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The Bold and the Beautiful is a soap opera that airs on CBS. The show is about the Forrester clan who own a fashion house called Forrester Creations. The head of the company is Eric Forrester. He is a brilliant fashion designer who has four children named Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Felicia with his wife Stephanie.

Stephanie is someone who says what she wants and has a love-hate relationship with Brooke. She sees Brooke as a younger version of herself and wants to keep her away from her family.

Brooke Logan loves men, and the Forrester men love Brooke as well. Brooke first appears as a caterer at a Forrester family function. She is studying chemistry and comes from a middle class family. She instantly takes a liking to Ridge, who is the eldest child of the Forrester's and the child that Stephanie favors the most. The two are always on-again-off-again. Ridge calls her his soul mate, but the timing is never right for the two, and they break up often.

Ridge is a designer and is later revealed to not be Eric's biological son. Ridge eventually marries Taylor, and the two have son Thomas and twins Steffy and Phoebe. Brooke marries Eric, and the couple has two children together named Rick and Bridget. The marriage does not work out because the two love other people.

Early on in the soap opera, Rick is in love with a girl named Amber. She has a son named Little Eric and tries to impress the Forresters because she grew up poor. Stephanie takes a fond liking to her, but Brooke does not approve of the relationship. The relationship with Amber and Rick ends due to trust issues. Amber leaves town and takes her son with her.

Thorne has always lived in his brother Ridge's shadow. He had two great loves in his life. They are Macy and Darla. Macy is Sally Spectra's daughter; she ran a rival fashion house and was an enemy of Stephanie's. Macy allegedly died but was found to be alive years later. Darla was Macy's best friend and really saw her as a sister and Sally as a surrogate mom.

One night Darla and Thorne were together, and the two conceived a child. This stunned Darla, so she offered to give the baby to Macy. Macy eventually dies and the two name their daughter Alexandra to honor her. Darla dies a year later after Taylor Hayes hit her when she was drunk.

Thorne is seen as someone who is steadfast and works hard for the family. Years into the show, it is revealed that Massimo Marone fathered Ridge. Stephanie knowingly passed him off as Eric's child. Jacqueline Payne also had a son with Massimo and his name is Nick Payne.

Brooke and Bridget have a good mother-daughter relationship, but that was shaken when Brooke slept with Bridget's husband Deacon. Brooke became pregnant with her son in law's child and tried to pass it off as Whip's.

Whip used this information to his advantage to try to advance his career at Forrester Creations. He ended up developing a soft spot for Brooke after tormenting her for months. The truth came out, and Brooke named her daughter Hope.

Nick and Brooke have a romance, but she, as always, goes back to Ridge. She has a baby and does not know who the father is. The baby is later named R.J after it is proven that Ridge is in fact his biological father. She also has a son named Jack that her nemesis Taylor gave birth to after her frozen eggs were mixed up with Taylor's.

Stephanie and Brooke have an interesting relationship. No matter what has happened the two always are within each other's orbit. When Stephanie was dying from lung cancer and was in the woods, Brooke was whose arms she died in. It was an interesting way to put their rivalry to rest for eternity.

Weekdays 1:30 PM et/pt on CBS
27 Seasons, 3591 Episodes
March 23, 1987
Cast: Katherine Kelly Lang, Ronn Moss, Susan Flannery, John McCook
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The Bold and the Beautiful Full Episode Guide

  • Steffy presents Dollar Bill with a major stipulation when she offers to mediate between he and Liam.

  • Steffy coerces Bill into looking inward and making an admission of guilt regarding Liam.

  • Eric is forced to deal with the aftermath of Quinn's cruel behavior towards Katie.

  • Brooke confesses to Rick and Maya the messy details about her breakup with Bill.

  • Brooke gives Ridge a bit of insight as to why she left Bill

  • Liam finds himself on the receiving end of Bill's wrath about Brooke and their imploding marriage.

  • Katie covers about her own passion with Wyatt, when querying Brooke about her relationships with Bill and Ridge.

  • Bill sees red when Justin gives him the 411 on Liam's exorbitant spending at Spencer Publications.

  • Liam makes it crystal clear to Sally that their trip to San Francisco is strictly business.

  • Wyatt confides in Katie his fears about the future of the Spencer family.

  • Wyatt proves to Bill that his loyalty and dedication is to him and to Spencer Publications.

