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"The Last Days of WWII" chronicles the Allied advance through Europe that ultimately destroyed Hitler's Third Reich. First-hand footage and expert commentary follow the decisive ground battles and strategic bombing missions from D-Day through the capture of Berlin. It also explores the after-effects of the war, from the wrenching drama of the Nuremberg Trials to the revelations of the Nazis' last, desperate acts.

Military History
1 Season, 26 Episodes
April 15, 2005
Documentary & Biography
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The Last Days Of WWII Full Episode Guide

  • In Tokyo, the Japanese government surrenders unconditionally to the Allies.

  • The world's first atom bombs are dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the Soviet government declares war on Japan for its refusal to respond to demands to surrender.

  • A Japanese submarine sinks the U.S. heavy cruiser Indianapolis in the Philippines; Stalin agrees that the Soviet Union will join in the war against Japan.

  • In Burma, Japanese troops attempt to break east towards the Sittang River; an Allied naval re-supply operation begins in the Pacific; President Truman announces that the atom bomb will be used against the Japanese.

  • In Berlin, the Municipal Council begins confiscating the property of former Nazi party members; in London, the West End turns on the lights again; the U.S. tests the first atomic bomb in New Mexico.

  • In Indochina, Chinese forces cut the last link between the Japanese army and its garrison; General Eisenhower issues a farewell message to all Allied troops in Europe.

  • 33,000 Australian troops land at Balikpapan; the first U.S. occupation troops arrive in Berlin; in Manila, U.S. General Douglas MacArthur declares the Philippines free from Japanese occupation.

  • British bombers destroy the bridge over the River Kwai; a Chinese envoy is the first of 50 delegates to sign the charter of the newly-formed United Nations; President Truman approves a plan to invade mainland Japan.

  • Japanese commander Lt. General Mitsuru Ushijima commits ritual suicide in front of his staff officers; victory at Okinawa places U.S. forces just 400 miles from mainland Japan.

  • The Japanese hole up in the Sierra Madre Mountains; Eisenhower is awarded the Order of Merit, Britain's most prestigious honor; Soviet authorities start the forcible expulsion of ethnic Germans from the Sudetanland.

  • Allied naval and Air forces target Japanese aircraft factories at Hamamutsu and southern Honshu.

  • In Burma, 5000 Japanese troops trapped in the Pegu Hills, attempt to make a break east towards the Sittang river, but only a small number survive.

  • Americans suffer terrible losses on Okinawa as they continue their advance. It's the last stepping stone on the way to mainland Japan. The Pacific island's capture is deemed absolutely vital by the Allied High Command.

  • In Europe, the Nazi threat is all but gone as the "Big 3" nations begin to tackle the problem of restructuring the shattered continent

  • After nearly six years of conflict and the death of millions, Germany surrenders unconditionally. The war in Europe is over at last. In London, Paris, New York and Moscow,

  • Berlin falls. Hitler, his wife of one day, Eva Braun, and some of his leading henchmen commit suicide.

  • Hitler is forced to face the demise of the Third Reich; SS soldiers force 7,000 concentration camp prisoners on a death march; in the Pacific, American forces inch closer to penetrating the Shuri region.

  • In the U.S. 4 million residents turn out to cheer Eisenhower as he makes a triumphal 35 mile motorcade around New York City.

  • On Okinawa, U.S victory is now in sight.

  • US forces make further advances against the Japanese in the Philippines.

  • Americans suffer terrible losses on Okinawa as they continue their advance.

  • Under the command of Generals Montgomery, Bradley, and Devers, Allied forces are poised to make their way across the Rhine and head for Berlin. In the East, German-occupied territories are collapsing under the Red Army.

  • Join us for a detailed, week by week look at the last six months of World War Two. In this episode, we begin in the Pacific Theater where American bombers continue their assault on mainland Japan.

  • U.S. General Bradley's Operation Lumberjack is in full swing; Patton's lead armored division takes 5,000 German prisoners; in the Pacific, U.S. firestorms torch Japan's capital city.

  • Berlin is reduced to rubble.

  • The Red Army's assault on Berlin begins.

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