The Flog

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The Flog is a television series that is hosted by Felicia Day. In every episode, she discuses a variety of different topics that she feels like speaking about on that day. This show has a variety of different topics, and viewers can always expect something new and unexpected from the previous one.

Geek & Sundry
1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 2, 2012
Arts & Culture, Comedy, Documentary & Biography, Reality
Cast: Felicia Day
The Flog

The Flog Full Episode Guide

  • Felicia leaps, flips, and pounces through her freerunning tutorial.

  • Felicia and Jeff Lewis test their patience by assembling a wardrobe.

  • Felicia and Kim Evey soar through the air on trapeze.

  • Felicia makes a hat.

  • Felicia and Sean Plott design perfume.

  • Felicia teaches her dog Cubby some new tricks.

  • Felicia and Morgan Webb master the art of archery.

  • Felicia learns CPR.

  • Felicia takes the sport of Yo-Yo for a spin.

  • Felicia operates some heavy machinery.

  • Felicia swing dances with KevJumba.

  • Join Felicia as she goes Neo-Victorian!

  • Felicia plays with fire as she learns how to blacksmith!