The New Howdy Doody Show

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Say kids! What time is it? Well, in 1976 it was time for The New Howdy Doody Show! A new generation met Howdy and his friends that year, and now you can enjoy them again! Featuring songs, gags, and the peanut gallery, it's as good as you remember!

The Film Detective
1 Season, 20 Episodes
Cast: Bob Smith, Lew Anderson

The New Howdy Doody Show Full Episode Guide

  • Buffalo Bob and the gang read letters from a massive bag of fan mail; Happy Harmony sings a tribute to Clarabell. (We'll bet you know the words!)

  • Mayor Bluster and his nephew sing the opening number; Flub and Tommy Turtle try to read cue cars, which leads to a song about the power of words.

  • The peanuts sing the opening song and tell jokes; Sandra Witch and Mayor Bluster sing a duet, and Clarabell and Happy Harmony bring back their magic act!

  • This episode showcases the talents of the peanut gallery, but Mayor Phineas T. Bluster doesn't like the idea!

  • More fun with Happy Harmony as she sings a duet with Buffalo Bob, assists Clarabell in his magic act, and helps lead the peanut gallery in a game of Simon Says!

  • Happy Harmony is the star of this episode. She sings a duet with Sandra Witch, and tries to explain song lyrics to Flub and Dilly Dally!

  • Captain Scuttlebutt makes an appearance, while Happy Harmony and Buffalo Bob lead the peanut gallery in a singalong!

  • It's more fun with the Doodyville grab bag! Happy Harmony sings; Clarabell does tricks; and Buffalo Bob interviews Inspector Fadoozle.

  • Inspired by cards pulled from the mystery grab bag, the Doodyville gang cuts loose with jokes riddles, games, and songs!

  • Happy and Glory have to deal with winning and losing once a country music talent scout chooses between them. But friendship always prevails in Doodyville!

  • Happy Harmony and Glory Grits try anything to impress a visiting talent scout, even if it means ruining their friendship.

  • Glory Grits wants to be a country singer, but her new friend Happy Harmony isn't happy about sharing the spotlight with her.

  • Corny Cobb's niece, Glory Grits, turns the Doodyville gang into a hillbilly band. The results are crazy!

  • A country music mogul (who looks a lot like a famous Kentucky Colonel) comes to Doodyville scouting for talent.

  • While Howdy deals with the pressures of stardom, Clarabell learns the truth about Hollywood producer Waldo Dizzy.

  • Hollywood producer Waldo Dizzy tries to film a typical day in Doodyville, but ends up ruining everyone's day. Even Howdy storms out in a huff!

  • Hollywood producer Waldo Dizzy arrives in Doodyville, but the gang can't figure him out. He loves bananas, that's for sure!

  • The gang is thrilled when Hollywood producer Waldo Dizzy comes to Doodyville, but they must first learn a lesson in how to be themselves.

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