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Former soldier Shingo Hojo, French spy Remy Shimada, and Bronx gangster Killy Gagley aren't exactly your hero types. They'd rather be flirting, bantering, and goofing off than battling evil. But when the malicious worldwide organization Docooga attempts to steal a new, powerful form of energy called Beamler, they'll take up arms to fight them. In the awesome giant robot, GoShogun!

GoShogun is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on May 5, 1981.

GoShogun is available for streaming on the Midnight Pulp website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch GoShogun on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Midnight Pulp
1 Season, 26 Episodes
May 5, 1981
Cast: Osamu Kobayashi, Hirotaka Suzuoki
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GoShogun Full Episode Guide

  • The final evolution of Beamler arrives, but will Earth be destroyed in the process?

  • Docooga and the Good Thunder team prepare for the arrival of the last evolution of Beamler energy.

  • Kenta's journey takes him to the ocean floor, where the team learns of a new Docooga plot.

  • The Good Thunder's strange behavior leads Kenta to amazing new experiences in locations across the world.

  • In Iceland, the Good Thunder must prepare to receive a new wave of Beamler energy.

  • When a long-time Docooga subordinate stages a coup, will Bundle betray his colleagues for a place in the new order?

  • This is Docooga: Intrepid reporter Isabel Cronkite seeks the Good Thunder's aid in revealing the truth of Docooga to the world.

  • Kenta's attempt to help a child in London ends up uncovering a Docooga conspiracy.

  • When Shingo is injured, Kenta takes over as pilot of Goshogun. But can he bring himself to harm machines?

  • The Good Thunder finds an ally in Santos, a fellow enemy of Docooga. But can his motives be trusted?

  • A figure from Shingo's past returns, stirring up old memories and putting the Good Thunder in danger.

  • Remy's role as stand-in in a movie shoot is revealed to be a Docooga plot.

  • OVA worries that Kenta may have outgrown her programmed teachings.

  • Killy returns to his old stomping grounds, but it turns out Docooga has upset the balance of power.

  • A reunion between Remy and her old love locks the team into a desperate situation.

  • Kenta develops a crush on Remy and goes about researching ways to win her heart.

  • When the Good Thunder is forced to transport to Tunguska Crater, the team learns the origins of Beamler energy.

  • Shingo and the others help to liberate a village of people forced by Docooga to mine diamonds.

  • A plot by Docooga to use a transporter of their own leaves Goshogun broken and stranded miles away from aid.

  • Bored of his studies, Kenta runs away and finds a gang of kids leading a freewheeling lifestyle.

  • Killy's fears are confirmed when a stray cat Kenta brings aboard turns out to have psychic powers.

  • Kenta's innocent request to visit an amusement park sends him right into a Docooga trap.

  • Kenta modifies Shingo's steering system, which endangers the lives of the pilots.

  • To ease Kenta's restlessness, Shingo decides to teach him how to fly.

  • The Goshogun team disregards orders to save lives, which puts them at risk of enemy attack.

  • The murder of Dr. Sanada sends his young son Kenta and three mercenaries on the run.