Watch TV Shows on NBC Sports Network

NBC Sports Network is an American based satellite television channel that derives its ownership from the NBC Sports Group. During its launch on July 1, 1995, NBC would specialize in programming that falls in the confines of fishing, outdoor sports and outdoor adventure programs. By March 2014, NBC Sports Network was available to more than 77,000,000 households, which was about 68% of the total number of households with television in America.

The channel, which was originally launched as the Outdoor Life Network, acquired the Tour De France rights in 1999, something that availed wider viewership. The channel was established under Comcast, the original owner of Versus. It is in February 2011 that Comcast acquired the biggest percentage of shares in NBC. This merger led to the integration of Versus and Comcast to get into NBC sports, an attempt that triggered the expansion of the operations of the company.

As a result of the merger, Jon Litner, the Comcast group president took over leadership from Jamie Davis. With the help of Litner, the channel managed to get into more innovative acquisitions that were meant to make it better in the long run. Indeed, the channel has been performing pretty well from the time of this merger and the future is also promising.

President Jon Litner promised to make the NBC Sports Network a radically different organization that is dedicated to offer full-service sports streaming. This plan has been fulfilled to some extent. NBC has been offering live broadcast of not only soccer, but also other games like Olympic Games, Hockey and Tennis.