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The television series known as The Great Escape is all about the experiences of a group of soldiers who were captured and imprisoned by their German enemies during the Second World War. After spending huge sums of money to recapture their prisoners of war the Germans decide to create a new prison with more security measures in place as compared to the other one from which prisoners used to escape easily. Colonel Luger who is in charge is so confident about the new prison such that he assures Captain Ramsey that there won't be any more escapes registered. The new site makes things difficult for the prisoners as their attempts to escape were no longer easy.

Barlett is the notorious guy known for organizing escapes. This time around he plans a massive escape for a huge number of prisoners by coordinating all preparatory activities by his friends who were involved in making civilian clothes, fake documents, identity cards, tools for digging through and making the three huge tunnels. The prisoners always used to sing while working so that the noise of their mischievous activities are not heard by their captors.

During the first round hundreds of prisoners escape from the camp through the tunnel. Unfortunately most of them are recaptured and taken back to camp, others get killed by their enemies during their attempts to enter other countries. Barlett after a series of fights and escapes at bus and train stations was caught alongside others in a truck during which some of his friends were killed.

The main characters in the film include Steve McQueen starring as Hilts, James Garner starring as Hendley, Richard Attenborough starring as Barlett, James Donald starring as Captain Ramsey, Charles Bronson starring as Danny Velinski, Donald Pleasence starring as Lieutenant Colin, James Coburn as Louis Sedgwick, Hannes Messemer starring as Luger.

The film was written by Paul Brickhill based on inspiration he got from one of his books entitled The Great Escape. The film was developed by Mirisch Company and was produced by John Sturges who also directed it.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
June 24, 2012
Game Show, Reality
Cast: Rich Eisen, Xango Henry, Lee Reherman, Sydney Welker
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The Great Escape Full Episode Guide

  • Three teams try to escape from a Los Angeles skyscraper almost 50 stories high.

  • Three teams try to escape from a Louisiana swamp while connected to a ball and chain.

  • Teams attempt to escape an active Power Plant Generator, by navigating a web of pipes, pistons, and puzzles and be first to make the Great Escape.

  • Teams attempt to escape Los Angeles by navigating the underground maze of corridors to make it to the surface.

  • Teams try to escape from a massive airplane-storage field.

  • Teams attempt to escape from a secret missile silo deep below the Arizona desert, through a tangle of cableways and portals.

  • Three teams attempt to escape out of a mental institution that is rumored to be haunted.

  • Three teams attempt to escape from the claustrophobic maze of a U.S. battleship.

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