  • Liam surprises Sally with a gift to assist with the refurbishing of Spectra Fashions.

  • Sheila concocts a plan that she is confident will make her that next Mrs. Eric Forrester.

  • Eric hires an estate manager to assist in maintaining the Forrester mansion and its surrounding property.

  • Feeling as if he has lost everything, Bill finds out that he has a friend, and a supporter, in Steffy.

  • Rick, Maya and Katie attempt to console Brooke, who eventually breaks down and confides in Katie about why she left Bill.

  • An emotional Brooke forces the mighty Bill Spencer to face the fact that he must suffer the consequences for his heartless actions.

  • Bill makes a desperate plea to Brooke to forgive him for his misdeeds.

  • Ridge jumps at the opportunity to provoke Bill about his troubles with Brooke.

  • Steffy makes a shocking request of Brooke to save Liam and Bill from having an all-out war.

  • Feeling that he should have been the chosen one, Wyatt is baffled as to why Bill would name Liam the new CEO of Spencer Publications.

  • Unable to help themselves, Quinn's visit to Sheila turns into a no-holds barred catfight.

  • Steffy displays her concern for Liam and Bill's relationship by attempting to speak with each of them individually.

  • Sally excitedly shares the news of an unexpected gracious gift, and Spectra Fashions, with the rest of the gang.

  • Sally's outlook about her future goes from one spectrum to the other, when she receives bad news and then receives great news.

  • Brooke tries desperately to put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding Bill's astonishing news.

  • Steffy unknowingly interrupts Katie's secret liaison with Wyatt when she arrives unannounced.

  • Sally pays a visit to Steffy to inform her of her future business and personal plans.

  • Maya becomes insecure when she witnesses the closeness between Nicole and Lizzy.

  • With the unwilling assistance of Charlie, Sheila concocts a plan to ensure that Eric becomes hers.

  • Liam struggles between losing his relationship with his father or living with the guilt of knowing what Bill has done.

  • Ridge becomes a voice of reason between Eric and Quinn who disagree about Sheila's motives.

  • Ridge becomes a voice of reason between Eric and Quinn who disagree about Sheila's motives.

  • Eric plays referee between Quinn and Sheila before announcing one of them as victorious.

  • Quinn and Sheila go for "Round Two" when Quinn discovers the secret that Sheila has been keeping.

  • Sally has a revealing conversation with Thomas before the start of her official fashion show; Bill unleashes his devious plan to build his skyscraper at the expense of Spectra Fashions.

  • Brooke and Ivy try to get answers from Steffy about Thomas being in New York; Bill tells Liam what he wants to hear, and then he orders Justin to take care of business and come up with a plan B.

  • Brooke questions Eric's decision to help Sheila; Katie and Wyatt's relationship advances to the next level.

  • During an interview, Sally to Liam's emotional side by explaining why she intends to carry on the Spectra business.

  • Eric's ultimatum to Sheila forces her to go to extreme measures to get him to reconsider.

  • Eric and Quinn greatly differ about what to do regarding Sheila's condition, which was brought on by Quinn.

  • Quinn's problems concerning Sheila escalate rapidly and are worse than she previously thought.

  • Eric advises Sheila regarding her future plans to live in Los Angeles.

  • Steffy gloats to Sally about Spectra Fashions' current predicament.

  • Liam learns interesting information about his own family from Sally.

  • Upon hearing the news about Eric and Quinn, Sheila vows to be the next Forrester matriarch.

  • Ridge is put on the defensive when Steffy confronts him about his intentions towards Quinn.

  • Katie becomes uncomfortable when Wyatt broaches their flirtations in Monte Carlo.

  • Katie fills Wyatt in on her suspicions regarding Zende and Maya.

  • Zende is hurt when Nicole decides to skip out on a party that commemorates Zende's accomplishment.

  • Zende is hurt when Nicole decides to skip out on a party that commemorates Zende's accomplishment.

  • Bill subtly plays on Thomas' emotions regarding Caroline and Douglas while on the flight to Monte Carlo.

  • Brooke reprimands RJ and Coco about the dangers of distracted driving.

  • Ridge demands that Steffy reveal Eric's whereabouts.

  • Sheila uses Eric's anger to her advantage in an attempt to earn his trust.

  • Bill vows to do everything in his power to reunite Caroline and Thomas while getting rid of Sally.

  • Sheila worries she will lose all of her progress with Eric when Steffy shows up to take him home.

