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Deep in outer space, the emperor Muge plots his next conquest - an out-of-the-way planet known as Earth. Mustering all the forces of his own personal Empire of Death, the Emperor is by far the most formidable foe humans have ever faced. But now there's a team that just might be able to stop them: Shinobu, Sara, and Ryo.

Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on May 5, 1985. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.5.

Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God is available for streaming on the Midnight Pulp website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Tubi TV online.

Midnight Pulp
1 Season, 38 Episodes
May 5, 1985
Cast: Kazuki Yao, Yuriko Yamamoto
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Dancouga: Super Beast Machine God Full Episode Guide

  • Shapiro is defeated, and the enemy army's asteroid base is destroyed. As the Dragon's energy reserves begin to dwindle, the CBF readies Gundor and prepares for a final encounter on the alien home world.

  • After an encounter with Shapiro in a Martian cave, Sara heads straight into enemy territory to take down Shapiro once and for all.

  • Following the loss of the moon base, Shapiro and Luna fight between themselves. Amidst the chaos, General Gildorome approaches Emperor Muge to rejoin the fight.

  • The team prepares for their final departure to the moon. The Zorbados army anticipates their attack and is on high alert.

  • Sara's father, Takeru Yuki, and a Data Officer whom has been assisting the Earth army, Colonel Kayama, have been captured and are being held on the Izu Peninsula. The CBF is sent out on a rescue mission.

  • Following a transmission from the Black Knight, Shinobu is summoned to meet with him at his base of operations.

  • The enemy army has completed their moon base. In order to take the Zorbados army down once and for all, Shinobu has one request for Dr. Hazuki: "Make Dancouga fly!"

  • Gundor needs to restore its energy reserves before the CBF can launch a decisive attack on the enemy army. Doctor Hazuki works out a plan to help Sara get back into fighting shape.

  • Sara's mental energy is completely expended from the last battle. As she lays unconscious in the sick bay, the team looks back on past events.

  • The intense battle between Dancouga and General Helmut's forces continue. In their weakened state, the CBF Headquarters is threatened.

  • Emperor Muge is displeased with Gildorome's latest failure. General Helmut takes over his command and finds intel that will prove devastating.

  • The Zorbados army is attacking locations all around the globe nonstop. Shapiro investigates the meaning behind the name "Dancouga".

  • The CBF is saved from a dire situation by the Black Knight, but rather than feeling gratitude, Shinobu is ready to pick a fight. He meets with the knight to demand his true identity.

  • The Black Knight shows up again to give Shinobu and the others unsolicited advice. Later, the CBF receives a request from the European Union and deploy to the West 35th Fortress.

  • The alien army has captured the President of Europe! The CBF has 12 hours to rescue him before he is forced to make a televised statement that could cause a sway in the entire resistance force.

  • A third faction enters the war leading to infighting on the Earth front. Out in the field, the CBF meets a young man from the French Volunteer Army.

  • An entire town is caught in the Muge Empire's mind control and forced to believe they're at peace to further the enemy army's ambitions.

  • The Zorbados army plays on a town's superstitions to make them believe they are God. Amidst the chaos, a pair of children befriend an unexpected ally.

  • An allied force, "CBF Rescue and Recovery," is found wiped out. As the Cyber-Beast Force investigates, Sara finds a strange flower which causes bizarre side-effects.

  • The CBF is sent into a battle zone but arrives too late. The entire army has been wiped out with no signs they even left a scratch on the enemy forces. Then, in the rubble, they find a lone survivor.

  • Shapiro is frazzled after the recent encounter. Luna goes behind his back and requests that Gildorome launch an attack. Meanwhile, Sara goes with Laura to visit America to learn the secret behind the song she's always singing.

  • As Death Gaia leaves the Zorbados army, he looks back on his successful tactics and missions.

  • Shinobu is deliriously telling the team they need to form "Dancouga" while their ships are being torn apart. The team forces back control, but this leaves them in a weakened position.

  • A piece of top-secret technology appears in China. If it isn't taken out, the enemy will discover CBF Headquarters!

  • A mission in New York requires the team to operate without making use of the Cyber-Beasts. They will have to rely on teamwork to get the job done.

  • The CBF is sent to Mexico City to support the local guerrillas, except there's a problem. When they arrive, there are no signs of any conflict whatsoever!

  • In the midst of the war, nuclear warheads have been abandoned in Johnson base and could detonate at any time. The CBF sets out to disarm them.

  • The Zorbados army targets a critical piece of the Earth army's infrastructure, but the CBF gets a lucky break when the enemy begins infighting mid-battle.

  • Emperor Muge is infuriated when General Death Gaia's army is defeated by a group of guerrillas stationed in Peru over and over again. In response, he gives Shapiro direct command over Death Gaia.

  • The team has brought Laura back to headquarters with them, much to General Igor's dismay. Elsewhere, the Zorbados army initiates an attack in the Amazon, setting the rain forest ablaze.

  • The team's old dormitory at the Space Academy is under attack! They reunite with the Head Resident of their dorm, "Dean," whom left a strong impression during their formative years as they protect it from the incoming strike.

  • Out at Fortress 17, the CBF encounters a small force manned by an unexpected group of soldiers. As they become acquainted, General Death Gaia arrives in his special fighter to take on the CBF directly.

  • The CBF is tasked with supporting resistance forces and sets out on a new mission. Out in the field they encounter a local girl named Laura who gets caught in the crossfire.

  • The CBF deploys to Kansas City where they encounter an old friend from the Space Academy. Meanwhile, Shapiro continues to increase his standing and influence.

  • Shapiro offers Emperor Muge his tactical advice. Meanwhile, Sara boards the Land Cougar.

  • Shinobu has joined the Cyber-Beast Force and must prove he's up to muster by taking the Eagle out on its maiden voyage.

  • The Zorbados Muge Empire commences their initial attack on Earth and eliminates nearly all of the planet's defensive forces. All that stands in their way is a newly formed special mobile division: the Cyber-Beast Force.