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The Protectors is a British action thriller series that aired in the early 1970s. The show was produced by Gerry Anderson. Known for previous science fiction programs using supermarionation puppets, The Protectors was Anderson's second live actor drama to be set in the present day and the only one not to feature any futuristic or fantasy elements.

Based in London, the agency known as The Protectors consists of three government troubleshooters whose job is to ensure the safety of innocents across the globe. Their leader is the suave but mysterious American named Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn). He's joined by the Italian Contessa Caroline di Contini (Nyree Dawn Porter), owner of a detective agency that focuses on art fraud and theft. The third member of the group is the team's inventor, French agent Paul Buchet (Tony Anholt). The Protectors was shot in various European locations, including Paris, Malta, Rome, and Salzburg, giving the series an international, jet set feel.

The Protectors jump into any situation where their expertise is needed. In the show's premiere episode they're called upon by a research scientist when his colleagues die from unforeseen circumstances. In another episode, the team is asked to help find a missing band of Nazis, while another installment has Harry on the run after a gangster's daughter comes after him.

Produced by Group Three Production and distributed by ITC Entertainment, The Protectors premiered on the British television network ATV in July of 1972. It ran for two series, ending in February of 1974, with a total of 52 episodes running 25 minutes apiece. The Protectors also aired in France and as a first-run syndicated program in the United States.

The Protectors is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2009.

Where do I stream The Protectors online? The Protectors is available for streaming on , both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Protectors on demand at Amazon, Vudu online.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
January 1, 2009
Crime, Drama
Cast: Tony Anholt, Anthony Chinn, Yasuko Nagazumi, Nyree Dawn Porter, Robert Vaughn
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The Protectors Full Episode Guide

  • The Protectors help a movie director retrieve some film which has been stolen.

  • The Contessa is used as bait to lure her former lover, a British spy, out into the open.

  • A cabaret singer believes her house is haunted and calls in the Protectors to investigate.

  • The Protectors are hired to research, secretly, stolen secret Swiss bank account information to help stop a Swiss bank robbery.

  • The Protectors are assigned to investigate a series of plutonium robberies.

  • Harry confronts drug dealers who know the whereabouts of a huge stash of heroin.

  • Shadbolt is a cruel, professional assassin, whose next victim is Harry!

  • When the father of a man on trial for murdering a policemen, threatens the judge, the Protectors are called in.

  • Harry's college friend Zeke, a pianist, is blackmailed by gangsters into setting up Harry .

  • An old friend who has a new lead on an insurance fraud ivites Harry and the Contessa to Venice, so they can pusue the case together but he is murdered just before they arrive.

  • Harry is called on to protect a Russian author whom the Protectors smuggled into Britain and who is now publishing his anti-socialist book.

  • The Protectors have to rescue a group of tourists who are being held hostage on top of an Austrian mountain

  • The Protectors have to rescue a group of tourists who are being held hostage on top of an Austrian mountain

  • Harry masquerades as a drunk to release a Canadian heiress from the clutches of a cult.

  • The Protectors are hired by a Hungarian actress wanting to bury her deceased revolutionary father in their homeland.

  • The Protectors go after industrial spies who threaten to bankrupt a chemical company by stealing their best products.

  • In Congo, Leon and Jonas are up against the Swede and his private army. It seems Robin has stolen a fortune of diamonds to finance a coup d'etat.

  • Jonas receives a call from a former colleague in the military who is now involved in illegal diamond trading and has been taken prisoner in Congo.

  • Watching video footage from the hotel, the psychiatrist Boas recognizes a German who has his own tragic reasons for being close to Sister Abraham.

  • After attending Tanya's funeral in Moscow, Jonas joins Rasmus and Kurt in protecting a peace-preaching nun who is attending a meeting in Copenhagen.

  • Two candidates' power struggle to become the foreign minister's successor takes an unusual turn when one candidate's daughter is kidnapped.

  • The foreign minister celebrates her 50th birthday. Jonas and Rasmus are among the bodyguards that are to provide her with protection.