  • Sally invites Caroline to lunch with the intentions of getting her to back off of Thomas.

  • Ridge comes clean to Steffy with his version of the affair with Quinn.

  • Steffy learns that Ridge is the reason for the current rift in the Forrester family.

  • Steffy and Liam look for Eric after learning that he is in hiding with Sheila.

  • Quinn worries about the future of her marriage after learning that Eric has moved out of the mansion.

  • Charlie suspects that Sheila has an ulterior motive when she makes him a tempting proposition.

  • Thomas sees a softer side of Sally when she describes her family dynamics.

  • Coco is put on the hot seat by Brooke about her having placed herself and RJ at risk.

  • Coco takes complete responsibility for her and RJ's mishap.

  • Bill is unable to let go of finding out the real reason why Brooke and Ridge ended their engagement in Australia.

  • Ridge explains the consequences that he and Quinn could face if the truth about their affair is revealed.

  • Quinn and Ridge contemplate how much longer they should keep their secret from Eric.

  • Katie recruits the Forrester Creations staff to model in a photo shoot to promote the new swimwear line; Thomas and Sally concoct a plan to ensure that the new Spectra collection stands out from their competitors.

  • Steffy and Katie reach out to Spencer Publications to team up on the new swimwear campaign for Forrester Creations; Charlie can't let go of his fixation with Ridge and Quinn's alleged affair, in spite of Pam's insistence that he stop.

  • Julius shocks the family when he unleashes his pent-up feelings regarding Maya being Lizzy's mother; Steffy contemplates Katie's idea about how to launch the new summer collection.

  • RJ and Coco make their relationship official, following months of flirting and canoodling; the issue regarding Lizzy's adoption papers becomes a point of contention for everyone in the Avant family.

  • Ridge assures Quinn that Eric will never find out about their affair, but his gift to her states otherwise.

  • Nicole and Zende have their first major disagreement as a married couple.

  • Nicole has a difficult time following through with a long-ago made promise to a family member.

  • Unable to keep it from her any longer, Rick reveals to Maya the urgent family issue that Carter recently brought to his attention.

  • Quinn learns that her past evil actions towards others really do have consequences.

  • Eric becomes determined to get to the bottom of the threat against Quinn.

  • Liam endeavors to steer Bill away from continuing his quest in making the Spectra's building his own.

  • Steffy accuses Sally of using Thomas for her own personal and financial gain.

  • Thomas attempts to play mediator between a quarreling Steffy and Sally over lunch; Katie must respond to severe allegations by Quinn to the police.

  • Carter's timing of presenting Rick with a legal matter couldn't come at a worse time.

  • Quinn confides in Ridge her fears about returning to work.

  • The issue of parenting becomes an contentious topic within a dysfunctional family.

  • Rick has a disconcerting interaction with a family member that he just can't shake.

  • Steffy goes to confront Sally to assure her that Spectra Fashions will never be true competition for Forrester Creations.

  • Katie becomes suspicious of what is really going on at the Forrester Mansion when she learns that Ridge is now living on the property.

  • Ridge attempts to calm Quinn's fears by suggesting a way to suffice Katie enough to keep her quiet.

  • Katie threatens vengeance when Quinn stands in the way of her career goals.

  • Thomas is given a second chance at redeeming himself with his family.

  • Nicole makes one last attempt to find out if her ultimate objective is attainable.

  • Julius and Vivienne fear that the recent turn of events may cause a rift in their family.

  • While in Paris for a major photo shoot, Maya receives news that puts a plans for the future on hold.

  • Nicole suffers defeat after learning that her one chance to achieve a lifelong goal has already been used.

  • Bill has the bittersweet pleasure of informing Ridge about Thomas' recent gallant behavior that will cause them both financial losses.

  • Zende gets a great opportunity at Forrester Creations; Bill informs Ridge about Thomas' behavior, which, while gallant, will cause financial losses for both Bill and Ridge.

  • Thomas becomes Sally's knight in shining armor during her greatest hour of need; Steffy has no regrets about her actions, even though they could cause strife in her family.

  • Bill pays a visit to Spectra Fashions with every intention of obtaining ownership of the property; Steffy reveals information to Thomas, and this makes him change his mind about Sally and her company.

  • The soon-to-be unemployed Spectra staff pack up the offices and Sally prepares to leave Los Angeles; Liam breaks Bill's confidence and divulges the secret about his father and Spectra Fashions.

