The Thomas John Experience

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  • TV-MA
  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (66)

The Thomas John Experience is an engaging series that pulls you into the intriguing world of psychic mediums, highlighting the extraordinary talents of one individual in particular: Thomas John. This eight-part CBS All Access series first premiered in 2020 and embraces a unique reality format that not only showcases John's psychic abilities but also the profound impact these abilities have on the everyday people he encounters. The series gravitates towards the raw emotions and heartfelt instances of human connection, capturing moments that truly distinguish this show from others in the genre.

Thomas John, a reputed psychic medium, uses his unrivaled psychic abilities to communicate with the departed and deliver their messages to those still grappling with their loss, helping them to find solace, closure, and answers. The show brilliantly captures the progress and the journey of human belief and skepticism in supernatural powers, the exploration of the unseen, and the ambiguity of existence beyond the physical realm. It works to unravel the mysteries of life and death while profoundly touching the hearts of its audience.

What sets this paranormal reality series apart from others is its 'surprise reading' format. John casually drops into people's lives, unannounced, be it in a rideshare or a casual encounter on the street, and offers impromptu psychic readings. This unscripted element adds a fresh twist to the series, keeping viewers on their toes. They never know where or when John's psychic intuition will strike next, making each episode a thrilling watch.

In addition to his scheduled encounters, the series also documents John's impromptu readings as he travels across America, offering insightful revelations to unsuspecting individuals. These instances serve as an intimate look into the raw, emotional, and often unsettling realm of the supernatural. They continue to showcase the authentic reactions of recipients, ranging from shock, disbelief, deep emotion to gratefulness, and more as they receive insightful messages from their departed loved ones.

One of the most intriguing aspects of The Thomas John Experience is the expose on psychic phenomena. It gives viewers an inside look at John's gift, detailing how he taps into his clients' past, present, and future, unveiling secrets, soothing past hurts, and helping to shape their life looking forward. His readings not only revolve around communicating with departed spirits but also provide valuable insights about peoples' lives – their careers, relationships, past baggage, and future prospects.

The series delves further into the personal realm, allowing viewers to bear witness to these incredibly intimate moments—a factor that not only highlights humanity's vast emotional palette but also showcases the very real and human emotions connected to dealing with grief, loss, and closure.

Despite focusing on paranormal readings and the beyond, this show consistently embeds a heartwarming theme: Everybody has a story, and everyone struggles with loss, the past, and the future. It becomes a humbling reminder of our shared human experience. The Thomas John Experience, therefore, is more than just a paranormal reality TV series; it's a deep dive into humanity, a study of faith and skepticism, a depiction of comfort and closure, and a vivid portrayal of life, death, and everything in-between.

The Thomas John Experience isn't just about a psychic medium sharing his gift; it's about people, their stories, and their reactions. Thomas John serves as the central figure, but the stories he uncovers and the emotional responses he triggers are what make the show a standout.

In conclusion, the Thomas John Experience blends the intrigue of the supernatural with compelling storytelling. Supported by the proven psychic abilities of Thomas John and an array of personal stories, the show successfully hooks its audience, establishing itself as a must-watch for both enthusiasts of the psychic medium genre and casual viewers. It’s a heartfelt, emotional rollercoaster that offers an overarching message of hope, closure, and connection beyond the physical plane. Whether you believe in the idea of communication with departed spirits or not, this show has something for everyone and definitely encourages contemplation about life’s biggest questions.

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Still Connected in Boston
8. Still Connected in Boston
June 3, 2020
In the season finale, Thomas John returns to Boston, where he connects one passenger with his other half, stuns a Civil War reenactment group, and shares a memorable and cathartic ride with his mother.
Unexpected Messages in New Orleans
7. Unexpected Messages in New Orleans
June 3, 2020
Thomas John returns to New Orleans, where siblings receive an urgent message, a budding fashion designer is inspired, and a fire station crew is comforted by a visit from two beloved family members.
Opening Eyes in Chicago
6. Opening Eyes in Chicago
June 3, 2020
Thomas John makes a stop in Los Angeles, where he proves the strength of familial bonds to a roller derby team, offers insight into a young woman's future, and shocks a group of female bikers with a message from old friends.
Los Angeles is full of Surprises
5. Los Angeles is full of Surprises
June 3, 2020
Thomas John delivers a message to a drag queen in New Orleans, connects a young man to someone lost too soon, and visits an animal sanctuary where he gives one family a sense of closure.
Full Circle in Boston
4. Full Circle in Boston
June 3, 2020
Thomas John returns to Chicago, where surprising details about his passengers' futures are revealed, a gunshot survivor receives an unexpected visit, and a non-believer is greeted by two key people from her past.
Los Angeles is the City of Angels
3. Los Angeles is the City of Angels
June 3, 2020
Thomas John visits his hometown, Boston, MA, to give teachers at his former high school an insightful reading, offers comfort to a grieving aunt, and is drawn to one woman in need of answers.
Off the Traditional New Orleans Path
2. Off the Traditional New Orleans Path
June 3, 2020
Thomas John returns to Los Angeles where he relays a message of encouragement to a group of diners at an iconic restaurant, reassures a man in search of acceptance, and sheds light on a surfer's relationship.
Unique Connections in Chicago
1. Unique Connections in Chicago
June 3, 2020
Series Premiere: While in Chicago, world-renowned psychic medium Thomas John connects a passenger with two figures from her past, encounters a skeptical hockey team, and reaches out to a mother in need of peace.
  • Premiere Date
    June 3, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (66)