  • Danish PET (intelligence service) has given the Russian journalist Tanya protection after she witnessed the murder of a defense lawyer in Moscow.

  • Rasmus and Jonas are protecting the Danish foreign minister in Moscow, where Jonas meets a Russian journalist with whom he once had a brief affair.

  • The bombing of Hotel Phoenix in Islamabad has confirmed the fears Rasmus felt when Jasmina left for Pakistan.

  • Rasmus is in love with Jasmina and therefore filled with foreboding as she is sent to Islamabad to prepare for a visit by the Danish foreign minister.

  • The Contessa gives Harry a shotgun for his birthday which he soon puts to good use when he becomes the quarry in a manhunt. while investigating political blackmail.

  • Caroline's friend Irena Gleskova has been swindled out of a 12th century ivory icon by suave confidence trickster Alan Sutherland. Caroline plans to avenge her so she buys the icon at an auction to offer to Sutherland.

  • The Protectors go after smugglers in Malta, although they have no idea what is being smuggled but they have a clue - the body of a dead hippie.

  • Temporarily blinded by gun fire, Paul is the only eye-witness able to identify John Azon and Gregg as the men behind a drug-running racket after the Protectors' operation to trap the men in a car-park goes badly wrong.

  • The daughter of a gangster whom Harry helped put in prison fails twice in her efforts to kill Harry.

  • Paul has been kidnapped and will be blown to bits unless Harry and the Contessa help steal jewels which they have been hired to safeguard.

  • The wife of a president hires the Protectors to guard her critically ill husband whom she fears may be kidnapped.

  • While investigating a plot to overthrow the government of a Mediterranean nation the Protectors meet up with two old friends of the Contessa, one with whom she was romantically involved

  • The KGB hires the Protectors to capture a renegade Russian scientist who plans to show the world how dangerous biological warfare can be by destroying London with a new virus.

  • An important witness to a murder who objects to the Protectors protection, vanishes soon after she is placed in the Protectors charge.

  • The Protectors are hired by the West German government to discover who is operating a Nazi pension fund for five ex-Nazis wanted for war crimes.

  • While in Malta, Harry becomes involved in the case of a poodle which has been kidnapped.

  • The Protectors are hired to track down Bennett, a missing Canadian agent who holds valuable information about a new American-Canadian sky project.

  • An attempt on Paul's life follows the deaths of Protectors in New York and Tokyo, and Caroline realises that someone is aiming to destroy the Protectors Organisation. She and Paul try to warn Harry, but they are too late for he has already been kidnapped.

  • The Contessa is kidnapped by a psychotic killer who puts her on trial for her life.

  • Harry is asked to deliver a dispatch case to Prince Carpiano's villa in Rome. On the way, two attempts are made to steal the case from him.

  • A German terrorist who kidnaps climate minister Claire Thornton warns of dire consequences if his demands on returning vital evidence aren't met.

  • An English climate minister presents evidence that so-called experts are receiving bribes from the industry to defuse the debate on global warming.

  • A female stalker is trying to prevent the upcoming wedding of the Prime Minister, and successfully impersonates the PM's bride-to-be.

  • As Prime Minister Jens Ole Vestergaard and one of the Denmark's most popular actresses prepare to get married, a stalker plans to stop the wedding.

  • Suspicion of a possible terror attack in Copenhagen is growing to such a degree that Leon and his boss decide to inform the prime minister.

  • Jasmina's friend, who lives in a suburb of Copenhagen with a large Muslim population, is convinced that a neighbor is planning an act of terrorism.

  • Leon and his boss slowly realize the serious threat hanging over Jasmina. However, they have very different views on how to handle the situation.

  • As the prime minister makes a very controversial change in government, the head of PET decides to give the new minister maximum protection.

  • A former professional soldier is desperate for revenge after his only son was killed protecting the Danish defense minister during a stay in Bagdad.

  • The Danish minister for defense arrives in Baghdad to celebrate the New Year with military forces, but PET police protection can't prevent tragedy.