  • Ridge wants Brooke to be certain that she's over him before she marries Bill; Thomas makes an admission to Steffy about going against the Forrester family's wishes, and he tells her why he did it.

  • Sally is summoned to the judge's chambers for a pretrial deposition to learn her fate; a chance run-in at Il Giardino leads to an awkward lunch between Brooke and Ridge.

  • Bill strikes a deal with CJ to buy the Spectra building; Nicole takes matters into her own hands after Zende returns from a meeting with Steffy feeling defeated.

  • Zende surprises Nicole with a confession he's never shared with anyone else; Sally informs her employees that Spectra Fashions is shutting its doors for good.

  • Katie's presence at work causes Quinn unbearable anxiety; Ridge feels pangs of guilt as Eric advises him on how to win back Brooke's heart.

  • Sally makes a heartfelt appeal to Thomas before learning whether there will be charges against her; Shirley worries about the future of Spectra Fashions, but Saul's thoughts are elsewhere.

  • Thomas begins to have second thoughts about supporting his family's intent to prosecute Sally; Sally learns the hard way the consequences of orchestrating the Forrester Creations' designs heist.

  • Bill is grateful for his reunion with Brooke, but he wants to know why she ended her engagement to Ridge; Coco is torn between her family and her first love after being asked to turn on one of them.

  • Sally is caught off guard by Coco's response to her offer; RJ is put on the spot when his family recruits him to complete an uncomfortable task.

  • Coco weighs her future career options following her banishment from Forrester Creations; Ridge and Steffy decide to exact revenge on Spectra Fashions by getting Lt. Baker involved.

  • Ridge attempts to heal his heartbreak by replacing the designs stolen by Spectra Fashions; Katie has a much different opinion than Quinn regarding a suitable position for her at Forrester Creations.

  • Brooke surprises Bill with some of his favorite things to show her appreciation for his persistence and loyalty; Ridge quickly catches on to Katie's scheme to get back at Quinn for her previous misdeeds.

  • Brooke returns to Bill something that's important to him; Katie makes an unannounced visit to Quinn with expectations to collect on a promise previously made.

  • Coco angrily confronts Sally for using her to steal the Forresters' designs without her knowledge; Steffy forbids Thomas and RJ from having contact with the Spectras.

  • The Forresters call an emergency meeting to deal with the ramifications of the Spectra fashion show; in spite of the tremendous success of the new collection, Sally has deep regret subsequent to her run-in with Thomas.

  • Coco learns that she was a pawn in her family's plan to garner success for their company.

  • Bill shares with Wyatt the plan he has for the old Spectra building when he finally gets his hands on it.

  • Sally and Shirley juggle planning the debut of their HOT new line and keeping Coco away from the stolen designs.

  • Having had to prove her loyalty to Forrester Creations time and time again, RJ assures Coco that he has her back.

  • Separately, Thomas and Sally turn to their loved ones for comfort about their loss of the other.

  • The Spectra clan hits the jackpot when their plan of espionage finally pays off.

  • Darlita receives the surprise of her life while watching the feed from Coco's spy camera.

  • Thomas becomes defensive when Steffy chides him about taking Sally to her wedding.

  • Katie enjoys torturing Quinn with holding the information which could destroy her marriage to Eric.

  • Katie confronts Quinn about her affair and Eric's right to know about it.

  • Coco and RJ get to know each other better by revealing moments from their respective pasts.

  • Distrustful of the Spectra family, Zende keeps a close watch on Coco as she and RJ handle Forrester Creations' newest designs.

  • Quinn feels immense guilt when Eric plans a romantic last evening for them in Australia.

  • Back in Los Angeles, the Forrester family eagerly anticipate details regarding the weddings in Australia.

  • Ridge and Quinn anxiously await word about their fates.

  • Brooke and Eric reminisce about the thirty years that they have known, and loved each other.

  • Sally is torn between her mission of stealing Forrester designs and her growing feelings for Thomas.

  • Eric and Quinn enjoy a day of exploring the Sydney Harbor as Sally anticipates surprising Thomas with her arrival.

  • Spying on Ridge and Quinn mid-flight, Katie witnesses something between the two that convinces her that they are up to no good.

  • Much to Saul's chagrin, Sally decides to take Thomas up on his offer and books a cheap plane ticket Down Under.

