episode, Hoss and Little Joe both have their eyes on the same girl. However, instead of fighting, they decide to settle their disagreement by having a boxing match. This episode highlights the brothers' close relationship and their willingness to put their differences aside.

The Best of Bonanza also features a range of guest stars such as Betty Davis, Bruce Dern, and Leonard Nimoy. The show has also introduced some of the most timeless catchphrases in television history, such as "Ponderosa, the way of life" and "Eminence Front."

The show was considered groundbreaking for its time due to its progressive portrayal of Native American, Hispanic, and African American characters. The show featured several episodes where the Cartwrights worked with these communities to overcome prejudice and discrimination.

The Best of Bonanza also had a significant impact on the Western genre's representation in popular culture. It became the first Western to be broadcasted in color, and its moral values and family-friendly themes helped reshape the Western genre, making it a more accessible and relatable subject for audiences of all ages.

Overall, The Best of Bonanza showcases the very best of the show's epic tales, iconic characters, and progressive values. It's a must-watch for any TV buff, lovers of Westerns or anyone who wants to experience the magic and mystery of the Old West.

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The Spitfire
4. The Spitfire
Crooks are seeking the girl Joe has taken in.
The Last Viking
3. The Last Viking
A gang abducts Joe and his girlfriend.
Feet of Clay
2. Feet of Clay
The Cartwritghts care for a motherless boy at the Ponderosa.
Bitter Water
1. Bitter Water
A shady miner wants land near the Ponderosa.
  • Premiere Date
    June 23, 1960