The Paranormal Files

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Mysteries of alchemy, near death experiences, UFOs, ghosts: step into a world of the paranormal in this documentary series. Eight episode, each examining an unsettling mystery of the unknown in our world today.

Midnight Pulp
1 Season, 8 Episodes
May 19, 2012
The Paranormal Files

The Paranormal Files Full Episode Guide

  • The subject of near-death experiences is explored in this episode. Why is it that people on the brink of death all report having the same kinds of experiences? The evidence defies all logic. What happens when we die? And how does this connect with the meaning of life?

  • Are there "beings", "souls", or "spirits" that haunt certain places? Should we believe these stories? Explore mysteries of the paranormal in this episode.

  • A look behind the scenes of the Catholic Church and its exorcisms in search of those who have seen the Devil and can answer the key question: if the Devil exists, what does he look like?

  • Accounts of humans being abducted by extraterrestrial phenomena have increased over the past 30 years. Who are the men and women who claim to be victims of abduction? What can we learn from their accounts and experiences?

  • Alchemy dates back to the dawn of time: both a genuine science and a secret art, it is, above all, a form of spirituality, uniting man with the forces of nature.

  • Confron the mystery of UFOs in this episode. One reporter tries to get to the bottom of unidentified and inexplicable phenomena. When will the secrecy surrounding UFOs be lifted?

  • Who believes in witchcraft? Someone determined at all costs to impose their views, to attract someone, or even worse... to do harm. But is witchcraft real, or an illusion?

  • Is it possible to communicate with the afterlife? This episode explores the nature of Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), a technique used to speak to the dead.