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  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.0  (138)

Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty is an American reality television show that aired on A&E for two seasons from 2016-2017. The show follows the Robertson family, known for their popular reality series Duck Dynasty, as they navigate the challenges of running their successful business ventures and raising their expanding family.

The stars of the show are Jep and Jessica Robertson, who both come from humble beginnings in Louisiana. Jep, the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, was introduced on Duck Dynasty and quickly became a fan favorite. His wife, Jessica, is a member of the Robertson family by marriage and has brought a new dynamic to the show with her fun-loving personality and strong faith.

The couple has four children: Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River. Throughout the show, viewers get an intimate look into the Robertson's family life as they juggle the responsibilities of raising their children, running multiple businesses, and maintaining their close-knit relationships with one another.

One of the main focuses of the show is the family's various business ventures. Jep and Jessica run their own successful clothing line, Lucca, which targets both kids and adults. The couple also owns a food truck business, Jep's Southern Roots, which serves up delicious meals inspired by their southern roots. As entrepreneurs, the couple faces challenges such as expanding their businesses and managing their finances, all while staying true to their values and beliefs.

Another key element of the show is the family's strong faith and their commitment to giving back to their community through various charitable endeavors. The Robertsons are known for their philanthropy and are actively involved in organizations that support their beliefs and values, such as the Mia Moo Fund, which raises awareness and funds for cleft lip and palate research and treatment.

The show also explores the family's personal struggles and triumphs. One of the most emotional storylines involves their youngest son, River, who was adopted from China as a baby and has struggled with speech delays and other developmental challenges. The Robertsons are open about their journey with River and share the difficulties they face as they try to provide him with the best care and support possible.

Throughout the series, viewers see the Robertsons face life's ups and downs with unwavering faith and a strong family bond. The show offers an honest and heartfelt look into their lives, showcasing the importance of family, faith, and hard work.

Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty was well-received by viewers who appreciated the family's authenticity and relatability. Fans of Duck Dynasty were pleased to see more of the Robertson family on television and enjoyed the added insight into their daily lives. The show was praised for its positive messages and the family's commitment to faith, family, and community.

Overall, Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty is a heartwarming and uplifting show that offers viewers a glimpse into the world of the Robertson family. With an emphasis on family, faith, and hard work, the show encourages viewers to embrace their own values and build strong relationships with those around them.

Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on January 20, 2016.

Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty
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Buy, Buy, This American Pie
13. Buy, Buy, This American Pie
April 5, 2017
After a disappointing grand opening for their food truck, Jep and Jess agree to cater a friend's party to drum up business. Meanwhile, Priscilla proves she is quite the businesswoman while selling chocolate for her soccer team's fundraiser.
Toys R Gus
12. Toys R Gus
March 29, 2017
Jep takes Martin and Godwin on a mystery camping trip, but when they find out they're camping in line for a new video game release, they are not impressed. Meanwhile, Jess is on a quest to find Gus' favorite toy, knowing that he can't sleep without it.
Hire Learning
11. Hire Learning
March 29, 2017
Jep and Jessica struggle to find potential employees for their food truck; Lily and Merritt make a mistake after they are hired to housesit for Uncle Alan.
LARPe Diem
10. LARPe Diem
March 22, 2017
Worried that River spends too much time playing video games, Jep teams up with Martin to come up with an activity to get River outside. Jess and Kathy squabble over which one of them is the rightful owner of a raffle prize, with Gus stuck in the middle.
The Perfect Swarm
9. The Perfect Swarm
March 22, 2017
A grease fire at home leads Jep to educate the kids about emergency preparedness. Jess and Kathy explore the honey-making process in hopes of adding another potential revenue stream to the food truck.
Grandma's Ploy
8. Grandma's Ploy
March 15, 2017
After Lily and Merritt beg to babysit Gus on their own, Jep reluctantly agrees on one condition - that they all take baby CPR. Meanwhile, Kathy and Miss Kay compete in a Battle of the Grandmas.
Enemy of the Skate
7. Enemy of the Skate
March 15, 2017
After Jep gets injured working on the food truck, Merritt is concerned he won't be able to accompany her to father-daughter skate day. Kathy helps Priscilla prepare for the school play by becoming her acting coach.
Snoop, There It Is
6. Snoop, There It Is
March 8, 2017
After Miss Kay gets the kids sugar-crazed, Jess decides the family is going to eliminate sugar from their diets for 7 days. Meanwhile, Jep gets himself into a jam while trying to snoop on Lily's diary.
Shock and Bra
5. Shock and Bra
March 8, 2017
A trip to the mall turns awkward for Jep when Lily mentions she needs a new bra. Meanwhile, Jess takes River to Austin to have a mystery ailment diagnosed.
Kick 'Em the Bird
4. Kick 'Em the Bird
March 1, 2017
Jess resists becoming a “soccer mom” while preparing Priscilla for soccer tryouts. Meanwhile, Jep tries to take the rest of the kids bird watching for some quality time outdoors, but gets side tracked when he learns there are cash prizes for finding rare birds.
Food Fighters
3. Food Fighters
March 1, 2017
Jep and Jessica disagree over what to serve on their food truck, so they take their recipes to the farmer's market to see what the locals prefer. Meanwhile, Si teaches River how to get creative and make his own toys from random items in the woods.
Home Is Where the Chart Is
2. Home Is Where the Chart Is
February 22, 2017
Jessica's mother, Kathy, moves into the house and Jep insists on initiating her. Meanwhile, Jep and Jessica prepare to finalize baby Gus's adoption.
Maid to Order
1. Maid to Order
February 22, 2017
Jep reveals to his family that he's breaking into the food truck business. When Jessica protests, Jep agrees to hire someone to help her around the house. Meanwhile, Jessica has a surprise of her own for Jep.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 20, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (138)