  • Eric, Ridge and Brooke relish in the fact that things are on the uptake for the Forrester family.

  • The Forrester Creations staff throws Steffy and Liam a surprise wedding shower.

  • Charlie attempts to convince a disbelieving Pam that something is going on between Ridge and Quinn.

  • Sally feels guilty when she gives an unsuspecting Coco special jewelry that holds a hidden camera.

  • While Saul works to install spy equipment in Coco's jewelry, Sally gives him a rare glimpse into her past, her upbringing and most importantly, her parents.

  • Ridge and Quinn express their feelings towards each other and discuss the next step in their relationship.

  • Charlie confesses to Pam about suspicions he has regarding Ridge and Quinn's loyalty to their significant others.

  • Thomas and RJ are met with significant resistance from the rest of the Forrester Creations crew regarding the new intern's employment.

  • RJ takes a special interest in Forrester Creations' most recent intern applicant.

  • Sally and Shirley take drastic measures to infiltrate Forrester Creations.

  • Shirley advises Sally to take a page out of the original Spectra Fashion playbook regarding their future designs.

  • Bill meets with a shady business associate to ensure that he acquires his intended real estate investment.

  • Spectra Fashions debuts their first collection in an intimate and informal setting.

  • Bill uses his position of power to make sure that Spectra Fashions' first preview is a failure.

  • Ridge reveals an inner most thought about himself to Brooke, after asking her if she still wants to marry him.

  • Bill pays a visit to Brooke with the intent of putting doubts in her mind about marrying Ridge.

  • Steffy finds herself in a familiar circumstance of which she previously gained unfavorable social media attention.

  • During the wedding ceremony, guests collectively bond over the love and happiness radiating from the bride and groom.

  • Quinn fights with territorial feelings in her home and the draw that she feels towards Ridge.

  • Sasha returns to town with hopes of redeeming herself with Nicole and the Avant family.

  • Steffy makes a decision about how to handle her recent portrayal on social media.

  • Brooke confronts Katie about her developing feelings for a married man.

  • Steffy makes an attempt to resolve her issues with Thomas over lunch at Il Giardino.

  • Brooke confides in Bill the true reason why she felt the need to leave town for so long.

  • Ridge confesses to Brooke about the secret that he and Quinn have been keeping.

  • Brooke questions Ridge about what went on between him and Quinn while she was in Europe.

  • Steffy confronts Quinn about her sudden change in attitude towards Ridge and suggestion for his new position within the company.

  • Liam becomes even more suspicious of Quinn's motives when Steffy tells him of Ridge's new position.

  • Thomas unloads about his family and career frustrations to a friendly stranger over drinks at Il Giardino.

  • Steffy and Liam reminisce about their past weddings while preparing for their next one..

  • Quinn gives Ridge more of a reason to accept her as a valuable member of the Forrester family.

  • Ridge is taken aback when Quinn makes him an extremely generous offer.

  • Quinn gives Eric an idea of a way to bring his family closer together again.

  • Wyatt selflessly gives Steffy what she needs so that she may start the life that she's been wanting.

  • Quinn has a greater appreciation for Eric after her trip to San Francisco with Ridge.

  • Liam puts his foot down with Steffy regarding the direction of their relationship.

  • Ridge witnesses a softer side of Quinn and has a better understanding of what makes her tick.

  • Wyatt attempts to get Liam to admit that Quinn has some positive attributes.

  • Eric unknowingly hands Ridge an opportunity to get back at Quinn.

  • Wyatt attempts to get Steffy to realize how more love and support he has for her than Liam.

  • Steffy ponders about how to deal with Wyatt while they await their divorce.

  • Brooke gives Ridge a perfect opportunity to get Quinn out of their lives for good.

  • Liam pressures Ridge to follow through with his plan to rid their lives of Quinn; Eric, Quinn and Wyatt make an enticing presentation to Steffy about what her future could hold.

  • Ridge pays Eric a visit in an attempt to get him to change his mind about the CEO position; Quinn confides in Ivy the current struggles she's been faced with in her marriage and in the office.

  • Ivy confronts Quinn about what she witnessed in the steam room; Eric makes it clear to Steffy that he prefers she to be with Wyatt instead of Liam.

  • Ridge artfully evades Brooke's many questions regarding Quinn.

  • When word spreads about Brooke and Ridge's wedding being called off, the family scrambles to get answers.

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