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  • 2020
  • 3 Seasons

The Fungies! is a vibrant and playful animated series that takes audiences on a journey into a colorful prehistoric world filled with its own unique creatures, landscapes, and adventures. The series follows the misadventures of Seth, a young and curious mushroom boy, and his friends, as they navigate a world of strange creatures, ancient landmarks, and otherworldly phenomena that are both wondrous and dangerous.

The show's unique art style is immediately noticeable, with its bright colors, bold linework, and exaggerated character designs that bring the world of The Fungies! to life. Viewers will be drawn in by the beautifully rendered backgrounds and playful visual gags that complement the show's lighthearted tone.

At the heart of the show is Seth, who serves as the audience surrogate as he learns about his world and interacts with its many inhabitants. He's a curious and impulsive young mushroom, who is always eager to explore new places and try new things, but often finds himself getting into trouble. Luckily, he has a group of loyal friends who help him out of sticky situations and share in his adventures.

Seth's best friend is Pascal, a clever and resourceful dinosaur who serves as Seth's advisor and sounding board. Pascal is quick to come up with innovative solutions to problems and is always looking out for his friend. Other cast members include Potato, a spunky potato who is a bit of a daredevil, and Melissa, a friendly but sometimes absent-minded mushroom with a big heart.

The Fungies! is a show that fires the imagination and encourages viewers to explore their own world with curiosity and wonder. The world-building is rich and compelling, with each episode unveiling new locations, creatures, and magical phenomena. Many of the stories are based on real scientific concepts, from the physics of time travel to the workings of the human brain.

The show's humor is always engaging, with jokes that often layer physical comedy, witty wordplay, and pop culture references. Whether it's a playful jab at Jurassic Park or a nod to classic cartoons, viewers of all ages will find something to enjoy and appreciate.

Overall, The Fungies! is an imaginative and playful animated series that offers a feast for the senses and the intellect. With its eye-catching designs, engaging characters, and thought-provoking stories, it's the perfect show for families, friends, and anyone who loves good storytelling.

The Fungies! is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on August 20, 2020.

The Fungies!
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Lost Fungies
20. Lost Fungies
December 16, 2021
Seth wants to discover an oasis in the desert, but failure has shattered his confidence! To help encourage his brother, Pascal draws Seth into a constellation. But Seth becomes too confident, and they soon end up in over their heads.
Miner's Market
19. Miner's Market
December 16, 2021
To prove he's old enough to ride with his dads on the mine carts, Holk is put in charge of their table at the Miner's Market. But when Holk loses valuable black opals, he must get them back before his dads find out!
Mission Shania
18. Mission Shania
December 16, 2021
When Seth and Shania's plans see a movie are derailed by Shania's obligations at home, Seth steps in, but his lack of understanding about his friend's home life soon leads to catastrophe.
Mifflin's Replacement
17. Mifflin's Replacement
December 16, 2021
Everyone thinks Nevin's new kitten is better than his older cat, Mifflin. But when Seth discovers the kitten is really a tiny Fungie burglar in disguise, it's up to Mifflin to stop the thief and save Seth!
The Lord & the Layabout
16. The Lord & the Layabout
December 16, 2021
Hoping to escape his obligations, Lord Clawly switches places with Pascal to enjoy a day at the fair. But Pascal isn't caught up on all his Lordly protocols and ends up in a joust to the death.
Teacher Terry's Day Off
15. Teacher Terry's Day Off
December 16, 2021
After Teacher Terry takes a much-needed day off, the class secretly works on a plan to keep her relaxed. But when Teacher Terry notices the unseen forces, she assumes she's the victim of a conspiracy.
Nancy and the Rodeo
14. Nancy and the Rodeo
December 16, 2021
Wanting to make her kids happy, Nancy joins a rodeo put on by The Mayor. But Seth, Pascal, and The Twins are only doing the rodeo because they think it'll make Nancy happy! Will this family learn to communicate before it's too late?
Simple Beefy
13. Simple Beefy
December 16, 2021
When Beefy is forced to crash with Sir Tree after losing everything to his sister, Sir Tree teaches him the wonders of living simply.
The Edge
12. The Edge
December 16, 2021
After a run-in with some crabs, Pam worries she's lost her "edge," so she recruits Seth for a trip to the Badlands to help get it back. A tough old ankylosaur named Scrandice helps, but will her harsh lessons be too much for Seth and Pam?
Messy Locker
11. Messy Locker
December 16, 2021
Seth hates cleaning, so he gets help tidying up his locker from Commander Beefy - who turns the mess into a gross monster! Can Seth buckle down and clean up this mess monster before it destroys the school?
Too Many Grandpas
10. Too Many Grandpas
December 16, 2021
Nevin can't get enough love from Grannie Grancie, but there's only so much she can give! Nevin and his friends decide to set Granny up with four eligible grandpas, but when the plan backfires, will they be able to get rid of the suitors?
Virtual Boys
9. Virtual Boys
December 16, 2021
When Seth and Pascal get stuck inside on a rainy day, they decide to buy a VR game from Commander Beefy. It's all fun and games until Seth's competitiveness hurts Pascal's feelings - and gets him trapped in the game!
Sir Tree's Sick
8. Sir Tree's Sick
December 16, 2021
After giving Sir Tree root rot, Seth promises to do everything he can to make his friend feel better. But soon Sir Tree gets a little too used to Seth's attention, and pretends to be sick even when he's better!
Pascal's Big Fan
7. Pascal's Big Fan
December 16, 2021
When Pascal's dream of having his art in the Fungarium is shattered, he runs away to mope. There, a dangerous spinosaurus falls in love with his paintings! But what will Pascal do when the Spino becomes too big a fan?
Billy Fungie
6. Billy Fungie
December 16, 2021
Seth and his friends win tickets to a Billy Fungie concert, where they discover that Billy is actually three different fungies combined! But when the friends accidentally break Billy up, they must reunite him before the town goes nuts.
Beefy Cruise
5. Beefy Cruise
December 16, 2021
Hoping to spot an iceberg, Seth convinces Pascal to captain Beefy's cruise ship. But when Pascal becomes determined to destroy the iceberg, Seth must try to bring his brother back to reality.
You've Got Whale
4. You've Got Whale
December 16, 2021
When Pascal falls in love, his insecurities lead him to pretend to be something he's not: a giant prehistoric whale! But when Pascal's dishonesty endangers his brother, it's up to Nancy to save Seth before he's digested.
Pam's Big Break
3. Pam's Big Break
December 16, 2021
After breaking both her legs, Pam finds it impossible to rest, until Seth sets her up in his attic with a view of the apartment building next door for some chill fungie-watching. She isn't interested... until faced with a captivating mystery.
Shania's Place
2. Shania's Place
December 16, 2021
It's Shania's turn to host the Fungietown Breakfast Club, but she's embarrassed by her house! After convincing the other kids she lives in a cool cave behind a waterfall, what will happen when she finds something already living there?
Hugbear Hullabaloo
1. Hugbear Hullabaloo
December 16, 2021
Lil' Lemon goes to great lengths to get their sister, Lil' Lime, the best birthday present ever. But how far is too far... and will the present tear Lil' Lime's birthday party to pieces?
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The Fungies! is available for streaming on the HBO Max website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Fungies! on demand at Max and Apple TV.
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    August 20, 2020