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The Fungies! is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on August 20, 2020.

The Fungies! is available for streaming on the HBO Max website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Fungies! on demand at HBO Max online.

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1 Season, 20 Episodes
August 20, 2020
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The Fungies! Full Episode Guide

  • Seth tries to get the kids interested in his pumpkin garden by making it into a contest, but a healthy competition soon turns to all out war! Can Seth reunite the class to save the town from a new danger?

  • When Pam is chased by a huge scary dinosaur, a concerned Seth invites her to live with him in Fungietown. Pam adapts to city living, but the Fungies' newfound love for Pam attracts attention, putting the entire town in danger!

  • Seth wants his mom to have the best birthday ever, so he creates his own currency in order to buy her an expensive gift. But he learns a little too late that counterfeiting is a crime, putting Nancy's birthday at risk of being ruined.

  • Seth is having a hard time sharing a room with messy Pascal and needs a change. But instead of being honest about the situation, Seth makes Pascal a mermaid tail so that his brother can finally move out - into the ocean!

  • When Pascal becomes obsessed with a group of cool kids, Seth promises to use his science skills to help Pascal become cool. But is coolness as cool as it seems?

  • After a beautiful statue makes Nevin self-conscious about his own looks, Seth helps seal Nevin in a cocoon so that he may turn into a beautiful butterfly.

  • When Seth agrees to let an athletic snake replace his arm so he can finally be good at volleyball, he learns he doesn't need a fancy snake arm to make his teammates happy; he just needs to try.

  • Seth, frustrated that the Fancies are too caught up in the Fanciest Fancy pageant to listen to his warning about a fungus-eating bacteria, enters the pageant to get his message out. But when he gets sucked into the pageant, he'll have to face the consequences of getting distracted.

  • Seth, eager to explore the stars and find a fellow explorer, sends a signal to space. But the explorer who receives the message, Commander Beefy, has his own shady plans for Earth.

  • Seth wants to help sad, immobile Sir Tree feel the joy that comes from helping others, so he has the brilliant idea of planting Sir Tree inside Pascal's body! But when Sir Tree's absence causes soil erosion and mudslides, Seth has to convince Sir Tree that the best way to help is to return to his hole before Fancytown is destroyed.

  • Hide and Pam: Pam learns to play hide and seek a little too well.Chair Factory: Seth improves productivity at the Fancytown chair factory.Turtle: Seth brings a shy turtle for show and tell.Rainy Day: Cool James teaches the other kids how to have fun making music on a rainy day.Best Friends Club: Lil' Lemon and Nevin hold the first meeting of the Best Friends Club.

  • Seth leads a group of kids into a haunted mine in an effort to prove that everything has a scientific explanation and that there's no reason to be afraid ghosts. But things get spooky when they encounter a ghost that Seth doesn't have a scientific explanation for. Seth has to learn to give into his fear in order to and solve the mystery of the mine ghost.

  • Seth neglects his babysitting duties to do his own thing and winds up losing the twins to an army of ants! On his undercover mission to get back the Twins, Seth learns to appreciate his siblings even if they're a little annoying at times.

  • Seth and Claudette are given a weekend project as punishment for disrupting class. But when Seth finds himself marooned on a boat in the middle of the ocean with Claudette, will he finally learn to listen? Or will the huge storm sink their ship?

  • Seth's desire to help Nancy with her job at the hospital results in chaos when he, without Nancy's knowledge, plays doctor on sick Fancies. Seth has to admit his wrongdoing and listen to his mom in order to set things right.

  • When Seth borrows Pascal's mustache for a day at the beach, the Triloknights think he's an adult! While Seth loves the respect and attention, is he really ready for adulthood? And marriage?

  • While exploring, Seth finds an egg and really wants to know what's inside it! But when Pam's egg-hatching instincts kick into gear, Seth will have to learn to trust her, and nature.

  • On the verge of a scientific discovery, Seth and the other Fancies are forced inside when the town is invaded by cow-like Truffalo! But when Seth traps the Truffalo in order to resume his science, he causes an environmental chain reaction that threatens to destroy Fancytown.

  • Seth, desperately wanting his classmates to pay attention to the presentations he's excited to share with them, pushes himself too hard and gets sick! It takes a face-to-face encounter with his rival to show Seth that it doesn't matter what his classmates think, as long as he likes what he's doing.

  • Seth wants to bring snow home so it'll earn him a coveted spot on his mom's prized shelf of "stuff her kids gave her." When he repeatedly tries and fails to bring the snow back before it melts, he uses science to figure out a way to get it home intact.