Ghost Cases

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This television series follows paranormal investigators Paul Kimball and Holly Stevens as they investigate some of the most haunted locations in the world. Follow along with them as they either confirm their paranormal suspicions or debunk and old fairy tale used to frighten tourists. Regardless, you will be a member of their team as they use paranormal tools and tricks to confirm their findings right in front of the camera.

Midnight Pulp
1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 4, 2010
Documentary & Biography, Horror & Suspense
Cast: Paul Andrew Kimball, Holly Stevens
Ghost Cases

Ghost Cases Full Episode Guide

  • The series wraps up with a recap of the best evidence that has been compiled along the way. Did Holly or Paul have the definitive experience that will change the way they thought about ghosts?

  • Some guests have reportedly seen the ghost of Oscar Wilde who visited this historic Inn located in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the late 1800's. This segment explores these suspicions and uncovers the evidence.

  • In this episode we investigate the private residence of a family that believes they still share their home with its former owner a wealthy sea captain and his family who has been deceased for decades.

  • What would a paranormal investigation be without a visit to a quintessential haunted mansion? Churchill Mansion is a century old structure that may still possess the spirit of its influential owner and his troubled niece.

  • Manchester Online is a popular internet radio station that has recently moved their station to a Victorian era home in Manchester, England that is said to be haunted. The new owners may have received more than they bargained for!

  • Paul and Holly visit a historic Inn while staying in Congleton, England. It is believed that the ghost of a past owner may still haunt the cellar of the centuries old site.

  • This episode investigates a 12th century property near the historic village of Shocklach, England. Reports from this location include time portals, full-bodied apparitions, light and sound anomalies.

  • The hosts join a group of UK paranormal detectives at a very paranormally active location. Some of the rooms of the White Hart Hotel are reported to be plagued by demonic activity while the ghost of a playful little boy is said to be seen all over the hotel.

  • We explore a historic French fortress that witnessed two of the largest land and sea battles in North America. Many believe it is still inhabited by the ghosts of its past inhabitants.

  • Have you ever eaten with the dead? Our hosts visit a restaurant whose staff believe is haunted by the ghosts of a former funeral home. The location has an impressive history with ties to the passengers of the Titanic and the victims of infamous Halifax Explosion.

  • Paul and Holly investigate the Fairmont Algonquin Resort to try and contact the ghost of a heart broken bride in room 473.

  • Our experts investigate intense reports of paranormal activity at a private residence in a quaint town where the home owners now fear living in their own house.

  • Paul and Holly visit one of the oldest courthouses and jails in North America as they investigate reports of a hooded specter and the possible spirit of an RAF Serviceman executed for murder in 1942.