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Legend Films converts and colors film, television, and commercials from original black and white to color. They provide conversion from 2D to 3D format, and convert to DVD, HDTV, and theatrical. Legend has produced colorized films for motion picture companies, as well as independent films. They also worked with film owners Paramount Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and Sony Pictures Entertainment to colorize classic films. They colorized and converted films for independent film makers, and individuals, making them available for theater and distribution. Some of the individuals Legend Films have worked with are Ray Harryhausen, Terry More, Shirley Temple, and Jane Russell.

Some of the titles colorized include “Forbidden Zone,” Night of the Living Dead,” Planet of the Daleks,” “Holiday Inn,” and others. Legend Films have worked with producers such as Disney, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks Animation, and Sony Imageworks on a project basis. They have also worked with commercial producers such as New Balance, HP, M&M/Mars, and MFanta. They have also colorized legendary classical stars in commercials, such as Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Andy Griffith, and the Stooges. Legend has also produced work for television and music, including their work for the television show “Chuck, and for MTV on the Michael Jackson special concert, “This Is It.”

Legend Films conversion and color techniques made releasing classical films on DVD possible, as these films, prior to conversion, were not available. Colorizing also brought the films to a new audience of interested viewers. They also updated classical quality of motion films, and modernized them to a new audience.

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