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Rob & Big is an American reality TV show that chronicles the day-to-day lives of professional skateboarder (and entrepreneur) Rob Dyrdek, and his bodyguard Christopher Big Black Boykin. The friendship of the two men is the main feature of the show and the main source of humor that draws in millions of viewers. Their off-the-wall shenanigans throughout the series gained them fame within the reality TV world.

Each episode details a task or exploit that the men search to complete, not only in the L.A. home they share but with many travels around the country. These include eating contests, obtaining Guinness World Records, purchasing and showing a miniature horse, recording a song, and even attempting time travel. Along for the ride in Dyrdek's posse: is his cousin and assistant Christopher Drama Pfaff, his 2nd bodyguard Rashawn Bam Bam Davis, and Meaty the bulldog.

While following the main characters of Rob Dyrdek and Big Black the show has also hosted other big names with appearances made by Three Six Mafia and Steve Berra. The men also create their own alter egos with Big Black as male stripper Black Lavender and Rob as Bobby Light, his own version of a soul-full one hit wonder.

Rob & Big often work as partners through Rob's many business endeavors, giving viewers a glimpse into the entrepreneurial life of a professional athlete by going beyond the skate park. While the group remains silly through each episode they do strive to still be good and upright citizens. They go out of their way to help the less fortunate and offer opportunities and safe activity spots to kids within their community.

Broadcast on MTV and MTV2 each 30 minute episode is sure to bring a laugh and a smile to viewers. Rob & Big continues to be a hit though new episodes no longer air. The show is a great example of the love and camaraderie in lasting friendships.

Rob & Big is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on November 2, 2006.

Where do I stream Rob & Big online? Rob & Big is available for streaming on MTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rob & Big on demand at MTV online.

3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
November 2, 2006
Comedy, Reality
Cast: Rob Dyrdek
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Rob & Big Full Episode Guide

  • Rob helps Big adjust to being a father.

  • When Rob believes he feels a presence in the house, Rob and Big Black try their hand at ghost-busting.

  • Everyone head to Cancun for some dancing, entertainment and fun!

  • The Dyrdek clan goes to Hollywood to help Rob torture his mom.

  • Rob and Big throw a "Super Sweet Fourteen" bash for their beloved puppy.

  • Rob and Big take Drama to Vegas for a 21st birthday bash he'll never forget!

  • Rob sets up a dating game to help rob forget the "Dirty Girl' and the guys find a new hobby.

  • Rob is convinced that Sacred Geometry, a therapy being hawked by a street shaman, is the answer to all that is wrong. This episode also leads the boys on a yoga adventure.

  • In this episode the guys set out to do some charity work. They get bags together for the homeless, visit an old-folks home and give away free ice cream.

  • In this episode, Big Black decides to show Rob what it's like to live as a large man. Rob then takes on the persona of a larger man and dons a fat suit for the day, doing everyday tasks.

  • After picking up a book on Guiness World Records at the supermarket, Rob decides he can break at least 20 of the skateboarding records. Big Black also gets in on the action. In the end, Rob breaks 21 World Records in skateboarding and Big breaks 2 World Records in eating.

  • In this episode, Rob decides that he and Big should be on the cover of a cereal box as "buddies" this generates the idea that Meaty should also have an agent and and "do work". The guys take Meaty to a talent agency which leads to a print ad on the cover of dog food. Then after an unsuccessful attempt at getting the cover of the cereal box, Rob decides they may have a better chance if the two buddies dress as older women. They do so, then take photos and Rob creates his own mock cereal box. By the end of the episode we see Meaty, Rob & Big dressed in drag.

  • It's off to Santa Rosa for Rob and Big as they enter Mini in a miniature horse competition. But first off, they have to make a few stops - one stop to dune buggy race and the other to get mud baths!!

  • In this episode, the guys go to a bar that has "turtle racing", where they rent a turtle for the night. When their rented turtle doesn't come thru for them the guys set out to find and catch their own "hood turtle". However, their hood turtle, 'Speedy Claxton' doesn't work out either, so they guys have to set him free.Also in this episode, one of the many characters from Hollywood Blvd. throws coffee on Rob's UAV thus Rob gets out his infamous net-gun when seeking revenge and the guys visit pro supercross/motocross racer Ricky Carmichael to do some dirt-bike racing.

  • In the Season 3 opener, the guys start it all off when Rob finds that somebody "dumped" in his pool. All eyes turn to cousin/assistant Drama. When a lie detector proves Drama is innocent, Rob in turn, gets security cameras put around the house and buys a net gun to capture this anonymous "dumper".

  • The full-length music video featuring Rob Dyrdek, Big Black, Bam Bam, and Drama.

  • Season FinaleRob and Big get new cars.Rob tries to find a dedicated skater to give away his old car. The skater who wins has to beat Rob in a game of SK-8 then beat Big Black in Rock Paper Scissors in order to get the UAV.

  • After an inspirational date with a "dirty girl", Rob records a one hit wonder with Big's uncle, Jerry. Rob create's his alter ego, "Bobby Light" and sets off to find a wig and outfit to suit this new alter ego. The group then shoot a music video for the song.

  • Rob enters a Tampa skateboarding event after five years away from pro competition, and he and skater Steve Berra make a $5000 bet on who will finish higher.

  • In this episode, Big resumes his old career---as a male stripper. Before he can go strip with confidence the guys set out to get him a wig for his big debut.

  • Rob's current personal assistant, his cousin Drama, has some trouble getting his work done. Thus, Rob puts drama on a "waiver" and says if he doesn't start doing his job he will be fired. Then Rob makes drama go work at a burger place for a day to teach him the value of earning his money. Rob also consults a horse trainer about Mini's biting problem.

  • The guys go to Mississippi for Big's annual family reunion. The guys also go back to Big's old high school where they attend a pep rally and Rob acts as the school Mascot - a Wildcat.

  • In the second season premiere, Rob and Big adopt a miniature horse. Rob has the horse befriend his dog, Meaty.

Rob & Big News

'Rob & Big' Star Dies at 45

The reality TV star was the best friend of skater Rob Dyrdek.