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  • TV-MA
  • 2021
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.7  (2,319)

All the Queen's Men is a drag competition show produced by World of Wonder and aired on their WOW Presents Plus streaming service in 2021. The show is hosted by drag queen Ginger Minj, who gained popularity after competing on the seventh season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

The premise of the show follows a group of eight drag artists as they compete for the opportunity to join the cast of Ginger Minj's touring stage show. Each episode features three challenges that test the performers' skills in different areas of drag, including makeup, fashion, acting, and lip-syncing.

At the beginning of each episode, the contestants are given a main challenge that will be judged by Ginger Minj and a rotating panel of guest judges. The contestants are then split into two teams for the mini challenge, which usually involves a quick drag transformation or a performance challenge. The winning team is given an advantage in the main challenge, while the losing team is at a disadvantage.

One of the unique aspects of All the Queen's Men is that the contestants are given a limited budget for each challenge, forcing them to be creative and resourceful in their designs. This adds an element of unpredictability to the show, as the judges never quite know what each contestant will bring to the runway.

Another standout feature of All the Queen's Men is the camaraderie between the contestants. Unlike other drag competition shows, there is no cutthroat competition or backstabbing among the queens. Instead, they support and encourage each other throughout the competition, often helping each other with makeup or costume design.

In addition to the challenges, each episode also includes behind-the-scenes moments and personal interviews with each of the contestants. This allows the audience to get to know the performers on a deeper level and understand their motivations for competing in the show.

Overall, All the Queen's Men is a fun and entertaining show that celebrates the art of drag and the talent of its performers. With its mix of challenges, personal moments, and supportive atmosphere, the show is a refreshing addition to the drag competition genre.

All the Queen's Men is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (46 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 2021.

All the Queen's Men
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Check Mate
16. Check Mate
February 22, 2024
Trouble and Champ find themselves in trouble again, Madam is forced to make a difficult and deadly decision, and Amp and Big D reach a breaking point.
Caught Slippin
15. Caught Slippin
February 15, 2023
Madam dips her toes into politics and finds a new puppet to do her dirty work. Trouble and Champ find themselves in another dangerous situation. Midnight questions Doc's loyalty as things heat up between Detective Davis and Doc.
Deja Vu
14. Deja Vu
February 8, 2024
El Fuego is on edge after a clear warning is sent his way, AMP tries to rekindle things with Dime, and Madam gathers information as she prepares to go to war with a deadly enemy.
I Got Five On It
13. I Got Five On It
February 1, 2024
Madam aims high and tries to get control of the mayor's office by endorsing a new candidate. Trouble and Champ are willing to sell out anyone to get out of jail. Amp tries to win Dime back but it may be too late with Big D vying for her attention.
The Crossroads
12. The Crossroads
January 25, 2024
Babyface comes to an arrangement with a new benefactor, Madam and her crew are on high alert at her father's funeral, and Trouble and Champ draw the wrong kind of attention at Club Eden.
The Ultimate Price
11. The Ultimate Price
January 18, 2024
The cops are on Madam's heels as she discovers a new twist regarding her father's fate, El Fuego starts to crack under pressure regarding his ex, and Big D becomes a suspect in Madam's eyes.
Nowhere to Hide
10. Nowhere to Hide
January 11, 2024
Detective Davis tips off Madam about the DA's new evidence, Tandy is determined to track down her stolen money, and Madam searches for the nurse responsible for monitoring her father.
Eye to Eye
9. Eye to Eye
January 11, 2024
Trouble and Champ pull off a robbery but fear Rayshon will be a weak link, Madam faces a devastating loss, and DA Rodds believes she finally has enough evidence to end Madam's reign.
Never Bluff
8. Never Bluff
September 7, 2023
Davis uses her intel as leverage with Madam, Champ and Trouble take matters into their own hands as Rayshon recovers his money from Tandy, and Fernando reveals a sinister plan.
7. Weakness
August 24, 2023
Detective Davis must find a way out when Madam catches her in a sticky situation. Meanwhile, one of Madam's weaknesses gets exposed and catches her by surprise.
Never Scared
6. Never Scared
August 17, 2023
Big D makes a desperate bid to convince Tommy he's not shady, Detective Davis brings interrogation tactics to the bedroom, and Midnight takes Babyface to task for his treatment of Rayshon.
Lost and Found
5. Lost and Found
August 11, 2023
Amp confronts Big D after an act of blatant disrespect. Madam and Blue catch a break in the investigation of her missing money.
The Choice Is Yours
4. The Choice Is Yours
August 3, 2023
AMP advises Fuego to stay in line, Madam gets a lead on her stolen bills, Casanova takes a dangerous risk, and Trouble must decide how far she'll go to prove herself to Madam.
No Way Out
3. No Way Out
August 1, 2023
El Fuego begins to realize he may be stuck under Madam's thumb, whether he likes it or not. Madam moves cautiously, unaware of The Concierge's plans of revenge.
Daddy's Girl
2. Daddy's Girl
July 20, 2023
Trouble goes to great lengths to prove her loyalty to Madam. Madam receives unfiltered advice from her father after one of her temper tantrums lands her in hot water.
Deep Cover
1. Deep Cover
July 20, 2023
Amp begins to spiral out of control while thinking of ways to rectify his shower mishap. Madam comes up against a formidable opponent and begins to use her power to turn the tides her way.
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All the Queen's Men is available for streaming on the WOW Presents website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch All the Queen's Men on demand at BET+, Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime and Sling.
  • Premiere Date
    September 9, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    6.7  (2,319)