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  • 2023
  • 1 Season
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The Prank Panel is a new comedy panel show that premiered in early 2023. Hosted by comedian Zoe Lyons, the show features a rotating panel of comedians and celebrity guests who compete to pull off hilarious pranks and stunts. Each episode begins with Zoe introducing that week's panelists - usually made up of 3 comedians and one celebrity guest. After a quick chat about what pranks they've pulled in the past, the real fun begins. Zoe announces the 'Prank of the Week' - an outrageous stunt that the panelists have to secretly set up and execute while the others aren't looking.

For example, in one episode the Prank of the Week was for one panelist to convince a stranger on the street that they had stumbled onto the filming of a major Hollywood blockbuster. The prankster had to pretend to be a disgruntled crew member, complaining loudly about the 'completely unprofessional' director, while getting the stranger to play along as an extra. Whoever pulled off the stunt most convincingly won the round.

Other Prank of the Week scenarios included setting up a fake art exhibition, pretending to be a royal inspector at a hotel, and going undercover as a new employee at a fast food restaurant. The panelists often rope unsuspecting members of the public into their hijinks, leading to lots of hilarious reactions when the truth is revealed.

Between prank rounds, Zoe quizzes the panelists about their backgrounds in comedy and their most embarrassing pranking stories. The lively banter and good-natured rivalries between the panelists is half the fun, with Zoe on hand to make sure things don't get too out of hand.

Each episode builds to the final challenge, where the two top scoring panelists go head to head in an outrageous prank-off. The winner of the episode then has the honour of setting up a surprise prank for host Zoe to commence the next episode.

With its mix of clever pranks, celebrity panelists trying to out-do each other, and Zoe's quick wit keeping things on track, The Prank Panel offers non-stop laugh out loud moments for viewers. The lighthearted stunts and jokes make for a fun-filled show the whole family can enjoy. Tune in to see which charismatic comedian will prank their way to the top and be crowned king or queen of the pranksters!

The Prank Panel is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on May 24, 2023.

The Prank Panel
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Bride Swap; Furry Double Cross
9. Bride Swap; Furry Double Cross
September 21, 2023
A bride has an allergic reaction; a friend embraces the furry community.
Electrician Stepdad / Spa-Mageddon
8. Electrician Stepdad / Spa-Mageddon
September 14, 2023
Everyday people pitch pranks targeting family members, friends and co-workers to a panel of the world's greatest pranksters.
Gullible Granny / Pageant Problems
7. Gullible Granny / Pageant Problems
August 17, 2023
A grandmother finds a worm in her knee, and guest star John Stamos hosts a beauty pageant.
Mom on Mom / Chop Shop Double Cross
6. Mom on Mom / Chop Shop Double Cross
August 3, 2023
A mom is asked to watch a stranger's child, and an electrician gets revenge on his friends.
Influencer from Hell / Second Family
5. Influencer from Hell / Second Family
July 27, 2023
A hairstylist works on the influencer from hell, and a man pranks his husband with his secret second family.
Rashad's Revenge / Bollywood Audition
4. Rashad's Revenge / Bollywood Audition
July 23, 2023
A man is seeking childhood revenge on his mother and grandmother. Then, a best friend auditions to be a Bollywood star.
Three Omens / Sexeee Granneee
3. Three Omens / Sexeee Granneee
July 16, 2023
A best friend counteracts three omens to manifest the love of her life, and a grandmother participates in a sexy music video.
Boyfriend from Hell / Send in the Clown
2. Boyfriend from Hell / Send in the Clown
July 9, 2023
"Pranxperts" Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre and Gabourey Sidibe help everyday people get payback on their loved ones. Tonight, a daughter pranks her over-protective dad with a boyfriend from hell, and a son's fear of clowns leads to a night of payback.
Family Love / Repo Revenge
1. Family Love / Repo Revenge
May 24, 2023
Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre and Gabourey Sidibe help everyday people get payback on their loved ones; an officiant is mortified by the marriage she's just blessed; a repo man gets a taste of his own medicine.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 24, 2023
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (441)