The Little Rascals, Best of

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The Little Rascals (also known as Our Gang) is a series of American comedy short films that characterizes the adventures of a group of neighborhood children. The series is notable for depicting children behaving in a rather natural way, as opposed to imitating adult acting styles. The series was produced in the early 1900s and broke new ground by putting boys, girls, blacks and whites together without differentiation.

The series is realistic in that the majority of the children were poor, and poverty was reflective of the time. The gang often encountered conflicts with pompous rich kids and intrusive adults. The Little Rascals contains the hilarious antics of Spanky, Buckwheat, Porky and the rest of Our Gang. The children in Our Gang experience many adventures including getting lost in a haunted house, racing homemade fire engines down perilous hills, and surviving a surprise visit from the famous Wild Man of Borneo.

Legend Films, Inc.
1 Season, 13 Episodes
November 22, 1950
Classic, Comedy
The Little Rascals, Best of

The Little Rascals, Best of Full Episode Guide

  • The kids take up the sport of golf.

  • The gang puts on a show!

  • An officer moves into the neighborhood and all of the boys want to get friendly with his daughter.

  • The kids try to raise money to buy a doll for Marianne.

  • See the orphanage kids get a party day thanks to the caring and concern of a wealthy woman and her husband. The adults are taken aback when their wish to be able to play with the kids is granted and they become "shirmps" for a day!

  • The gang decides to build a fire engine to take on the new rich kid in the neighborhood. The adventure heats up as they find themselves racing down a precarious hill without brakes! You'll also see the Gang on a mission to find the magical Genie of the Lamp. Imagine their surprise when the wonderous Genie appears!

  • It's terror at its finest when the Gang pays a visit to the famous "Wild Man of Borneo" only to find that the wild man has followed them home! You'll also see Alfalfa put his Sherlock skills to the ultimate test as he, with his two assistants, take on the case of the missing candy. Things really get interesting when the boys find themselves trapped inside a "haunted" house!

  • The gang tries to save Petey from the dogcatcher.

  • The gang trades places with a group of orphans about to take a train ride. It's hilarity from there as the train conductor does everything in his power to control the rowdy kids.

  • Wheezer and Dorothy are forced to live with her evil stepmother and her brat of a son.

  • A greedy man tries to get rid of his mother-in-law by putting her in a home.

  • The kids mistake Miss Crabtree's brother for a potential boyfriend and plot to discourage him.