The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

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The story of Idolmaster Cinderella Girls focuses on the story of a young girl named Uzuki Shimamura, who dreams of one day becoming an idol. One day, she decides to pursue her dreams by trying out for Idol auditions. Uzuki later finds out that she has been accepted into an upcoming Idol group called Cinderella Project, which is a brand new agency that finds and recruits young Idol hopefuls and helps them become beloved female Idols.

Once Uzuki arrives at the Cinderella project, she meets a girl named Rin Shibuya, as well as another young girl named Mio Honda and several other girls who are all members of a pop Idol group called Cinderella Girls.

Each of the girls hope to one day perform with their senior idols on the same stage so they all begin their adventure at the 346 Pro Talent Agency.

They all must go through a variety of challenging tests before they can become professional idols.

Saturday 12:00 AM et/pt on Daisuki
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
January 10, 2015
Anime, Comedy, Music
Cast: Shunsuke Takeuchi, Ayaka Fukuhara, Ayaka Ohashi, Sayuri Hara
The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls

The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Full Episode Guide

  • After performing on Christmas Eve, Uzuki became determined to be an idol again. The next event is Cinderella's Ball. Can any girl become a Cinderella? Does magic exist? And what are idols? With all those thoughts in mind, everyone's performance begins.

  • Uzuki has lost her smile, but Mio and Rin still believe in her and wait for her to come around. The project members share their feelings as colleagues, friends, and idols. On Christmas Eve, P brings Uzuki to the venue but stops somewhere along the way...

  • Uzuki suffers a crisis of confidence and goes back to the basics, returning to training school. When P tells Rin and Mio about her condition, they go see how she really feels. They find that she has lost her former dazzling smile...

  • The fall fest has begun, and the idols are fired up. New Generations is sitting out, but Rin is debuting with Triad Primus while Anastasia performs solo. However, it's Project Krone's first time on stage, and their nerves are at their peak...

  • Anastasia is determined to participate in Project Krone, Mio announces she's going solo, and Rin is torn about joining Triad Primus. It seems the previous units may be disbanded. The idols band together to make the fall fest a success, but can they?

  • The Asterisk idols are concerned with improving for "Cinderella's Ball." Riina becomes friends with a rock idol, Natsuki Kimura, who's been invited to join a rock-idol unit. She feels torn, and Miku worries about her but waits until she's ready to talk.

  • The Asterisk idols are concerned with improving for "Cinderella's Ball." Riina becomes friends with a rock idol, Natsuki, who's been invited to join a rock-idol unit. She feels torn, and Miku worries about her but waits until she's ready to talk.

  • After Totokira Academy gets off to a popular start, Candy Island makes a guest appearance on the show. Chieri and Kanako agree to do to a taped interview, but nerves keep their true talent from coming out, and the interview becomes a hard battle...

  • To keep the "Cinderella's Ball" project a success, P and the idols start a new TV variety show. Meanwhile, Mika is pressured to change her image, which sparks a fight with her sister Rika. When Miria gets depressed too, can the TV show be a success?

  • P proposes a complex event to showcase the idols' individual strengths, and Mishiro conditionally permits it. But some idols find themselves facing changes due to Mishiro's grand plan. Miku worries about getting the ax, while Riina worries about Miku.

  • Director Mishiro announces that the division will start anew as part of one grand project. Anxiety abounds while P works hard to protect their department. And Mishiro calls 346 Production's top idol, Kaede Takagaki, in for a private meeting?

  • It's been smooth sailing since the festival till a suspicious figure follows P around, and the idols take turns guarding him. Executive Director Mishiro returns from abroad to take charge of the idol division. What startling new policy will she announce?

  • The summer fest is here at last. Rehearsals go smoothly thanks to Minami's leadership, but she collapses from the stress. The performances somehow go off without a hitch until a sudden downpour causes the rest of the concert to be canceled!

  • With the summer fest lineup decided, the girls practice hard at a camp. They have to perform their unit songs as well as a new group song. Seeing them struggle, Minami cancels the group lesson and initiates an athletic meet as a "special program"!

  • Miku and Riina are going to make their debut as the Cinderella Project's final unit, though the two are like oil and water. When their participation in the summer festival is on the line, they try to get in sync, starting with becoming roommates!

  • The trio of Rika, Miria, and Kirari make their debut as Dekoration. They take a breather in Harajuku in between events, but P gets separated from them. They end up missing each other repeatedly while the clock is ticking down to their next event!

  • Kanako, Chieri, and Anzu make their debut as Candy Island. The unit seems iffy from the get-go, but they're invited to a variety show. They compete with zero teamwork, and it doesn't help that a terrifying "punishment" awaits the losers!

  • As summer comes, P and the idols become closer while the project moves along nicely. Ranko gets to make her CD debut next, but there's a major gap between the image she's crafted and the way P perceives it. Will they be able to reach a middle ground?

  • P fails to chase after Mio when she runs out of the office. Then Rin leaves the project too, and it looks like the whole thing may fall apart. The other members hear about how P became cowardly in the way he interacts with idols after an incident...

  • Uzuki, Rin, and Mio are New Generations, while Minami and Anastasia make up Love Laika. A mini-concert to promote their respective debut CDs is planned, and the members of both units prepare. What will they see when they look out over the stage?

  • Two units are making their debut, one with Uzuki, Rin, and Mio, the other with Minami and Anastasia. They all become busy with lessons to prepare for their mini-concert debut. However, Miku's frustrations boil over when her own debut isn't in sight.

  • Uzuki, Rin, and Mio have been tapped to film the Cinderella Project's PR video. They go around filming their fellow members on a handycam, a few of whom are challenging subjects. But after the video is done, P makes an important announcement!

  • Uzuki, Rin, and Mio start taking lessons to train to be Mika's backup dancers. It's a struggle, and the pressure stresses the trio out so much that the final rehearsal doesn't go well. Will they be able to get it together in time for the concert?

  • Uzuki and Rin come to 346 Production for the first time. They meet the final member, Mio, and the 12 other eccentric members. The trio's first job is a publicity shoot, and they impress super-idol Mika Jougasaki, who hires them as backup dancers!

  • Uzuki Shimamura is an ordinary girl who dreams of being an idol. She's picked one day for the Cinderella Project, but it can't start until two more members are chosen. "P" scouts Rin Shibuya, but she isn't interested and turns him down flat...

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