The U.S. Olympic Team Trials

The U.S. Olympic Team Trials showcases the trials that lead up to the people in the Olympics. It has all of the nation's best athletes, no matter their age, all competing for a spot on the team. Some are veterans, some newbies, but all share the dream of being able to represent America in the the international event. It shows all types of sports ranging from swimming, track, ice skating, gymnastics, and so forth. They are either judged by their times or a panel of professional judges to see who has the most skill to make it to the Olympics.

Daily 12:00 PM et/pt on NBC Sports Network
3 Seasons, 66 Episodes
April 22, 2012
The U.S. Olympic Team Trials

The U.S. Olympic Team Trials Full Episode Guide

  • Women's 200m Back - Final;Men's 100m Fly - Final;Women's 800m Free - Final;Men's 50m Free - Final;Women's 50m Free - Semifinal

  • 100m Men Decathlon;Long Jump Men Decathlon;Pole Vault Men Qualifying;Discus Throw Women Final;10,000m Women Final;Shot Put Men Decathlon;800m Women Semi-Finals;Long Jump Women Final;800m Men Semi-Finals;100m Women 1st Round;Javelin Throw Men Qualifying;High Jump Men Decathlon;100m Men 1st Round;400m Women Semi-Finals;Long Jump Men Qualifying;400m Men Semi-Finals;400m Men Decathlon

  • Women's 100m Fly - FinalMen's 200m Free - SemifinalWomen's 100m Breast - SemifinalMen's 100m Breast - FinalWomen's 400m Free - FinalMen's 100m Back - SemifinalWomen's 100m Back - Semifinal

  • Men's 400m IM - FinalWomen's 100m Fly - SemifinalMen's 400m Free - FinalWomen's 400m IM - FinalMen's 100m Breast - Semifinal

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