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Lovers and Friends is U.S. soap opera that was broadcast on the NBC network. Created by Paul Rauch and Harding Lemay, the show is set in a fictional midwest suburb of Point Clair, Illinois. The show focuses on the day to day lives of two families who are neighbors. The Cushings are wealthy compared with middle class family, the Saxtons.

Richard Cushing (played by Ron Randell) is a stockbroker who had an affair with secretary, Karen Manners. His staid society wife, Edith (played by Nancy Marchand and Laurinda Barrett) elected to stay married for appearances and for the lifestyle that it affords.

The Saxtons are the Cushing's neighbors and relatively new to the area. Lester (played by John Heffernan and Albert Stratton) used to be a factory worker and is a recovering alcoholic. He acquired a much higher paying position as warehouse supervisor thanks to his married daughter, Eleanor Kimball (played by Flora Plumb) and wealthy husband, George Kimball (played by Stephen Joyce). This is the circumstance that led to his ability to purchase a home in this wealthy neighborhood in the Chicago suburb.

Austin (played by Rod Arrants) is their alcoholic son. Megan (played by Patricia Estrin and Darlene Parks) is their daughter, unhappy about her engagement to the very wealthy Desmond Hamilton (played by David Knapp). She only agreed to marry him because he aligns with the way that she has been brought up.

Lester Saxton was married to Josie (played by Patricia Englund) and father of four others in addition to his eldest daughter, Eleanor. Rhett (played by Bob Purvey, David Ramsey and Tom Happer) is the oldest son and a photographer. He was engaged to Connie Ferguson (played by Susan Foster and Cynthia Bostick) until he got with neighbor Megan Cushing.

Cousin Amy Gifford (played by Christine Jones) also lives with the Saxtons. Austin turned to fellow alcoholic and next door neighbor, Lester, for help and guidance. Richard wanted his son to stay at a fancy sanitarium to kick his alcoholism, but Lester became more of a support system for him.

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3 Seasons, 3 Episodes
November 23, 2017
Drama, Romance
The Lovers & Friends Show

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